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I wake up with red hands feet knees and elbows?

When I was in ICU for 32 days fighting a very nasty Lung infection. Doctors walking by used to comment on my red palms and various joints. Does any one else have this?

my palms can go red at no particular times except in the morning my finger joints and knuckles are red with my knees elbows and feet as well. They all ache and sometimes get pins and needles.

I have heart, Lung and arthritis problems

Be Well


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Morning phill - I was in hospital 5 weeks ago after suffering a heart attack :-(

I'm on lots of heart medication and the consultant warned me that I would get red palms !!!

I'm not sure which medication actually causes it but its really weird - it looks like I've drawn a definite line around my palm then coloured it in red :-)

Apparently it's harmless but I'd check with your g.p. just to be sure

Have a good day



Sorry Phill - I forgot to say, it's good news you're out of hospital - that must've been awful for you :-(


hi Phil

my feet and hands and face go bright red(face being lupus rash?)but my dr wont acknowledge any symtpoms I have and just relies on blood tests so he said thye don't take symtpoms into account???


sorry to hear about your hospital stay. hope you are feeling better now. I too experience 'flares' of redness and heat of the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. also when this occurs the veins on the backs of my hands engorge with blood. apart from looking really freaky, it is extremely painful .My gp is at a loss but have found a site which describes and diagnoses these symptoms to a tee. Its called erythromelalgia. google it and see if you can identify with any of it. Good luck.......


My hands are like the pictures maybe a little redder. My feet are not so bad.


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