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back and joint problems

Ive had back and joint problems for a s long as I can remember, I was 19 when my shoulder would pop out of joint it used to take me ages to get it back in, as for back problems ive had lower back pain for over 30yrs and upper back , shoulder and neck problems for about 20yrs, Ive never been offered x ray just physio and pain killers or muscle relaxants any one else like this

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Hi Lally

I've suffered similar problems for over 20 years now. I did have an x-ray of my lower back when I was about 17 and was told I have an over-extended curve of my lower lumber. Then I was told there was nothing that could be done for it, and I just had to live with it!

As for my (left) shoulder, I finally had an operation on it in 2006 after suffering for about 4 years. They thought I had a spur on the bone, but it turned out not to be the case and they just scraped the joints and flushed it through. It took about a year to fully recover - to be pain free and have full movement again. Unlike you, my shoulder felt like it really needed to 'pop' but when it wouldn't, I was in excruciating pain, usually when lying in bed, and often couldn't move my arm without using my other hand to move it.

4 years later, and the pain in my shoulder returned! I started to have pain in my neck and shoulder and then it spread to both sides, and gradually further down to my shoulder blades, spine and ribs. I used to pay to see an Osteopath when I was working and could afford it, but now I just rely on NHS Physiotherapy. It took 2 years to finally get my diagnosis of FM, and all the symptoms have also increased the pain in my lower back too. Other than heat pads, hot soaks in the bath with bath salts, and heat or anti-inflammatory rubs, there's not much else I can do. Like most of us, my symptoms and pains are worse first thing in the morning, and my cocktail of tablets only just takes the edge off.

I don't know about you, but the pains in my neck and shoulders also give me the most horrendous headaches that can last for days. In fact, last night my neck and shoulder muscles were so tight and solid, I wore a heat pad to bed just to try to calm things down a bit. I do tend to carry a lot of tension there. I'm glad to say "touch wood" that the heat pad seems to have done it's job, but now my lower back is pretty stiff and sore today!


yes me.. i have had back problems since 1998 after having my 2nd child... many many visits to doctors only to be told basically tough.. live with it, even though they knew i suffer from sever osteo arthritis in most of my other joints.. eventually i was told by a consultant i saw for another problem that a abdo x ray i had showed signs of disc problems.. still took a few years to get refferal to rheumatologist but was eventually told i have spodylosis of the lower back and neck.. and had to be ref to a back clinic and am awaiting an injection.... i understand that back pain is difficult to diagnose but i think that if a person is in considerable pain then a simple x ray would either put there mind at rest or spot a potential problem early


hi i have bad lower back due to accident in 2007 never had back probs till then took them 3 years to x ray me lol and then dicscovered i have slight curvature to the left on my base of spine but they dont tknow if i was born like it or accident tbut it is a night mare with fibro as well it is never ending if its not this thing it that thing love to you diddle x


i have suffered with back problems since i was 14 when i had an accident on the trampoline ( a new piece of school equipment) and my left hip pops out if i ride a bicycle! (not done that for 40 years)I was told it was in the mind then and even after more accidents years later. once i was offered physio and they nearly put me in a wheelchair after 3 months. i just did my own thing and had chiro for a few years which helped but cost heaps. now dx fibro, that has all changed. xxx


Joints popping out would suggest that Hypermobility Syndrome could be a factor. This website has good info on diagnosing this:

Back pain is also often associated with hypermobility. I have hypermobility and hyperlordosis, which is excessive curvature of the lower back. It causes a lot of myofascial pain if I'm nto careful and I should do ongoing physio for it.


i heve 2 degerertive discs in my spine which feel like sumthin is poppin in and out and is permenetly painful...i also have arthritus i my right hip..these conditions were diagnosed thru xrays wen i kept goin 2 docs wi constant pain b4 i was diagnoised wi fibro..i also have a very painful condition in my neck/arm/fingers called thoracic outlet syndrome but ive had that 5 yrs b4 fibro etc...sometimes i feel i cant cope being in so much pain and the chronic still workin but have had 2 cut my hours right down and sumtimes wonder how much longer i can go on.had physio but doesnt help...just keep poppin the pills and live 4 good days.lots of luv 2 u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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