the long awaited talk

the long awaited talk

its not often my family are all home at the same time but they are tonight, and they re going to get it with both barrels, Ive just fallen up the stairs my son phoned asking me to run a bath for my eldest daughter, she d text him. when will they finally realise mums ill, Im not the person I used to be, I know their scared of me giving in but there just so much I can take,I need more support than what they re giving, so be prepare for one heck of a rant tonight

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  • Oooh 'eck lally, that's fighting talk!! Good for you. Are you ok after falling up the stairs?

    Will wait for the outcome of the kids getting it with both barrels!!

    Keep calm........ ;-) x

  • Morning!

    thats very often what people need - family especially are so used to mum just carrying on - well were women arent we!

    Hopefully it will be fine, my kids are 8 and 10 and they do loads for me, best of all they finish my sentences!!

    You vent away my lovely


  • sorry to hear of your fall Lally. Are you ok? How old is your daughter?

  • thanks guys legs not working at all today cant pick my feet up

  • Hi Lally been there a while ago with some members of my family.... try and keep calm (easier said than done I know!) but hope it gets things sorted for you.

    Gentle hugs xx

  • Hi Lally, when you've finished with your family, could you have a word with mine, please!!! I'm sick of my daughter trying to jolly me out of it and telling me to stop moaning. She says I blame everything on the fibro, thats because it is responsible for everything I'm feeling! I wouldn't wish this on anyone but I would like her to walk in my shoes for just one day. Good luck with your rant. x

  • well the long awaited talk didnt happen hubby and I had a amjor row, he had a breakdown last year and wouldnt stop drinking, blamed it all on my illness, so things finally came to a head yesterday, when he told me I need a phsiatrist[spelt wrong] not a doctor,

  • awww Lally, you poor thing :( am sorry that your hubby diverted and distracted you from your plans. it sounds like you've got more on your plate than is fair. I hope that things calm down enough for you to have your talk.

  • lifes a bitch at the moment, I dont one understands how bad this illness isthink any

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