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New meds

Hi all I saw my GP today I don't know if it was just me today, but I felt he wasn't taking an interest in what I was saying, when I was telling him how I was feeling on Gabapentine ie spaced out and unable to function but I didn't feel they were helping,

he kept looking at his computer screen, then he said that maybe I should try to go without the medication!!!!! What is he having a laugh, then i said after having my shower and washing my hair that I did not have the energy to even dry my hair which I may add is very short and literally takes 2 min. Then he said he would refer me to a neurologist ,to rule out anything wrong with me other than fibromyalgia ,he then gave me a prescription for pregablin think that how you spell it but then he said now do not start this for at least a week dah ,why I asked he muttered something about letting one drug get out before the other goes in and I have just to take brufen which do nothing so my fellow fibro friend looks like I'm in for a rough week me thinks. Has anyone else been treated in this way?


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Hi Granniecrochet

I am so sorry to read that you have been left feeling so deflated from your experience with this GP, and I think that I would give this doctor a wide berth the next time you are there, and see a different GP?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I genuinely hope that your Pregablin works well for you?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Mornng Granniescrochet,

From what you describe the doctor seemed preoccupied with something. However rest assured that changing to Pregabalin is a good move and all though you are anticipating a rough week you may find that Ibruprefen ( cannot spell sorry0 is a surprisingly good painkiller especially if you take two paracetamol at the same time, these line your tummy and make it more receptive to the other drug. I was told this whilst in hospital by a very enthusiastic Houseman. Then when the week is up gradually start the new drug building up to the correct does as prescribed for you personally.


I hope I have alaid your fears a little I will be thinking of you, good luck



Reminds me of an encounter with a GP where he gazed at his computer screen for the entire 7 minute encounter - which was supposed to be a new patient review! As I got up to leave I said, "oh just one more thing," (he still didn't leave the computer screen) "I believe its customary to look at the patient. You might want to bear that in mind in future"? He wasn't a junior he was a partner. Needless to say I left the practice within the year.

I know how painful it is to feel dismissed and/or not really heard, but hopefully you will have a better experience with the drug change - it works for a lot of people.


Hi love really feel for you I'm same I have asked to see a specialist and have scans and they have said I don't need to irs like they don't care as they are not suffering keep your chin up love xx


Thanks to everyone for you replies I have an appointment for a month which I will keep if the new meds don't work but truly I hope they do , the past 24 hours have been sheer h...

I'm sorry if I'm coming across as being very negative as I'm not a negative person.

Hope you all have a restful Sunday



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