Good morning,

I hope everyone is well in both the Fibro and NRAS, and not in too much pain. My enquiry is to do with housing matters. Has anyone in the London area or generally had to get a medical letter in support of your housing application? Is there anywhere, I could get help to find out what format if any, is required within these letters, in order to gain the maximum points when the letter goes before the medical panels ?

Any input would be really appreciated.

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  • Hello Chante, As I live in Brum i am afraid that I know nothing about housing in London, But I imagine that the CAB should be able to help you out or possibly a benefits advisor at your local council.

    I hope this helps you out

    Hugs sue xx

  • Good morning ,

    Hope your well. Thank you for replying and your suggestion, it's appreciated.


  • Hi chante are you on or trying to claim any benefits? Soft huggies. Ros

  • Good morning,

    Hope your well. Thank you for replying. Yes I'm getting some help there. Thanks for the hugs they are needed right now, as I am not sleeping well at the moment, as my body just aches.

    Hugs Grace

  • Hi chante

    If you are referring to local authority housing?

    There is another way around this, and that is to have a social services 'Occupational Therapy assessment' A social worker will assess you for suitable housing needs, and their reports go to the housing department. If they say that you need rehousing etc, then you get the necessary points required.

    I know somebody in Derby who underwent this and they got rehoused within 3 months! It is worth a try?

    Good luck

    Ken x

  • Good morning,

    Thank you , for replying. Hope your well this morning and have had a good night. Your suggestion has been very helpful. Yes it is local authority housing I was referring to.


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