Welcome to the Science Museum

Welcome to the Science Museum

Good afternoon everyone, I am Professor Filleus Foggy, at your service, welcome to the science museum. There are loads of things to look at I suggest we go and see the 3D machine first as I know many of you are interested in the prospect of potential replacement body parts .....come this way...........takes off very tall top hat and leads in the museum

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  • r we on this page now foggy?????? x

  • yes dee :) best follow Fileous Foggy :D


  • Aww such fun,it's like Charlie and the chocolate factory! That WOULD be heaven for me if it were a chocolate museum :D

  • There's one in Barcelona!

  • OMG! Is that true zeb,you must boing me there at once! :D

  • maybe that could be our next trip?

    I love Barcelona :D

    full of interesting things and an amazing zoo :)


  • I was thinking more along the lines of "the mad hatters tea party"or rather "the mad fibro folks tea party"hehe :D

  • Can we take a ride in the helicopters??always wanted to do that :)

  • Come on gins...shakes her rather roughly......wakes wakey :D

  • Meant wakey wakey lol :D

  • hi foggy we have come to you, that looks a bit confusing doesnt it, what does it do, says thicko Dee XX



    how high did I get?

    thump as I land.......... whoops! boing boing boing didn't think that through........boing boing


    BOING BOINGBOING HEE HEE! I can see everything from up here :D

  • Now what were you saying about replacement body parts?me first for first refusal.I shall be needing new muscles please and a brain that functions properly hehe :D

  • I can organise almost anything you like........just so long as that person with a long moustache plays ball and stops boinging all over the place, the ceiling in here are so high, but we have many things hanging, I am afeared she may damage either herself or one of the exhibits.....now, there is an interactive viewing of King Penguins a bit later but perhaps you might like to avail yourselves of some substantial lunch, as some of you appear to be, and I don't mean this rudely, somewhat under the affluence of inkahol :D >>>>>>>>> come this way >>>>>> leads to magnificent glass lift ............

  • that liqueur coffee did you wonders foggy!

    hee hee

    I'm grounded now :( .................... hee hee magic mayhem looms :D

  • Do be careful zeb......looks up.......watch out for the dangling aeroplanes and cars............... :O

  • can we replace whole body says Dee wishing and hoping x

  • oh! now wouldn't that be awesome?

  • yes big time zeb, although you might lose your boing tho x

  • aha! that could never happen Dee........... thinking to self.... Oh I do hope not and forgets moustache is magic and tweeks it whilst thinking :D

    Oh Dear!........................

    Haribo is flying a helicopter...........its all my doing............. oh dear!

    boing boing boing I've lost my boing :(

  • that should read ALL body parts lol

  • Looks great

  • Well hello crissy,ave you come to join the madness and mayhem? :D

  • Iv joined ages ago lol x

  • Oh dear,must be all those vodka lucozade drinks and curly wurlys making me loopy loo! :D

  • Indeed dear lady the 3D concept is very interesting let me tell you more :-)

    3D printers inspire creativity: the exhibition wall is an explosion of over 600 printed objects. But where’s the real innovation?

    Explore this exhibition to discover how innovators are using 3D printers to turn computer data into physical objects that could change your life. The stories we’ve uncovered focus on the future of industry, medicine and whether 3D printing will change your shopping experience.

    See lighter, more efficient plane parts created through 3D printing that could save fuel on your flights.

    Check out 3D printed replacement body parts – from those already used today, to the possible 3D printed organs of the future.

    Discover the open-source mechanical hand that carpenter Richard Van As made on a consumer machine to replace his missing fingers.

    And see how 3D printing can inspire artists in Inversive Embodiment, an intricate sculptural

    work by Tobias Klein that incorporates MRI scans and St Paul’s Cathedral.

    How will 3D printing shape your future?

    (I know how I wish it would reshape mine, says Foggy under her breath)

  • I've just had a thought that our next trip should be titled "the mad hatters tea party"as that is what we all are hehehe :D

  • Hi Girls

    I've been waiting for you in the big hall, couldn't take the coach, makes me a bit icky.

    Well, what do we have here, lots of bells and whistles and levers to pull and buttons to push. Wow, I am amazed, Zeb has just shot in the air, which button did she push?, I'd like a go of that.

  • Hi Bluebell we are in the 3d printing though Zeb keepd boing off

  • I've since lost my boing as I accidently tweeked my magic tash whilst thinking and now have a new 3D body.

    cool by the way no pain nothing but lost my boing! :(

    that reminds me............ Haribo......... Is she still flying that helicopter?

  • No iam here zeb,and I must say how exciting it was flying! And how bloody daft considering I don't know how to fly and I've consumed one too many vodka and lucozade revives as well as quite a few curly wurlys.So now iam off to the loos to throw up :(

  • LOLOL........ chuckling........ glad yr safe I tweeked the magic tash by accident........ very sorry hunny :o

  • in the ImaX cinema now hunny :)

  • I hosted a fancy dress party titled just that for a friends 30th a couple of years ago.

    I even hid bottles around the house with nice and nasty eat me and drink me contents. no-one knew what they would get til they tried them........... It was awesome :D

    My friend was alice and I was the queen of hearts much much fun and giggles.


  • they are amazing but very expensive at over a £1000 each but I would like a machine we could try out all sorts LOL

  • anyone know where i canfind a microwave, only im feeling peckish and I fancy one of those Dolmio Pasta Vita, roasted Garlic and tomotaoe thingys anyone else like one mmmmm they are lovely !!

  • How about we head off to the restaurant cookie? :)

  • haribo I am passionate about alice in wonderland but some people find her frightening

  • My friend from uni got called 'alice in sunderland' hahahah! she was always disappearing with her camera under bushes n things which is why she got the name and the themed party for her 30th

  • Love the sound of that party you described zeb! :D

  • surely with a 3 d printer is the size of the printed object could be very awkward

  • Oh no, fine lady, they can, as you see make parts for aeroplanes, all with such ease.......the future is out there.....

    (Hmmm thinks Foggy all this alter ego bit is getting a bit puzzling)

  • Hi gins,where have you been hiding?I think a virtual Alice in wonderland trip would be fun.So glad you are here now gins :)

  • Did I hear someone ask about wanting to see how they might look as they become older, we have exactly what you need for that too :-

    What makes you smarter than a chimp? What makes you smile? What makes you, you?

    Who am I? invites you to explore the science of who you are through intriguing objects, provocative artworks and hands-on exhibits.

    Discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, morph your face to see what you’ll look like as you age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal in our brand-new interactive exhibits.

    Investigate some of the characteristics that make humans such a successful species, such as personality, intelligence and language.

    Reflect on the big questions that new techniques in science are raising, and explore how your genetics and brain combine to create your unique identity.

    Visit now to discover yourself!

    (Oh glory, I've never known myself anyway, this could be very disturbing thinks Foggy ;-) )

  • Wow foggy! You have found your true vocation in life I think :D

  • I second that!

  • thanks haribo I was curled up asleep in the front seat you rotters all got off from the centerr door aNYWAY HERE NOW :)

  • I even shouted at you and you didn't budge even though I startled you :o

    you must have nodded back off again ;) xx

  • Lead on Foggy and Zeb sounds like it will be hilarious

  • where would you like to go Gins?

  • Maybe I could morph these new 3D legs back into my boingy spring?

    I'm in the science museum where could I get supplies> hmnnnnnn

    back in a minute ..................... :o

  • I will just pop in here for a minute shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Can I get some new legs too zeb?as well as a new stomache and bum as I hate mine lol :)

  • ................ tweek tweek twitch look at that!


    that feels amazing :D got my boing back

    It was fab to have a new body but its been so long since everything worked properly it was far too weird and learning how to use the new body was difficult as the instructions were in German........ typical!

  • Where has everyone gone?

  • Well I did spot gins and foggy drooling over one of the museum staff over by one of the exhibits :D

  • Think cookies gone off to the cafe and not sure where crissy and oryan are though :(

  • no Im sti;ll here did give you an answer, hairobo I said good idea, but think we should wait for the others , what do ya think ??

  • not sure where they've gone dee but we've moved to another page - science meets medicine and we're in the IMAX cinema if you'd like to come tweek tweek twitch my magic tash took us both there :)

  • Runs out of room.........well if that's what I will look like when iam old then iam gonna need plastic surgery........quick someone hand me a drink to steady my nerves! :O

  • Its ok Haribo come on lets go and find those king penguins............ I wonder if that's where they went? or actually a stop by the café on route :D

  • Can you boing me over there then as it's such a long walk and these flipping high heels are killing me? Maybe stop by the cafe for refreshments as well.....sneakily hopes that the cafe sell curly wurlys :D

  • You know.....I do love a penguin......I mean the chocolate variety hehe :D

  • Can we in foggys glass elevator? Oops,she's left her tall hat in here.Must return it to her at once :D

  • haha of course!



    where has everyone gone

  • Nap and food time :D

  • Are we moving to the new page? :O

  • Must be ..

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