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Post nasal drip or should i said flood for over 1 year SORRY graphic information written down dont want you to feel sick

I have been suffering with what they call Post nasal drip but in my case it is a flood for well over a year, during the day it is not so much a problem as of night time i can clear my throat more often but as soon as i lie down i can feel mucus running down my throat i have to get up constantly to clear it. I have to sleep sitting up as best as i can using a V pillow for support, now and again they do slip away and i wake up as i cant breath, throat is full of mucus and when i sit up to get to the bath room i have a hand full of mucus coming from my nose and mouth.I have to clear my throat and chest which can take some time then i have a sore throat my chest hurts and i lose my voice .My chest rattles all the time now as this disgusting stuff runs down my throat on to my chest i have had 6 different antibiotics to no avail and i am also waiting for an E N T appointment. My doctor has experdited it 2 times already only to be knocked back by the consultant who i have never seen as he does not think it warrants an urgent appointment i have been waiting 7 months already any one with any advice and does any one else have this problem

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MY Dear you have my sympathy I know how horrid this ca be. Di you also have fibromyaligia? A rotten combination , I am going off to do some resarchn....see you later xgins


Hi i do have Fibro aswell as lots of other niggling pleasures falling apart at the seams thats me a walking nightmare for the doctors LOL you got to laugh really


I know exactly how you feel because I had a flare up of this disgusting problem that lasted over a year myself. I would cough until I vomited copious amounts if the stuff.I felt like I was drowning. Running back and forward all day to the toilet and coughing all night and having to go spit it out. I was stressed to hell with it.

Eventually my GP passed me a leaflet from a stack under his desk. It said that it was caused by acid reflux. I was at the end of my tether and thought it was ridiculous that my stomach could be causing my nose to flood down the back of my throat constantly.

I told him I don't suffer from indigestion or heartburn, but he insisted I give his treatment a try.

I was already on Lanzrapole to protect my stomach from medication for other illnesses, he told me to up my dosage to 60 mg a day plus to take Gaviscon 4 times a day, with the last dose at night before going to sleep. This regime was for about 2 weeks. Amazingly, it worked. It calmed it down completely. I still get the odd attack now, especially if i have too much dairy or I am near dry heat. but it's nowhere near as bad as it was then.

Maybe you could ask your GP for his opinion on it? It's so distressing when it get so bad. you have my sympathy. xx


It sounds like a plan i will try anything i am already taken Omeprazole 2 x a day as i do suffer terrible heartburn if i dont take them but if it is caused by the heartburn either i need some thing a bit better to take or my heartburn is caused by something else, its like going around in a circle i will start confusing my self in a minute mind you thats not hard to do nowadays and by chance i have an appointment with dr on tue next week thanks for the tip keep them coming maybe we can have a section where we put in our symptoms and what we take and if they help and other niggling i suffer pain in so many areas and different sorts it would be interesting to know if anyone or all of us have pain etc all over or just the top half etc what do you think fibro chums any one up for this


Hi tasha2

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to it? I have brittle asthma and COPD so I would be worried if it happened to me, do you have anything like this? If you do there is a condition called GORD whereby the snot (sorry), drips back down until it mixes with acid and can make you feel quite ill.

The other thing to consider is getting infections? Whereby, when you breathe you have a high pitched crackle, do you ever get this? If so, you should go back to your GP and ask them to listen to your chest? It is not a problem for most folk, but if you have any chest problems at all it isn't worth getting ill?

I want to wish you all the best of luck and say, keep coughing it up and (if possible) collect the sputum in a jar and take it to your GP, as it can be examined for infections (disgusting when you think about it?).

Take care

Ken x


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