Heartburn gerd????

Heartburn gerd????

Hi all

Just got back from checkup at hospital.yesterday evening developed bad chest irritation and going to my back between my shoulderblades.I took gaviscon and it didn't change things.felt like heartburn .They did chest xray no infection and blood work all good.and even after the maalox from the Dr still remained and not gone. Voice is a bit hoarse like raspy do they said it could be bronchitis and all the antibiotics I'm on for my abcess drained from my perforated bowel would clear it up and didn't wantb5 start any new meds..thank God..but they said if it don't clear up and effects me longer than a week and/or I can't take the burning any longer to come in again and they'll probably have to put a scope down my throat.. Soon as she said that I said scope ...lololol.your joking.

She said I thought that would be your reaction we'll wait and see if it subsides.

It's now 1:00 am I'll never be able to sleep tonight oh boy..not fun

Just wondering if any body else experiences this.I'm sure there is. The ER mentioned ..possibly from all the meds ,,,,,hiatus hetnia,,,,,,or just irritated ..I hope it clears up..they said if it was costiocondritis I would be in more pain and stabbing or shooting pains.

Well allsuggestions welcome.

Hope you all have a great day/morning/night and are as comfortable as can be expected.

Thanks fibromites

Barb Sweetdreams

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  • i have a similar thing where i get the pain in between my shoulder blades but i do also get a symptom which the right side of my abdomen, just below my boob blows up humongous. it's very painful to touch etc. the doctor has put me on a tablet which is used for GERD although i've had no tests for it other than to check i didn't have gallstones. which i didn't.

    the tablets i'm on are called omeprazole. and i find they are helping somewhat, i seem to have deflated a bit lol.

    good luck and i hope they find out what is going on with you soon, gentle hugs and all my best wishes for you my love x

  • Thanks for the reply...yes I'm jopeinf that's what it is..gerd can be very painful..it's now 4:35 am and still awake only to do d a headache setting in my this is no fun....what's a girl gotta do nowadays to be somewhat normal..tension and I believe partially all the meds...fibro is a real dear friend..one that I don't want to upset. Everyday...I think she can do with a vacation right about now..

    Thanks Sweetdreams.

    Take care hugs.

  • Yes I had very similar, voice hoarse, the pain etc. Ended up it was GERD on Lansaprazole which has helped alot with a top up of Gaviscon if required. I make sure I don't eat late and if I do sit up for 2 hours and make sure I am on high pillows. Not pleasant hope it settles soon. If it is that the acid will have burnt your throat hence the hoarseness. Take care.x

  • Thanks rosewine

    Yes I'm hoping it's gerd...gaviscon used to do the trick plus pantoloc in themorning.I believe since all these antibiotics and hydromorph when needed for pain has a little something to do with it perhaps.

    But as for my fibro friend she can go on holidays anytime take a long vacation...I'll not miss her as much as she misses me..but I'll expect she'll pop by to say hi real soon..as she never leaves me for too long...she's a little clingy this one ..lol.

    Thanks again take care and hugs .any pillow ideas that you may find works better..


  • Hi Rosewine. Love your name! Don't want to put u

    You on a downer but I was on lanzaprosol and have Vit D deficieny which it causes which is not good for fibromyalgia . Very difficult choices to make all the time and so tiring . Am trying aloe Vera now because I believe our gut needs to heal as it's the place where all stress is stored . Also some good products if you google alternative therapies for Gerd . Wishing you all the best with your search to find some relief x

  • Well you can guess why I chose the moniker.🍷🍷🍷

    Yes my friend in Northern Ireland weaned himself off Lansaprazole as he felt it was doing more harm than. Good. I am lucky as I was tested for lack of Vit D and was okay.

    I did try Aloe Vera some years back but unfortunately it did not suit and I just felt nauseous all the time. Such a pity as I would prefer taking something more natural.x

  • Ha! 🍷 mines sunshine. And that's a right laugh in this country ! Everything's what suits the individual. This Gerd makes me poorly every few weeks if not days . Along with everything else it's no wonder we like a glass of 🍷 take care lovely x

  • Grhh just lost my reply to you. Tulip and I were joking about fibro fog and speech and we decided it was alien talk. I have the theory fibro is sent by aliens to debilitate the human population before they invade.

    I am thinking of sending my fibro on holiday with a one way ticket to somewhere like Outer Mongolia and I will stay at home.

    I normally have two Dunlopillows on the go as I am an asthmatic and if I lie flattish at night my breathing isn't so good. If my GERD is playing up I position three of them as a comfy heap so I am partially propped up, mind you that doesn't really help the back pain but sometimes choices have to be made. Do hope it clears up for you.x

  • Hi Sweetdreams

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I sincerely hope that it eases for you soon. I also suffer with GERD / GORD, but it is mainly under control as it is monitored closely by my specialist as they cannot do the endoscopes on me because I have a fixed airway.

    I was taking a daily dose of Lansaprazole but they amended this to the maximum dose of Ranitadine a few years ago as I also take Alendronic acid for Osteoporosis, this way I can take two doses of Ranitadine a day and it works better for me.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • OOOH!! I am often like this, I had a gastroscopy 2 weeks ago and I knew before I went my problem was a bit more than fibro- I do have GERD and hiatus hernia but this has been under good control for many years, this has happened to me since I tried anti-epileptic drugs for pain-no more-the side effects were horrid. I presented with a persistant cough that was bringing up acid and burning my mouth tongue & gums.My throat drys off and I can feel this process happening thus invoking a coughing fit-non productive until I choke, my nose is dry I have no nasal secretions, no ear wax and skin peels like dandruff on my clothes--worst of all my tongue soaks up fluid like blotting paper but I have some saliva..something else not working properly I think. I have asked to see a ENT person as I do believe not everything is fibro related. get checked thoroughly is my recommendation.. Best Wishes from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

  • I was on lanzaprosole for a year or so and it stopped working, my doc them prescribed pantoprosole which works better! I find since I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have to watch what I eat! Anything with a bit of spice i.e.: too rich or even too tasty brings on the heartburn or the horrid I.b.s.! Which then but vs on the horrid stomach cramps and then the dreaded trips to the toilet! Even choosing certain drinks can bring it on especially cheap wine! You're not on your own Rosewine with this one! One thing with this condition we have one thing contribute s to another it just goes on and on unless we're careful or pace ourselves ! It's all about trial and error but just look after yourself and watch what you're doing your health is the most important thing! Gentle hugs!xxxx

  • Sorry sweet dreams called you rosewine! See even the fibrofog kicking in!!

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