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2nd voyage on scooter

Well as requested 2 nd voyage was not without it's little bits of excitement , Murphy managed to escape again and not once but twice this time first he managed to break another lead ,and shadow has the same lead and he fine caught him quite quickly this time with the help of another dog walker ,and the second time a group of 13 year old girls all charged off down the park after him which was really sweet of them and they caught him he is now flat out asleep again , I had a couple of friends also have a go and they thought it was great and my daughter thought it was good after a bit of teasing. I am now also really tired so I am off for a nap .chris x

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that's great to hear, I'm so glad you are enjoying your new freedom. :)

I think pets at home sells body harnesses that might be better for that minx murphy :)


He escaped from a harness ,he's still sleeping :-) x and yes your right he is a minx !


Hi Shadows-walker

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? This is turning into a bit of an adventure for all of you? As long as you are all having some fun? I can imagine that it really feels wonderful to be able to go out like this with the dogs?

Take care

Ken x


Yes ken it does I am smiling again , I am siting here with shadow on my lap with my iPad resting on him ,I am making an exception today ,as it's his birthday and he is 2 he has to wait till Tuesday for his presents as they are sitting in a bag in Birmingham,as my daughter is taking a man and a van to collect her stuff from uni ,then the fun begins trying to fit another bedroom full of stuff into my 2 bedroom house :-) hope you have a good day by the way the bathroom looks brilliant , I am haveing a stair rail fitted on Tuesday so she has now decided to paint the stair case in 2 days starting when I get her up , she is being an absolute star ,I hope you have a lovely Father's Day take care Chris x


hi shadow-walker

so pleased to hear you are having fun on your adventure your little minxs antics is introducing you to new people it is all good fun.


Hi Chris, I'm so glad it's working out for you, the freedom to do (almost!) all you want to do is a great feeling, keep on rolling, Linda x


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