Feeling yuk

Hi all , well yesterday was my 51st birthday, had a lovely day sat in the garden, got an ice cream, not bad for march. Just woke up feeling yuk as have increased my pregabin to 100mg. feeling really dizzy so will have to use my stick, which my husband got me , it folds down so I can take it anywhere with me if I get tired and achy , still getting pains down my arms but not as bad, going back to sleepy land speak soon hugs x

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  • A very Happy Birthday for yesterday Huskybike glad you had a lovely day. Ice cream in the garden sounds wicked so it will be a good year for you. Take care keep safe and keep smiling


  • I too am feeling grotty after increase of Pregablin. Going back to sleep after a cuppa. I couldn't enjoy the beautiful sunshine yesterday. I just fought sleep all day.

    Happy Birthday for yesterday.

  • A belated happy birthday to you. It sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday, I hope there are many more of these ahead for you. Linda

  • I have just had my pregablin increased to 300mg and have been felling really strange.Light headed , drunk feeling.Hope it stops!

    Many Happy Returns for your 51st birthday,its mine Friday and I will be spending it at the chronic fatigue clinic!

  • A belated Happy birthday, so glad that you enjoyed it. Hugs Sue. xx

  • Hi happy belated birthday.... Hope you soon get used to pregablin i take 300mg 1am &1pm the drunk feeling im pleased to say does go!!!! I've just received my invite to my PIP assessment and i'm already dreading it, don't think my nerves will make it to 31st march.... Wishing you all a lovely day xx

  • Morning huskybike, happy birthday for yesterday, so pleased you had a nice day, the weather was nice for you too wasnt it.....gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • Happy birthday for yesterday it sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

    Wishing you many more wonderful days too :)

    My friend got me one of those sticks for when I was her Bridesmaid so I could get down the aisle and back on my feet :) genius things and so handy as we never know when and where we might suddenly need one. Your hubby is a star for such a thoughtful gift.

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • A belated Happy birthday. 51 is a wonderful age, you are now officially over the hill and marching steadfastly into your 2nd childhood :P Enjoy! being practically 52 myself I look forward to the days of skipping and kissy catch :) :)


  • Happy Birthday for yeasterday and what a nice day it was.Take care living with pain gets you down some days are bad and some are worse, chin up hope you are feeling little better later MGxx

  • At least you did have a nice day yesterday for your birthday and maybe you can sleep off the effects of the pregablin. Happy birthday for yesterday.

  • happy birthday for yesterday, i had that tired light headed feeling when my pregabalin was increased but it wore off after a couple of days, it's worth putting up with it if you can :) x

  • Thank it has stopped some of the pains so will keep going. Have a pain free day x

  • happy birthday for yday duc glad the weather was nice for u duc glo100

  • Hi Huskybike

    A wonderful belated birthday greeting for you!

    I also hope that you start to feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • hi huskybike happy birthday for yesterday pleased you had a nice day pregnabalin does help wth the pains best wishes.x

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