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A wierd question i know,

but my friend was diognosed with fibromyalgia approx 7/8 months ago.

she gave up smoking not long after, and seemed to do it by sucking ice lollies whenever she wanted a cigarette. Lately her fibro has been worse and she wonders if eating roughly 6/8 ice lollies a day is aggravating it?

please forgive the nuttiness of the question, i promised i would ask you all on here, (she will be joining, but too embarrassed to post such a thing)

thanks very much.

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ooh i dont know ,i know if i get cold it aggravates my symptoms ,and there has been lots of questions about what you eat and does effect fibro ,they is lots of info on here about what you eat ,try and search food on here or the tags

hope your friend joins us soon xxx


Thanks Lynz, i was thinking the coldness might not be a good idea, i have told her, if she gave up ciggies she can certainly give up lollies! :) xx


Hi sue,

That is a weird one lol.

When i was pregnant with my last girl i was eating about 12 fab ice lollies a day. I was so addicted to them and it was like i was craving for a cigarette but i had given them up 2 years before.

I only stopped when i had given birth.

She isnt pregnant is she lol. I am only joking.

Sorry i dont know about it making fibro worse.

hugs, kel xxx


could be the colouring in them


one word for you......ASPATAME!!!! the horrible sweetener is in virtually everything these days,it's a body ruiner for sure,i was also addicted to lollies,those chalky ones that look like space, i too was trying to give up smoking an had them as a substitute but i realised something wasn't right and found out that Aspatame is a danger to our health...make sure you only have sugars (if you have to)and not the fake stuff!!! hope this helps :D xx


Well said Bettybutterfly! We are now being told that Sucralose is bad for us too and yet this is plugged as "natural". In the Splenda advertisements it is plugged as the healthier option to sugar. It would appear that it isn't healthier at all and the same as with Aspartame is potentially dangerous and can cause all sorts of nasty things. If in doubt stick with sugar, yes it can make us put on weight and isn't good for our teeth, but that's about it. Aspartame and these other sugar alternatives should be banned as some are already in the USA. :) :)


thanks for all your replies, they have been passed on , i hope she isnt pregnant Kel, she is older than me, (and thats quite old,) lol, :) better not give her age, hopefully can persuade her to join.

Thats a good point Betty, i have stopped using the sweetners myself, just in case, xx


i would not like to point out all the sugar and colourings in ice lollys .. so maybe ahe could try ice cubes instead ... she is doing well but i agree cold can make it worse gentle dyslexic hugs


She could try making her own lollies from fruit juice. Thats what I used to do for my son when he was little. No added anything just part of her 5 a day :). xx


Congratulate your friend on giving up smoking. I did it 6 years ago and I know how hard it is. So well done to her!

I do not think that it is the cold of the lollies per se affects your friend's Fibro as I drink chilled water all day with ice cubes in and it has not affected me. I am inclined to agree with BettyButterfly. and Lexie that it is the ingredients of the lollies that are harmful.

S x


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