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hi everybody, I'm on holiday in Tenerife at the moment, I was struggling to walk or stand up, it was just taking over my holiday by just crippling my body. My hubby suggested a scooter, I finally gave in and agreed, I never slept the night before. A lovely friendly man bought the scooter and was so helpful and patient. Well I can honestly say it's so easy and has changed our holiday and we are really enjoying being out and about. So anyone thinking about it just go for it !!!!!!!! :)

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  • I do he same :)

    enjoy 8)


  • he=the :O

  • So pleased you are enjoying it. It is such a welcome release isnt it wouldnt be with out mine!


  • My hubbie got me one last weekend without warning. I was gutted at first as all I could think was that 4 years ago I was riding fast heavy motorbikes & now I was getting a mobility scooter. But this weekend there was a music festival in our village & OH was working there so if I wanted to go I'd have to use it. After 3 days of zipping about under my own steam I'm now used to it.

  • Hi peeps... i am off to tenerife at he end of the month.. i am so worried a out all th hills. Maybe i should ask the hotel when i. Maybe able to bire one...x

  • Please hire one, i did and omg what a difference. My hubby love walking and i was able to follow him on the scooter most places. Thanks to the scooter i had a brill time :)

  • mobility scooters are great and there is a website you can go to that specialises in scooters for hire abroad and tells you which countries you can hire them in. They are also delivered to your hotel. Glad you had a good holiday.x

  • hi pennie,i have just read your experience intenerife.i can't believe it,that's exactly how i was,i have commented on this before but that was in january.i thought i was going to explode or something,i was absolutely terrible it scared me enough on whether to go back or not as we love tenerife and have gone for a number of years now.i thought it may have been the heat but in december it's not extremely hot bit like our summers used to be.i have been waiting for a hot spell to see if it is heat,or maybe sort of atmospheric pressure,if it's goes all dark here and humid i feel the effects from that till it passes,but in saying that i always have done without fibro.i'm hanging back, my partner hasn't had a holiday this year yet partly because of my experience,he is very sympathetic in fact he's more than that he is golden.i know i will give in but when don't know,i'm missing holiday's too.jacksiex

  • If you buy a mobility scooter ib Britain you can take it with you when you go on holiday abroad. Just check with the company you fly with. By the way it goes free of charge and is available for you to use up to to the time you get on the plane. A boob for doing that last minute shopping at the airport.

  • I am not flying on my holiday cruising instead any ideas regarding scooter, P&O say either wheelchair or scooter, what would you choose?

  • Boob = boon

  • Boob = boon

  • i use an electric wheelchair at home for the same reason.Its my car, taking me where i want to go so that i can enjoy myself when i get there. i hired an electric scooter at Butlins, they have there own hire shop. I hired a scooter at Greenbelt Music Festival, which i collected every morning and returned every evening before going back to my b&b. Life truly is what you make it. love always lia144 xxx

  • Well done you!! I love my scooter knowing that I would be housebound without it. It is my bestest friend and never lets me down.......enjoy!

  • Hi i have booked one for my holiday in Lanzarote its expensive but well worth it, my hubby gets a holiday too from pushing me everywhere, now i can pop to the disabled loo when i want without disturbing hubby etc etc etc, im now looking forward to my holidays, not dreading the pain on walking everywhere, just google mobility scooter hire and the country your going to, there are usually forms to fill in and ask what the terrain is like etc, Good Luck xxxx Amanda

  • I would like to thank everyone for their comments and helpful information. I will certainly do something about it so thaty I can go on holiday.

  • I was only 35 when we went to florida, after being diagnosed, have been many times before, and we love doing all the parks, so I bit the bullet and hired a scooter for the two weeks. Best thing I could have done. Made our holiday 100% more enjoyable and my son's hubby didn't have to push me around the whole time. I will always hire one now. He has to keep up with me now!!!

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