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Attacked on my mobility scooter by a gang of children

I an sitting now typing this in total shock and disbelief..... Due to OH still recovering from op we needed a few things from town ... It's a mile away I can't walk it so got on my mobility scooter and went off alone ... Something I don't do very often... Approaching the town I had to stop as a gang I won't say group after what happened... A gang of about 10 boys aged no more than 7-10 years completely blocked the pavement. I asked them nicely if I could get through, one boy did, which caused all the other lads to start laughing at him , then as I started to drive off all the other who had cakes , crisps in packets and boxes pelted me with their empty boxes and food... I got my shopping.... I am NEVER. Going out alone again. I can't believe children this young have such lack of respect for people...

I must admit it nearly bought me to tears the sheer stupidity of it


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I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through. I have a scooter but I haven't plucked up enough courage to go out on it yet (frightened it might break down before I can get back !).

You realy should report this incident to the police as it was an attack against you, Hopefully they will check the area and stop this happening again. It doesn't matter how young these animals were, they have to be stopped because it will only get worse as they get older.


I agree you should report it next time they could do something worse to somebody else, some children these days have no respect for anybody. I am glad you are ok physically but emotionally can be worse as it can cause problems for longer.

Gentle hugz


VH I am so sorry about what happened! I hate to say it but it seems true, it appears to be a sign of the times. Even some small children have no respect at all for adults. I am not saying all, not at all, there are thankfully many lovely children thank goodness! However the minority of "gang" type children seems to be on the increase and it worries us doesn't it.

I never thought I'd say that I felt vulnerable in front of a group/gang of 11 year olds but it happened to me recently in a small local shopping precinct. They were hoarding outside the local Co-op, they should've been at school at this time in the morning, They wouldn't move out of the way of the entrance, I asked nicely, they sniggered and laughed and fortunately stepped out of the way. Thankfully I wasn't on a mobility scooter which made my entrance easier, but it still unnerved me all the same.

I don't know what needs doing about our society today, but it does seem to be getting worse. I don't go out much on my own any more sadly as I do feel vulnerable and we live in a nice area now. I blame the parents for not setting a good example, I blame the standard of today's education and teachers, and I blame the childrens' peers. Peer pressure is exploding today, everyone has to have better than everyone else, it never used to be like that did it.

So relieved you are ok VG, that's the most important thing. Next time you must try to report this otherwise it will just be another unnoticed, unrecorded act of bullying someone vulnerable and we can't permit that to happen. I know how scary it all is and you just wanted to get home, I would have done the same and then thought about it all later. Bless you x

Take care, make yourself a cuppa and take it easy! (((hug))) xx


hello vg I reading your blog and I feel so sad that this happen to you you should report it there might be cctv around it is worth a go my son school has a community policeman that goes into school do you know if there is one in your area I hope you feel better soon sweetheart take care love beth x


Absolutely disgusting, I look after children like this , but I've never known them to behave like this, and I'm afraid they don't know any better despite what there told, they think it's big and clever and it's bloody not, that one boy who stood up to them was brave, you should of reported them you still can, how awful for you

Big gentle hugs to you Nicki xxxxx


How awful hope your ok...xx


OMG what an awful experience for you, it's bad enough trying to manage the pain of fibro and all the other complaints that are linked to it, without having to suffer such an ordeal.

It is bullying and you should report this to the police.

I live alone (as other people on this site), and i had a nasty experience on the bus with two people, and now I dread going out, and feel sick whenever I do, which is usually only for doctor or hospital appointments. and I find myself looking around to see if they are catching the same bus as me, and if they are I will go back home. I wish I had reported them, but i would definitely call the police if it happens again.

I hope you will be okay and that it won't add extra stress to your illness, and your partner has a speedy recovery from his op.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass.


i had to email; the school up the hill from us last wk, as a group of lads about 7 of them decided to come over the grass to the flats were i live first floor as there are only 3 levels.....they ran over the grass [ one in particular] and was hammering on the window of the flat below me, both sides of the flat, aparently to make the dog dr to the flat below me lives a old lady with cataracts......i in the end emailed the school. they got in touch with comunity police....hence the 2 police hid behind a wall and caught them.....they didnt want the banging on the windows to escalate and lead on to biger was nipped in the bud....they were all marched down from the school with the police to apologise i say go to the police and get it stoped before it escalates into bigger hope yr ok. must have been very scarry, but if we dont put a stop to these thugs what are they going to do next ?? julie xx


oh VG that's awful! please don't let it stop you going out.

where they in school uniform or is it half-term?

like others have said report it to the polie - although it might not be on cctv they may be on it elsewhere.

I am sending you a bunch of mind thought flowers [picture your favourites in your head] and a big hug [x],




Get a personal alarm,if you are on your scooter you can get a little one that can hang from your scooter key ring and any trouble just pull the pin out.That would teach them!


OMG I am so shocked at their behaviour. That's awful, poor you having to go through that on top of being I'll. It's disgusting that we are cultivating such a gang culture. I fear it's only going to get worse. I agree you should report it. These hooligans can't get away with their actions. What cowards they are to pick on someone who is vulnerable.

I hope you get over the shock soon and that it doesn't stop you from going out again. Things like this make me so angry.

Healing thoughts

Storm x


I too am horrified at what happened to you. If these children were in school uniform, I would strongly urge you to contact their school. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and it needs to be addressed. It makes me very sad that so many young people have such little respect for other members of our society. Please try not to let this dreadful experience rob you of your independence. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel stronger once you get over the shock. Virtual, healing hugs to you. Jane xoxox


My goodness what ever next. Are you okay now? They really need to learn some manners. Do you know which school they go too or would you consider talking to the police! Manners maketh man, from the sound of it these were only little kids suffering from terrible peer presher and it is quite unforgiveable. Do not let them take your spirit and you independance away although I realise how shocked you must be. Is there any one who could walk with you so you could go again and get your confidence back? Oh I do send you gentle big hugs ((((()))) it makes me so cross just to think of it xgins


Hi everyone

Thank you for your much needed support... The little oiks are on half term holiday here so have no idea who or what school am feeling much calmer about it today and one good thing came from it all my autistic son actually got annoyed by it... How dare someone attack his mum..... That made my day for him to show concern... I have bounced back and if it happens again I will photo whoever on my mobile.... Bangs forehead... Didn't think, of it at the time.. And report it...

Thanks to this wonderful fibro group.. If I didn't post any replies to anyone yesterday like I normally do my apologies

Sending big group hug to everyone

VG x


I'm so sorry this happened to you VG, you should definitely report this next time. I've been very lucky so far, but I always feel very vulnerable hobbling around slowly on my crutches. Easier to think of what to do afterwards but some good suggestions here to bear in mind just in case any of us are ever in that situation.

Take care xx


Hi. that is totally disgraceful and disrespectful. Just shows what a bunch of lowlifes we have in this country. As Stormwych said, "cowards" and "bullies". They do it because they can. I bet if you'd produced a weapon of protection and hit them with it, YOU'D be the one prosecuted. If it was me, I'd risk prosecution just to show them up, that an "old granny" beat them up!! I am so sorry to hear you had to go through that, but report it to the police. The thing is though, when these thugs are arrested for their crimes, they consider it a "trophy". Well done on your bravery though. lotsa love and hugs.xx


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