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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone would get swelling in the foot ankles and leg and tightness feeling .I went to bed like this last night

Just awoke and I have the same feeling bloated feeling like I've put on a 100lbs overnight and very stiff and sore in my knuckles and leg on left side still tight like swelling feeling even up in the left forearm and shoulder area just wanted to know my tmj in the left side of my face has been brutal since yesterday and a little heavy around the upper chest area not pain just feeling tight like sore to touch is a better word perhaps .

Any info would dThank you


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I have no idea what caused this but I get it in my lower leg and ankles. It feels like the skin could split if it gets any tighter. I hope someone can tell you what it is or might be and sort us both out :)



I'm glad to know this is another symptoms of fibro and I am not alone in this feeling.

I'm so Sorry to hear about your pain..hugs to you.gentle with care!!

Barb. Thank you.


Hi sweetdreams1234

I am so sorry to read that you are also suffering from this, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

Both my wife and I have this problem but for different reasons. She has MS and gets a mass of fluid building up down there. She wears compression socks on the advice of her MS specialist. However, before wearing compression socks you should always discuss the issue with your GP or medical professional, as they address circulation problems. They told her to keep moving her feet in a circular motion.

My swelling is due to nerve damage and I was advised to never use compression socks as it could make the issue worse. I was told to try and walk about as much as I could when they swell despite any chronic pain I get.

So there could be many reasons why you are experiencing this issue and it is always advisable to discuss it with a doctor.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks ken.

Good morning to you and your wife .I'm so sorry to hear this about you and your wife ..oh my.. I'm so sorry,I got to consumed with my own issues I hope you and your wife find some relief too from all this endured pain we all suffer with.

Some good news is I really like the new pain Dr I'm seeing really had to do all this on my Dr is not responsive to anything I have to say .I'm working with the pain Dr to get me treated on pain management and a referral from my old Dr to a new one who can treat fibro or at least is willing to understand that when I say 24/7 pain that he gets that and stops telling me it's all in my head. Enough ranting now .

Take care and hugs from my home to yours.Barb .


Please do not worry about us my friend, we have everything under control (hehe!). It is wonderful when you can get a doctor that is understanding and receptive to your needs and what you are saying. We have a really good GP whereby nothing is too much trouble, so we are very happy.

Take care

Ken x


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