Has anyone ever had a " tender " head ? sore to touch ,

Hi there I have recent,ly had a very tender head when I touch it a bit concerned as I havent experienced anything like it before,

I also have a painful eye that gets very watery on same side as my sore spot on my head the site of the tenderness is left side in line with my ear ,,,, would appreciate it if you can suggest anything ,,, thank you in advance Bri

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  • Having tender spots is a very typical fibro type of thing HOWEVER where it is concerned with the head it is always wise to get it checked out by your GP; it is probably nothing - but better safe than sorry.

    Julie xx

  • Hi Julie. I am so glad you posted this. I have fibro and my tender spots in head started only 4 months ago. Dr did not mention it could be from the fibro at all. Thank you. That gives me some relief just knowing.

    nannyrules (linda)

  • I was told I Don't have fibromyalgia by docs tho? And I've been having these sore spots on and around the crown of my skull for about the past couple yrs or so? I'm confused!!!

  • Hi Julie thanks for this reply I too thought as it was my head it mightr just be st to take a little visit to my GP will try to arrange tomorrow thanks again Julie Warm hugs and smiles Bri x

  • Is the tender spot on your face in line with your ear just above your jaw/cheekbone area by any chance?

    If it is it may be a sign of TMJ, a condition which affects muscles in your face, neck and shoulders. It's a problem that's linked to Fibro, it was being diagnosed withTMJ that set the ball rolling to have my FM finally diagnosed.

  • Hi thanks for the post My sore spot is actually on my head in line with my left ear about the size of my palm ,,,,, then the sore eye is just the eye Lima thanks again Warnm hugs and smiles :):) Bri {{{}}} x

  • Meen too ..tmj then diagnosed with fibro pain.. Then everything went crazy.

    Oh well just seeing your post and thought I'd say hi..

    Wishing you all the best and gentle hugs your way.


  • What is fibro? I have on left side of head pain in eye and ear and sore to touch on the head. It feels like my head is bruised and a bad headache.

  • Hi, hope you are feeling better. Yes I have had this, all I get from Doctors is that they don't know.

    I get a felling in my face like someone has slapped me. (I asked my husband if he has had anything to do with it. JOKING he said no of course not). My head get very tender, I suffer from Migraine and that leaves me with a very sensitive and tender head.

    I have been reading a lot lately on line, FMS Association site, NHS Site and others. Somewhere I read that FMS suffers can get painful sensations in the head/face. It is rear. It appears that no one really knows everything about FMS. I too would get it checked out. If you get any answers from your Doctor, I would love to know what they say. All the very best.

  • Yes I get tender spots on my head and I get plenty of migraines but i wouldn't say I could link the two. I tend to get sore spots more when I have a flare up or when im particularly tired (more than usual!) mine are often on the sides of my head and an awful pain on the bone behind my ear that throbs or shoots periodically then will vanish for a while and come back unexpectedly. Personally I think Fibro makes things up as it goes along! It probably sits there thinking oooh I haven't hurt that part before/in a while......!

    Hate is a strong word BUT YES FIBRO I HATE YOU!

    Please let us know what your GP says :-)

    Hope you have a nice day xx flips xx

  • hiya , i get permanent pain around my eye sockets,jawline,top of nose and cheekbones.its reasuring to know others get it too,iv never had it diagnosed as a separate entity though it seems to be lumped in with fms. keep your chin up (not to high it hurts lol)

  • i too get a sore head and face at present have a sor patch under the left eye tht comes and goes it was on the right first but now the left my face sometimes feels like its spasming and it gets really sore to lay on my ears too oh the joys og our elite little cub eh xx take care xx gentle hugs teresa xx

  • Yes, I get this, I have TMJ, and your symptoms are exactly the same as mine. Still get it checked though! X

  • I myself suffer the same contation as youself . At the moment I have very sore eyes and they very much feel infected in the mornings stcky and sore have had a very tender scalp for a couple of years now.off to the GP this afternoon for him to have a check at me .

  • Hi there, I get a sore head, the pain runs in a line from my temple it feels like a vein, and any pressure sets off awful headaches and face pain, I also have had eye pain just above the eyeball, which has been diagnosed now as having to do with dry eyes.

    Apparently I may have Sjogrens syndrome, and this can cause headaches and other things too.

  • Hi BriPat

    Yes, I put a similar post up a few weeks ago. I get tender and sore spots on my head. I have had them for years pre-dating my fibro, but once I had the fibro diagnosis it seemed to be another of those weird symptoms that's associated with it. Sometimes (but not always) these sore spots have preceded a headache. As I felt they were inflamed, my instinct told me to take aspirin and that seems to help sometimes (though not everyone can take this, I appreciate).

  • Hi to you all who have responded to my Blog I can now report my pains and tenderness on my head (scalp) have almost gone also the eye is gettinfg better too still a bit sore and still watery at times I was prescribed a med called diclofenac 3 times a day with food and they have like is said before almost done their job It was inflamation of the scalp and he wasnt sure but felt coud have been triggered by a sinus prob well thank you all for your replies to my blog I do appreciate it thank you and I wish you all well with Warm hugs and smiles Bri xx

  • I have similar symptoms plus more. I have had a couple of persistent tender spots on the same side of my head, and around area where jaw connects. I had problems with my eye on that side tearing up, among other things. The main tender spot is a few inches behind my ear and higher up. I've had mild persistent headaches that seem to be concentrated in that area as well. I just woke up with a scorching case of bells palsy last month, that seems to have gotten better mostly but i still have the sensitive spots and headaches, occasional twitches in my face.. Bells palsy is an inflammation of nerves that control your facial muscles. Half my face was paralyzed for about a week and then took another week to get better. During that time i couldnt blink properly with that eye and it affected my tear ducts to where my eyes were too dry at times and tearing up excessively at others.

  • kenpapa..owwch! And ,to everybody who`s written on this nasty symptom.Thankyou! I`ve had FMS for over 15 yrs ,Also DDD/Tinnitus and Costochondritis.Now ,I`m getting the sore-to-the-touch head ache again..(oh ,also have TMJ,..dentist dxed this:(..Showering used to ease my pain ,now I dread needing to wash/comb/dry my hair.it Hurts!!Plain and simply ,I`d not wish this awful condition on my worst enemy!..Good luck to you all ,hoping you`ve all had some answers ,and much needed relief by now..*hugs*..Great group ,so nice to find you all..x

  • I just noticed the same thing and thought the blue tooth headphones might be a reason. So I put on regular ones and the pain went away. Bluetooth is bad for you.

  • Yes I can see Bluetooth causing it as I get pains in my hands and arms from using my phone too much! They're using EMF signals,aka microwave signals for Every source of electricity now! EMF waves are very hazardous to us and can also cause neurological problems as well! I had to stay away from All technology for awhile in order to heal from neurological problems I've had that were more severe before. I wonder if these tender spots on my head could be caused by these signals? I'm not sure but it's possible maybe! I know I don'Don't have fibromyalgia for sure so..

  • I have the same thing going on on the right side of my head. Did you get to the bottom of your issue? It's been 4 days now. Started with a head ache On right side and went from there. All on right side.

  • I have the same - Shingles in my ear. Get it checked by an ENT. I know it's Painful.

  • I had a bad head ache on my rite side above my ear and today it's sore I'm worryed

  • Try not to worry. Instead go see your GP and ask if you could be prone to suffering from either of these?

    Occipital neuralgia or trigeminal neuralgia

    Occipital can cause pain/tenderness around eye, side, top &/or back of head.

    Trigeminal is more to do with the cheek area/face.

    Both are caused by nerve issues, but symptoms can be decreased with meds.

    I suffer with both. Luckily for me I don't have FM to go with it. (I leave that to my wife to suffer from 😞).

  • it was/is Shingles inside of my ear that is causing the pain in my head.

  • Ok - So I have experienced this pain all of the symptoms. And let me tell you...because the pain was coming from my ear and my head was so sensitive to touch like I could not even touch my hair I went to the ENT doctor. He looked in my ear thinking that it might be a severe ear infection. Turns out - its Shingles in my ear...so folks have them check you for Shingles INSIDE of your ear. It explained the sensitivity on my head since Shingles is a nerve disease

  • I get a tender scalp allllll of the time. It also swells.. I can run my fingers over my scalp and can feel the different sections of my skull as it is also swollen.

    I've had fibromyalgia for over 15 years; but, it really raised its ugly head not to be ignored in October of 2010. I have read and continue to read info on this disease that has robbed me of myself, and others of who I have always been. I know sooooooo many can relate. I've read personal stories and a lt of factual information trying to understand, learn and try to grow from this 'crap' changing my life and how I no longer be to anyone .... the do all .. take care of all .... super human overachiever.

    Who I was seems to be so many others stories as well.

    My brother was diagnosed about three years ago. And he is the likeness of what I just described also.

    There are so many things... types of pain that we that have this fibromyalgia can list.... that I won't even try to list them here.

    But, YES on the swollen head issue. I also suffer from cluster headaches. I was reading some of these replies and saw where one person made note of the distinction of the left or right side of the head.... eye watering.... piercing pain. The pain like an ice pick going through your eye clear through to the back of the head. That's part of the cluster headache. They can last an hour or a year..... come as quickly and unexpectantly as they go. There are generally olfactory and /or oral oras. Olfactory.... I smell things that aren't anywhere around me.... for me, generally I smell fruit loops or pancakes with syrup. I'll smellmuch more unpleasant things as well. When I start smelling things.... I immediately ask if whoever I'm with if they smell what I am. Always.... NO.

    Oral oras .,. I hear people talking.... for example when I wake up ... or trying to sleep.... I would swear that there were people in another room talking... or that the tv is on in another room. It's honestly very disturbing. I experience these oras before the headaches begin. So, I start getting tense which doesn't help. I'm anticipating the pain that is on it's way.

    Ive spoken to a therapist about it and asked if it's something I should be concerned about( i.e.: am I losing it?) and was told that as long as I didn't experience the same outside of relation to the headaches, then I shouldn't worry. But, of course I do still have concerns and pay close attention to its occurance.

    I've told my dr about how my head/scalp gets soooo tender and swollen. He's not quite sure about what it could be. I've done internet search after internet search trying to find any info to explain this to no avail. When it get reallllyy swollen and painful, sores on my head develop.... which I also cannot find reason for.

  • This is my first time in here.... just left a very long lost and wanted to go back in and add one more thing.... can't find my post. So I cremate this new reply.

    This last week I've been experiencing something that is new. Oh boy...sarcasm of course.

    My right temple is extremely sensitive to the touch. Feels like a verryyy big bruise, yet no visual of a bruise. Another pain... the list just seems to keep growing.

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