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Flare up and other things

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Sorry not posted for a long time I don't now if this is fibromyalgia related but I had a barium test done had my results back to day and I have got a haiuts hernia I was just wondering if other people with fibro has this. Can anyone tell me if pregabalin worked for them as I am getting no relive from this at the moment and doctor won't give anything else thanks in advance. Carah

13 Replies
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Hello Carah

Fibro can cause a wide range of symptoms, sometimes very diverse too.

It would be difficult to say, yes, your hiatus hernia is caused by fibro, because you may have had it anyway without fibro. Digestive problems do feature quite prominently though, so you could not rule it out.

I am wondering why your doctor refuses to give you something else instead of Pregabelin. Normally you are given Gabapentin then Pregabelin, is this what happened to you?

Unfortunately not every medication for fibro suits everyone, it is a case of trial and error and I feel your doctor is not giving you the opportunity to try something else which seems very unfair.

Be careful too of your mood which can change significantly to make you low.

If necessary, make an appointment to see another doctor in your practice.


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Carah in reply to bluebell99

I have tried Gabapentin morphin patches and some more but I was allergic to them he said I can only have pregablin and paracetamol I see the pain clinic in July hopefully they can help more I have been referred to ryrmatolagy but have to wait for them to contact sometime in June. Thank you for your help Bluebell99

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I have a hiatus hernia. Apparently 1 in 4 of us have it but mostly cause no problems. You need something like omeprazole to help with the pain. Also reduce spice from diet and sleep with head of bed slightly raised. But def tell dr you need to get some tablets to help reduce the pain.

Good luck xx

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Carah in reply to Jofullofiron

I am on omeprazole 1 twice a day I have had problems with my stomach for years but they was thinking I was making it up I have been in hospital twice with the pain in my stomach he said all I can have with the pregablin is paracetamol as I have tried other meds and I am allergic to them. Thank you for your help Jofullofion

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Jofullofiron in reply to Carah

This has helped me but maybe try Aloe Vera juice, I use this one Edited By Admin and get a good probiotic too. I use Edited By Admin.

I have tried loads and found these two amazing for overall good gut health. Bit expensive but the aloe juice you just have 20-40ml a day so lasts ages.

Hope you get some relief soon as the pain is horrible.

I used to take my tablets last thing before going to bed and that really helped keep the acid settled and not creep up during the night and leave me with a burning dry throat.


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Carah in reply to Jofullofiron

Thank you I will try this Jofullofiron x

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Hi Carah it's nice to meet you ☺ as our bluebell99 has said it is not a specific symptom of Fibro but many do suffer with IBS & many tummy probs. I suffer horrendous indigestion & reflux & many people with fibro do. I think when our whole body is so sensitive, eyes & bright light, hearing. Loud noise, pain etc. It makes sence that stomache is also sensitive.

Like Kay, I'm at a bit of a loss why your gp doesn't try you with an alternative drug, especially when Pregablin (lycra) are the most expensive ones in the box. A lot of GPS now seem to offer Gabapentin as an alternative if Pregablin are not helping.

I wonder how long you have been taking them, as they can take a while before you feel the benefit from them, I have taken them for yrs & they help, don't get me wrong, I still have all the neuropathic pain but they do take the edge off & symptoms not so bad, if I haven't taken in the past, I know about it. Your gp may have also started you on a low dose which may need increasing to get the pain under control. If you don't get any joy from your doctor, I would advise you maybe try to see a different one.

Luv Jan xx

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Carah in reply to Janet28

Yeah I have started on low dose but been upped but the pain so that bad I have been on a lot of meds that ain't worked due to me be allergic to most of them but all ways willing to try new things thanks for your help Janet28 x

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Sorry that you have something else to add to the fibro but in one way it is good to know what you are up against. Many of us have digestive problems it seems to go hand and hand with the fibro.

I don't know what dose of Pregablin you are taking as often they slowly build you up until they get the optimum dose for you. I have found it beneficial for the burning, shooting, knifing pains. They still happen but since taking that particular med. they are much reduced. Like you I have found meant medications especially anti depressants don't suit me and I seem to be allergic to the adhesive in Butrans patches.

Just a thought when you go to the pain clinic but I am able to tolerate Lidocaine patches. I use them for that deep seated neuropathic pain in my back I am allowed to wear three patches for 12 hours and the have to be patch free for twelve hours. I haven't had any reaction to them. Good luck with finding something to help.x

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Carah in reply to rosewine

Thank you Rosewine I will speak to them at the pain clinic in July big hugs to you x carah

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Hi Carah

I am so truly sorry to read this my friend, and as the others have said many Fibro sufferers do tend to have some kind of digestive disorder. However, I would not perosnally associate Hiatus Hernias with Fibro myself. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Carah in reply to TheAuthor

Thank you Ken

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TheAuthor in reply to Carah

Good luck my friend.

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