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Had my PIP assessment today after applying in JULY!! Been told it will be about a month. Anybody got any good stories about it as I know a lot get turned down at 1st.


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Goodness me !!......... I have just submitted my new application for PIP and it said it could take 26 weeks from start to finish on my form, So you have had to wait more than 9 months..........I hoped mine would be sorted by October in six months time. Pickled cookie, I really hope you don't get turned down after that long wait.

I send you my best wishes for something positive for you........ :)


Hi PickledCookie

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? My word, that is a long wait? I have read so many members posts about their assessments and appeals that I can never judge whether somebody is going to be successful or not. So I will wish you all the best of luck and fingers crossed for you!

All my hopes and dreams for you



I phoned up yesterday to ask about my assessment I applied in September, I was told it could be another 22 weeks for assessment and then I believe 1-2 months before any payment. I have written to my MP to inform her, if no one informs the Government what is going on then they remain oblivious.


I applied for mine back in August got turned down so put in for a reconsideration and am still waiting for my answer it is a long proses I wish you all the luck in the world


I applied last September and had my assessment in February, waited four weeks for the result and was approved first time :-)


i had my assessment on the 31/03/14 i waited 8months and at the end of assessment was told it would take another 6-8 weeks before i'd here from them, i did send another email to my MP and last sat i got a letter from DWP and was so scared to open it and it said sorry it's taking so long but we have all the information we need and a desission will be made on your claim soon...

I.m sure its only since i got my MP involved that i've managed to get my PIP and ESA appointments sorted..

Good luck i hope we here soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine hugs to you xxx

ps i.ve got my esa assessment on monday sooooooooooooooo scared xx


I had a call of them today, I applied in June 2013 and was interviewed in October, cant say assessed as she did not ask me to do anything just talked to me, and been told I will have an answer within 7 days, no idea why they rang to tell me that....Fingers crossed for you, if I am refused I will be appealing straight away..xxx


On the 6th of February I would have been waiting a year for my pip assessment. I had a mild stroke 2 years ago. We got esa for a year this stopped January 2014. We get no housing or council tax benefit. Only my wifes part time wage. After rent and council tax we are left with £230 a month for car running costs gas electric and food shopping. Since my stroke I've been diagnosed with unstable angina conic heart disease depression and now copd. The wait for the assessment is making things worse. Can anyone recommend anything we can do as this is beyond a joke now.


Hello micknjo, I've just read your post and feel for your situation.

I'm really hoping for you that something has got sorted in the last 3 months and wonder if you are still looking for some help?

If so, perhaps a first place to start place is your local citizens advice. Will you let us know how you are getting along?

Warmest wishes for you and your wife,

Rock Rose


I thought I left a comment. I finally got awarded standard rate daily living allowance and enhanced rate mobility. Also now entitled to housing and council tax benefit. my wife now gets more than double working tax credit. We are applying for carers allowance also. Seem the more benefits you get the more you get lol.

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Oh that's such great and happy news and heartening to hear - and you're right, it does seem once you're awarded one benefit the others get easier...


I'm so glad for you and hope the carer's allowance goes well too..and thanks for the update. :-)


When I went for my assessment the health care professional lol said 55 weeks was about the norm for the London area.

We almost lost our house we would have starved if it wasn't for our daughter buying our shopping.

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