Petition about cutting money

hope this is ok plus link works or copy and paste as want to stop £30 a week from us

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  • If you get it now you wont be affected but from 2017 the new claimants will.

    as far as ive read waiting to be assesed been over a year now...them are dragging there feet..

    they will be saving 12billion by doing these cuts to new claimants....just not fair...

    hopefully i be assess this year as im coming into second year now...x

  • Signed. Yes it's true it only applies to new claimants but I have seen nothing to confirm that if you are moved from one group to another are you classed as a new claim or is it an ongoing claim.

    Also I was initially put in the WRAG group and I fully understand the pressures put on people who often are not in a position to cope with them. In my case the pressures made me so ill I had a HUGE M.E. crash and went right back to square one yet I was only put into the support group because I was lucky enough that my GP rang them up and sent them a strongly worded letter complaining that I was being made worse by their rigid rules and regulations and total lack of understanding.

    I live in absolute fear of being put back in the WRAG group as I know it will once again put me right back at square one.

  • Signed.

  • Signed already! Thanks for posting :)

  • Signed.

  • Hi i get lots of petitions to sign check 38th degrees they do have some quite important ones that those above think like to fly under our radar!

    but this lot don't know what to do next surprised not digging them up out of there graves yet and making them work? mind prob something for next year?

    But that £30 for many is difference between life and death for ones esp live on there own with no one around esp if recovering/or trying to! from op/illness

    but thought i'd post up as pretty mad about there sheer cheek and if they want to cut excess well cut there perks/food trough accounts etc

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