Disability Benefits Consortium - No more cuts to disability benefits

As the General Election approaches, we're asking the next Government to protect disability benefits from further cuts.

Add your name to our open letter to tell Party Leaders how vital financial support is for disabled people. You can read the open letter via link below.

Sign the campaign here:


I fully support this campaign and I know many of you will do too

Best Wishes


16 Replies

  • Excellent idea Emma, and very important.

    Signed and I will share it as much as possible.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret. xxx 🤗🤗🤗

  • Done.... its about time all benefits became part of this election and the assessment system as well when did they stop believing health professionals dealing with a persons illness!!

    Alison 😊 xx

  • Signed and forwarded on.....x

  • Done & dusted Emma xx

  • Signed I know how important these benefits are to the disabled.

  • Done.

  • Done....

  • Signed Emma.x

  • Signed, sealed & delivered. Thanks x :)

  • Signed xx

  • Signed and shared :)

  • signed

  • Signed and thanks for posting.

  • Done and shared.

    Thank u Emma xx

  • Signed , Carol x😀

  • Signed and shared for peeps to sign and share. Pino

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