Type A or Type B personality?

To participate please use this link provided to answer 20 questions to find out whether you have Type A or Type B personality


Please click on the link, the test asks for your name but you need not give it if you press CANCEL it will take you to the test,

Click on your answers and at the end click Score, the higher the score is Type A and low scores are Type B.

I look forward to reading your comments

Emma :)

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  • Ok Emma I'm a type A but what does that mean?

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • ok just seen the other post mine was 214 so interesting ;)

  • definitely me - you should see the time management games that I have ;)

    some of them are quite intense but the challenge is awesome :D

    I'm still chuckling after looking at that :) cheers Pip xx

  • I know. It's like someone's been writing down my character ;) Scary..! I have tried to lessen what appears to be my type A traits since having FM as I know stress, tension, overdoing it, etc will make me feel worse. Very interesting :)

    Time management games eh... should I be worried ;)

  • hahahahah! pic of the day :o

    I'd say so ;)

    Mind you who would win if we had a race to the end of the road while having to feed 6 squirrels, squirt 4 evil cats with the jelly gun and round up a herd of fluffies all on route? :o

  • Tricky... I guess it depends if I have my sledgehammer with me. Could slow you down a bit ;) xx

  • That would just be cruel Pip ;) I'd be boinging all over the place, what with my vertigo :D

    However I could magic tash it all couldn't I :o xx

  • Oh yes... mmmmmm... for the sake of fairness I think magic is not allowed. However, for similar reasons, nor are sledgehammers ;) xx

  • excellent!! heheh ;) xxx

  • Hi Emma,

    I scored 264, so a Type A person. Having read the description of Type A I can see how I'd be creeping up towards being a Type A person than a Type B ;)

    Mind you, FM has put paid to some of my behaviour traits - I've had to change to keep as well as is possible, e.g. stress free.

    Pip xx

  • Me too pip I've had to slow right down and lose the stress xx

  • Me three.... but still keep my brain busy as possible !!!:) I'm a Type A too !

  • Same here, fibro has stopped me in my tracks! Type A too:)

  • Hi Mary how are you doing? xxxzeb

  • Ah not too bad, having a lot of pain again, GP rang my OH for something today and OH told him about my pain and a few new symptoms, so now GP wants to see me! Here we go again!...oh well at least my GP is caring, would be worse if he didn't want to know :) How are you doing?

  • same old Mary :o

    Like you having trouble with the pain but glad your doc is caring and your OH too :) Mine are like that also it does make a difference I find sometimes though not for the better!

    Hope you're keeping wrapped up warm Mary and hope the doc can help

    warming pain busting fluffies

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • I done it as I would have done before FM I was an A, but now I'm a B, it has been difficult to slow down as I'm sure you all know about that, when I think back to how I was. it makes me tired thinking about it, I used to get up at 6am every morning (weekends as well) and bed between 11pm and 11-30 pm, if I got up "late" like 6-30 am I would be in a right panic. Oh they were the days.

  • with a score of 214 I surpose im a but I wasn`t sure wether to go back to skool damn cant remember how yo spell. Anyway at scool? i couldn`t care less and would have been b when at work definatly a.Since fibro i have had to learn to low down and not to let the housework not being done bother me,I think that my attitude and prsonality has had 3 changes, so i`m not sure where that leaves me.Can you please tell me how to spell scool?..sue

  • Hi sue you scored the same as me :)

    The answer is school

    many fluffies for you :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Thanks zeb73 I used to be proud of my spelling,lol

  • I have my moments too :) LOL

  • Hi

    I scored 190, so I'm probably a mixture of both, hope it's the best bits. :) :)

  • I got 239 so type a

  • I am a type A

  • I'm A

  • I scored 199 so not sure if an a or b? Xxx

  • i got 149 not sure what i am

  • OK so I scored 177 - does that mean I've got a split personality? :)

  • 235.

  • How does one know? There is nothing on thequestionnaire which implies a cut off point? I got 150 but can't complete the poll because I don't know if it's A or B.

  • I got 197!! Does that make me a type A or type B?? I'm not sure!! XX

  • Hi Emma and anyone else reading.

    I scored 219 so type A. The wiki extract is fascinating! The fibro is so bad that I'm off work at present. If I was still working I think my score would have been nearer 300. The fibro has forced me to slow down so 219 is more realistic. I'm intrigued by the fact that my counsellor suggests I will only get back to work effectively IF I approach things differently : at a more reasonable pace etc - which seems to imply becoming much more of a Type B. The fog is coming down so I can't think that through any more. Would be interested in what you and others think! Thanks!

  • 149....mmmmmm...no idea what that is supposed to mean!

  • Scored 245... so type A

  • Hello all,

    Thank you all for taking the test, as many have pointed out the questions give different score before and after Fibro.

    Sorry maybe I should have mentioned to judge it on how you would answer before Fibro, as you've quite rightly pointed out you've all slowed down because of Fibro showing lower scores.

    So, how many if answering pre Fibro would be Type A now I wonder?

    As, the studies are basically implying that busy, organised, ambitious, strongly motivated etc are more likely to have increased stress levels, always pushing themselves etc. Obviously, I personally believe Fibro would need a trigger like a viral illness in my case but the personality thing is interesting as I would always push myself. worry about things and then need to de-stress. So, the prolonged stress may also not have helped, knowing how Fibro reacts to the stress hormone.

    Not that is was a serious poll, I just wondered if studies by all those researchers would compare to us doing it really?

    I could change the poll and leave this post if you like:) I was and still am Type A so it is an interesting concept.

    Emma :)

    P.S Halfway score is 172 so all above this would be A's and under B's, hope this helps.

  • Hi Emma :)

    That is interesting mine has just changed to 300 from 214 Emma :o

    I am just an A rounded kinda gal heheheh! I really have slowed down too :o ;)

    Does that mean I've always been a fibromite? I had to do it based on pre fibro to cure curiousity!!

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hi Emma and Zeb. I was 245, just answered again pre fibro and was 323! So yeah still A :D

  • Hee heehee hee!!! :D

    That's just chuckled me Mary xxx

  • sorry if im a bit thick but how do you know if yr a or b? i scored 187 x

  • You're an A Bluebell :) xxxzeb

  • thanx zeb :) so erm what does that mean apart from im dumb lol xxx

  • sorry hunny :) I wasn't here to reply :o xxx zeb

  • its ok zeb,i just used my lil brain & looked at previous posts so A is more fibro ? :) xxx

  • Yes you're more fibro :) not dumb hunny :)

    warming fluffies for you xxx zeb

  • hiya zeb,sorry for late reply,i just got up :( lazy arnt i. im not sleeping too good atm, thanks i feel as tho i belong somewere now, i shall cuddle me fluffies,:) hugs to you too,hope you have a good day :) xxxx

  • I've not slept at all hunny :) so no your not lazy :) xxxx

  • o no thats horrible when u cant sleep,i get like that quite a lot so usually after a couple of days of being in brain hyper,worry worry mode i doze for a few hrs +nortryptiline with other meds helps.hope u get some rest today :)xxx

  • Thank you i will soon probably :) ............... I hope :) xxx

  • 295. Type A . I can understand this as I used to be a kind of unpaid councillor for some of my friends , and even their teenagers came to me for advice/a meal. I eventually got a paid job as a carer with an agency, and as I just couldn't say no, worked seven days a week for the fist year without a break! Even when I did start taking every second weekend off I worked 70 hours a week on average.

    It was only when one of our carers actually died on the job, going to one of our clients, she collapsed and died in the rain. I saw myself going the same way, dying on the job, and my bosses easily replacing me from their never ending recruitment drive, but even so carried on, believing my clients needed me( some of the other carers were hopeless)

    Even after I fell I'll I believed I would be able to return. I actually studied for a qualification to improve the service to the clients so I would be able to give medication, while on sick leave. I passed of course, with a high mark, but never got to use my new skill, except on myself! I'm rambling on, and my typing fingertip hurts, so I'll stop now .

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