Morning to every one - last night was a strange one for me-- no wild parties - no laughter or singing but my feet well

every hour my feet hurt like blazes i dont know if the bandages agravated them but they felt like burning as if I had walked a hundred miles - no hope of that I cannot make ten yards :) In the end I spend night with legs supported in the air waiting we do that dont we we wait - why didnt I get up and do something anything read come on here I dont know but I did nt I just lay propped up at top and bottom alternatly hot and cold and not even with good dreams to drift in and out of. It sounds pretty boring adn yes it was .

So here I am it is chilly Coffee needed xgins

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  • Good morning Gins, sorry you had such a bad night - what's causing your foot pain? I hope it improves soon!

    Love from Moffy x

  • Morning Moffy not sure wheather the compression bandaging was an element but now I am up it is not so bad - I really dont know I will elevat the end of the bed tonight I dont want to take the bandages off as my legs are going down brilliantly . xgins

  • Oh dear gins that must have been so horrid for you , sorry ! Am sending you gentle hugs and hoping and praying that your legs continue to go down. Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy you are lovely :) xgins

  • You are very welcome. :-) Foggy x

  • Awww Gins as I have said many times and will continue to do so you are an inspiration no matter what happens you come on here and turn it into something to laugh at .... The thought of you lying with your legs in the air... Really hope your legs do go down and get better soon

    VG xx

  • Hi Gins

    My Mum has compression dressings too.

    i wonder if yours have been applied to tightly ?

    it has happened to Mum and the nurses have had to come back out and redo them

    i hope you sleep tonight

    warm hugs xx

  • I must admit I was wondering this, too, irisjoy!

    Compression bandages often do get applied too tightly, and this can be most uncomfortable!

    maybe you should get them checked, Gins?

    Love from Moffy x

  • I dont know if they are too tight I will see what happens tonight and go from there - thanks everyone xgins

  • are your toes & toenails a healthy colour? that's an important point.

    I don't know of other checks, hopefully someone else will.

    take care,


  • Hi, I have Lymphoedema as well as Fibro etc and wear compression stockings. The nurse had to fit mine as she said that often they don't order the correct size and then people can't get them on or they can but they are too tight! Do you wear them for Lymphoedema? It is a very painful condition and the pain and discomfort you describe sounds familiar to me. Maybe getting your compression stockings checked out would be a good idea! I how you get things sorted soon x

  • Yes me too it is not pleasent I suspect it was a mixture of arthritis stockings etc last night was better . New stockings on Tuesday will ask about them then :) sort of glad to know some one else in same boat :) take care xgins

  • Yes I'm in the same boat! Not nice at all! Hugs x

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