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This morning TV programme plzz watch

If anybody is interested on ITV 's this morning programme which has now started, they are going to suggest ways you can get a good nights sleep I think that's around 10.50 it's worth a look if your not getting much if any sleep, I shall watch it as been advised not to go out side as I have asthma and the bad pollution may affect me..Gentle hugs to all... Dee xxx

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Slept through this after no sleep last night !!


Hope you will share the tips. Was working.


Hi Cookie72

I have missed it, as been out all day again!

How are you feeling now my friend?

Ken x


Hi Dee, Thanks for that advise, I shall certainly watch that article for sleep!!

Please keep in doors with that Asthma of yours with the Air Pollution. I"d hate for anything to happen to you my friend!. How is your mouth today?

Sending positive healing energies your way. (((gentle hugs)))

Love Lynn XX <3<3 XX


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