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Is anyone suffering with this weather in uk , I live in the north west , lancashire , its warm but raining , windy , ive started lycria nearly 3 week ago from pain clinic , im still hurting , and one minute falling asleep for a liitle while , but not in a deep sleep , if that makes sense. Then im wide awake , and extremely confused. I have my dla tribunal on the 23rd july and im constantly thinking about it , its one obsticle after another I just feel tired of it all . Hugs angie xx

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  • It's wet ...I am a human barometer I ache in places I didn't know I had ... I need dry weather preferably with a little bit of sun ...

    On a serious note have you been back to your GP and mentioned your Lyrica.. Not every med suits every person .. Or it may just be your body adjusting to it... But anything that makes you feel not yourself is worth a mention to your GP

    VG x

  • Hi BB

    I a bedridden at the moment, im not sure what it is ( stress/ weather)my mum in law attempted suicide on sat night. Not good at all my cat had an emergency c-section 3 kittens. 17 yr old daughter thinks im daft when i think she preg and she tells me she n OH use protection. I cant get out of my room to asssist with the home. I have 8 eggs in the incubator to start rearing my own chickens. A chicken coup in bits that need erecting.

    But yeh i will blame the weather. Its easier. Lol im in leigh nr wigan (north west) xx (( gently squeeze peeps))


  • With all that to cope with can you get a Gp to come out to you. You sound like you need a home visit.

    VG x

  • Just thought

    Is it why i dream about being oncholiday xx

  • Is planning a trip to the Maldives in January to get some rays and heat :D :D >>>>>packing already<<<<<<. Like VG I'm a barometer , maybe I should hire myself out to the met office, they're only down the road in Exeter (thinks hhmmm), dry heat and sun, not humidity for me otherwise there's trouble afoot, or ashoulder or neck etc...etc....

    Foggy x

  • Yesterday was wet and warm here in Dublin and boy was I in pain and exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before!

    I started a small dose of lyrica 5 weeks ago and so far I am still have pain I was on 75mg a day but that was for one month only and then I increased to 100mg a day last week. I am to see my gp in 2 weeks and hope I see some improvement before then...

  • Hi mary d let me know how you go I will see my doc aswell to get them upped x

  • Ty guys for your replys xxxhugs angie x

  • hi, yes I was born and grew up in Cumbria not far from the Lakes and have lived in the North East for 14 years. Erratic weather cripples me often sending me to bed for a few days.

    it doesn't help that I don't have any temperature control and am very temperature sensitive!

    Hope you feel better soon and here's a warming hug x

  • Hi from Wirral.....yes the weather is having a dreadful effect and its scary because this is supposed to be summer........being right on the coast we seem to get the worst of the winds and rains and my internal barometer is far more accurate than anything the met office comes up with......I stopped lyrica and moved on to gabapentin two weeks ago......still reserving judgement but everyone is diferent so its hard to say whats best without trying it out yourself...hopelall the breezes are warm ones.

  • I sympathise, I am in the North West too, there is not much warmth or sun here is there. Do you find it is worse when it is actually changeable? I do.

  • Morning , should be looking forward to this heatwave ? They said that is coming , im struggling getting up more so , my legs have been burning for days , its just not letting up , .my doctor not bk till next week but ill see him , should the lycria have made a little difference in 3 week ?

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