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Well I start my 16 day pain programme tomorrow at the Walton centre in Liverpool,I'm hoping that it will help me cope better with my pain,i realise it's not going to stop pain,but hopefully it will help physically and mentally,I'm not sure exactly what to expect.and I'm a bit apprehensive,but if it helps just a little bit,then it will be a success.because the pain some days is unbearable,which in turn knocks me mentally.has anybody been on one these programmes if so please let me Was it successful thanks Tony

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  • Not been on one but heard a lot about it. I was talking to a man who had been on this programme at the Royal and thought it was brilliant. He said it helps you look at how you respond to pain and to choose more helpful ones. The effects ofvpain on your mental health and to develop skills like visualisation to combat it. He couldn't praise it enough. I asked my GP to refer me last year but he wasn't interested. I hope it works for you and you enjoy it. Keep us posted! :-)

    Edit: it was Aintree hospital not the Royal!

  • Don't be knocked back, keep bringing it up with who ever you see. The only reason I was bounced thier way way because the consultant at the pain clinic tried to sign me off, I was so winded at the prospect of no further help. I literally couldn't move and sat there speechless. It was the only way to remove me from his chair without force. He shuffled papers grumped got up and walked to the door open it and I still sat there.

  • Thanks nedd,

    I have sort of managed myself since, learnt a lot from this forum and by reading a lot. I'm certainly in a better place now. I hope they have helped you. It's so unfair the way they treat us.

  • Glad your are in a better place. I find its swings and roundabouts but that's life I guess. Passing on a bit more reading matter,

    and have you discovered the airing pain podcasts. There are loads to listen to. I use them when on a downer and feeling isolated. Those and status quo turned right up.

    Rock on.

  • I wish you the very best of luck.Let us know how it goes.Take care.Peck 🐤

  • Toe-62

    I have pasted for you below a link to the Walton Centre's pain management programme information so I sincerely hope that you find this useful:

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best for this and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken,nice of you to take the time to send me this link,much appreciated. Tony

  • :)

  • You have just the right attitude. Positive and open minded. I got a lot from mine and I would say that at least 80% of the others did too.

    I hope it's a good experience for you.


  • It was a bit of a shock when I realised it wasnt going to manage the pain away. In our dreams. But that said once the penny had dropped I did get a lot out of the programme, I think the more that you know about the beast reduces its bite. Even if only mentally. It also gives the chance to meet others in a similar place and realise we are not alone. Plus the group I was with were a laugh. the only down side was it was miles away and I was totalled. I couldn't do it now.

    The guys running it have been the only people who seemed to really get what living with unremitting pain is like. And encouraged us forward with small steps at our own pace. I am still doing some of the exercises years on. Other physiotherapists left me gasping with pain fatigue and a huge sense of inadequacy and guilt that I didn't fulfil thier well ness tick lists.

    Top tip. If you like me are wasted at lunch time. Head for the chapel with a pillow and lie down. No one ever came in. After caffeine and chocolate first of course.

  • Hi Toe-62,

    I'm attending my 4 week follow-upp appoitnment tomorrow at the pain management programme I attended for 8 weeks. My experience of the PMP was extremely positive. As you say the programme wont take your pain away, but I found the information and tips to be invaluable. I had a similar experience to @nedd. The people running the programme GET pain - you're given techniques and tips on how to 'manage the pain' and also educated on WHY we need to understand the whole concept of pain.

    The other members of my group were really nice and I've made some lovely friends. I'm using the tips daily, pacing - mild stretching and mindefulness. I actually miss the weekly sessions and will be sad after tomorrow when the follow-up appt is over.

    Best of Luck ☺

  • I did a Pain Management Programme, which is what I think you're referring to. It was worth every minute!

    On saying that, not everything will suit you. But there should be enough things that will help. I was taught Pacing and Relaxation both of which I still use 7 years later. Mindfulness and CBT were not for me, but they may be the best thing for you. Also I was told the most effective way to take my pain meds, somethings that I'd not heard before so that's made a big difference too.

    You will get to meet many others who live with chronic pain, all of who will understand where you're coming from, but from a variety of causes. It helps you put things in perspective.

    I hope you will enjoy the course. I still refer to my 'pain bible' as I call it. It has grown into a box file these days lol. Try everything, adopt what works, and relax, you are all in the same boat 🐸

  • Hi Tony, I attended a pain management programme in March this year. I found it helpful and informative. You're encouraged to offer your own opinions and input in general.

    You will be discuss things such as how pain is created by the body and what part of the brain is responsible. Please don't let this put you off, you'll be asked to do a set of exercises each day of the course and to start to do these at home. I found the exercises helpful. It is difficult to stop yourself from being pushing yourself to do more reps.

    I remember we were told to just do 1 rep of each exercise, which seems odd, but they want to help programme your brain to learn that these movements are not going to cause ant injury.

    You learn that due to your sympathetic nervous system has been on a high level of vigilance it is this that they think csuse the tight knots in your muscles.

    I hope you enjoy it. As a group we still meet up once a month for a meal and a catch up.

    Please let us know how you get on. Sorry for the waffle.

  • Hi,day1 pain programme,I feel this course is going to be really helpful to me started with mindfulness session,which I found quite astonishing an within two hours was very productive.gym session which was seriously painful for me,but no pain no gain as they say.they say will get easier day by day.finally occupational therapy session.which deals with alternative ways to deal with pain with positive thinking,an focus on setting personal goals,an trying to come to terms with pain with management there you one positive.

  • Hi Toe-62, I am genuinely delighted that your first session went so well for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Tony,

    I was refered to Walton pain clinic last year.Please continue to let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes,


  • Thanks carol,did you do the pain programme?

  • Hi everyone I'm on day 9 on pain programme and I'm feeling really positive,this course has done wonders for my confidence.ive learnt about mindfulness,cognitive thinking,and the real big one for me is exercise/stretching.even when in pain just simple stretches really definitely recommend a hydro pool to everyone,if you have one near you.i go every morning and the benefits are endless.dont get me wrong I still have chronic pain,but I'm learning to deal with it,I haven't been out the house for 12 months prior to this programme,ive now joined a yoga class which I'd never thought I'd I recommend people to consider this programme.i hope everyone is feeling as well as can be expected.😀

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