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So sorry to hear you're having such a horrible day and hope it will get better. I managed to get a few sleeping tabs off my gp but of course he wouldn't let me have them regularly. Shame cos they did help to get a good few hours. You gotta laugh at the fact that we're meant to cope with it and yet sleep deprivation is used as a torture 'tool'!! :) Take care Gins. x

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  • Good morning lynzard,you are so kind doing a post for gins,like you did for me when I was ill.How are you today?xxx

  • hey h!!! I'm going through a real pooey patch but I'm ok. Just feel very unwell and all that and the stabing pains are so random I never know where they gonna appear next. Gets a bit embarassing gasping in public places huh!! :)

    I'm so very very pleased that you have managed to come through that horrible time you were having. You're doin so well getting up and going out and hopefully all the services you are accessing will really help.

    What a drag for your son - eldest or youngest? My 8 year old grandson broke his elbow at the very start of the big summer hols! Poor thing. A lot of thigs that had been planned had to be changed about. I hope your son is not in any discomfort and that if it snows he won't miss out on sledging. I can't wait for some snow. I do love it. Eveything looks so gorgeous and it 'sounds' so peaceful.

    Take care hun. Lovely to hear from you. xx

  • I join you in wishing gins better........ You are such a star gins, and I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time and really hope you start to feel better very soon. Yet through your pain you still take the time to put up cheery posts and to help others........ I think we are extremely lucky indeed to have such a fab, kind, fun person as our volunteer ........ "HOORAH for GINS " ....... hip hip...... ((((Gins)))) :-)

    Foggy x

  • I echo what the others have said gins, I hope this rough patch passes quickly.

    Mazz xxx

  • Hey Guys thanks for all your wishes I am beginning to blush now, :) I am just feeling dopey today it will soon be better I have no doubt.

    Take care every one gentle hug from me xxgins

  • healing fluffies gins, I only just saw this post ;)

    rest easy :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hey zeb,how are you?xxx

  • I'm mosying through it H but am slowly pepping my spirits back up, thankyou for asking hunny :)

    How's the youngests arm? hope he's ok poor wee mite :)

    And yourself? Are the fluffies behaving themselves?


  • It's my eldest boy who has broke his arm but my youngest is now ill with a temperature,face and ear ache,and belly ache as well.He is better than he was last night though.Ive had an indoor/onesie day as feeling achy,tired and have a headache.Had a bad night with son,had to get up a few times in the night.Fluffies are behaving,they are all getting in the festive spirit by singing Xmas carols :D

  • Oh! sorry H blame the brain ;)

    Bless you H they are lucky to have such a wonderful mummy :)

    wishing them well xxxx healing fluffies on route :) xxx :)

  • I dp hope you all feel better for Christmas dont forget it is coming and time to laugh a lot.. I firmly believe laughter heals us faster than anything. :) xxxgins

  • Hi gins do hope you are feeling better, and hope you manage to feel better for Christmas too, like foggy says you re lays there for us trying to cheer us up even tho you are in so much pain yourself, thanx for that, and sending you a huge gentle hug...Dee xx

  • Hope you are feeling a little better gins.



  • Yup, that's surely true tho not always easy but always worth giving it a go. :) x....I love Xmas and can't wait for some snow.

  • Me too it is a wonderful time of the year xxgins

  • Gins, only just heard that you aren't feeling great. Sending you positive healing thoughts. Hope it passes soon. Take good care xoxoxo

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