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I can't bear this clamminess under my clothes

I don't know whether it's fibro or the change but yesterday when I got back from shops I had to take off my tops (under the top layers) because they were really damp. I feel the cold so I have to wear lots of layers but against my skin it gets all clammy and turns cold. Even stuffing wads of loo roll/Kitchen roll didn't help as it normally does. I've bought two base layers which are supposed to take the moisture away from your skin but they've not helped. Today I've not even been out or worked up a sweat but had to change once already. It may be both fibro and the change because I have had these feelings of clamminess for some years now.

Do you get this and do you know anything that helps?

Thanks x

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Hi Kirby,

I can really sympathize with you as I have had the same problem since been diagnosed with Fibro and I am past the Menopause. I sometimes have to shower and change 3 times a day, depending on what I'm doing. There have been many posts on here in the past about the same subject.

I know that Tramadol has excessive sweating listed as a side effect, but my Dr says she doesn't want to take me off them. I went to see her in Nov. and said that I can't go on sweating like this as it is affecting my life, and it's very embarrassing, and she said that she would send me to see a Dermatologist. She said that there are new treatments using Botox injected under the skin which are very effective for excessive sweating. I'll go along with it and see what the treatment is about, and I'll post on here what happens. That is when I eventually get an appointment. In the meantime, like yourself, I'll carry on using kitchen &toilet roll to mop up. At least we know that we're not alone and can come on here and have a grumble.

Sending you lots of virtual bowls of ice-cream to cool you down,and lovely warm fluffy towels to wrap up in.

Love GJ. xx



Ah thanks so much for your lovely reply and support, GJ. I'm not on Tramadol but I did have to change again after this post! I can't even shower as I get too cold after them and also ice-cream makes me too cold, so I'm trying to juggle keeping warm with not sweating. I don't feel hot when I'm sweating which is the weird thing, just damp and then it goes cold and my clothes are wringing. Hugs - K xx


Hi Kirby I am post menopausal and still have hot flushes. With Fibromyalgia I can never get my temperature right. I can be freezing one minute put on a couple of layers and within 2 or 3 minutes I start to feel so hot that I feel that I could pass out, so I have to strip off. I get particularly clammy under my boobs and also around my neck and throat and chest. One thing that I use which helps me to keep dry is Lanacane powder. I used to get very itchy and sore, particularly under my boobs, from the clamminess, but every morning I use the powder after I have had a shower (or a wash on days when I haven't got the energy to wash…lol! ) and it does help to keep your skin much drier. You can get it from the pharmacy depts in Tescos and Sainsburys, I think, and also Boots. It is a little bit pricey but it lasts quite a while. It is in a yellow container with black writing on it. The last time I bought some I think it was between £5-6 ish. I hope this help. You are certainly not alone with this problem. Take care. Very gentle hugs Saskia XX


Thanks so much, Saskia. I have used Lanacane but only as an ointment so must try the powder. I think even ordinary talcum powder helps but not sure if it will be as good as what you've just recommended. Yes, I know all about under the boobs, lol. Mine used to be small that they didn't nestle against my skin. Those were the days! Big festive hugs back at you! Kirby xxx


Let me know how you get on with it if you do decide to try it. It is talc-free. Ordinary talc might be irritating unless it is baby powder. I have so many allergies that I avoid too many perfumed toiletries. Hope you have a lovely clammy-free Christmas. Gentle hugs saskia XX


Many thanks, Saskia! I do use Baby Powder. That is supposed to be fragrant-free, so maybe I shall try using that more. It certainly helps dry more quickly so should also act as a protection! Thanks for reminding me and if that isn't effective I will try the Lanacane. Hugs Kirby xx


Hope the clamminess improves. I remember when I was at my worst and it was so embarrassing. Hugs XX


Hi Kirby, just seen the lovely photo of your ginger cats. They are adorable. I love cats. We have 2 and 2 rescue dogs. XX


Ah thanks, Saskia. These aren't in fact my cats, though my mum has a cat aged 20!! I do love cats too. I got this picture off the internet - and I loved the group hug idea! xx


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