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"Have you ever had your eyes checked?" "No, they've always been this colour!"

Yeah, sorry about that, it's me again with the old uns, but good uns. But I have had to make appt at Boots to have my eyes dilated on 31st as my black floaters have increased to such an extent that makes it hard to see. So, with me unable to stand up without falling down, & not seeing where I'm going, think it's a day of sitting resting again. Wonder if I can endure it....

Gentle hugs to all on this beautiful sunny day, Julie xxx

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Owww. I'd always thought most of us have floaters. I didn't know they could be treated or could increase like that.

I play with mine, turn my head quickly and 'see' what they do :P

Nevertheless, keep 'em coming :P


Hi fenbadger, I made the mistake of mentioning their increase when I went for my eye check. Optician wanted to do the dilation to see what was causing it, but I had driven there so I had to make the appt for when Hubby can bring me home. Hope you are well? Keep chasing those floaters! Hugs, Julie xx


Hiya Julie. Well it needs checking, does it not? I hope it works out for you and you are otherwise as well as can be expected.

I'm reasonably ok but now so fatigued I'm off to my sett - I mean bed. Gentle hugs xx


Sweet dreams and gentle hugs my dear badger. I'm gonna try for a quick nap before tackling the mountain of washing up from sunday lunch. See you tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed, Julie xxw


Hi Julie63

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I genuinely hope that your appointment goes really well for you. I get strange swirls before my eyes when I am about to get a migraine. I know then it is time to take all of my medications before it is too late!

I think that you are very brave, despite you writing 'I wonder if I can endure it' as I am so squeamish to be honest, when I am having something done I only want 24 hours notice so I do not dwell on it!

About your old jokes, I have told you before to be very careful with them as they are antiques! Mind you, they may be worth some cash if you ever get hard up?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


They just put drops in your eyes so they can have a closer look.

I had originally gone to a Boots opticians where i had been going for years, seen the same optometrist too but when i mentioned that i was getting pains in my eye, she thought i had something called closed angle glaucoma (think thats the name??). Its not the same as glaucoma, but never the less she referred me to the hospital.

But the PCT have several opticians that have the equipment and interest to do these checks rather than have to wait on hospital lists!

Anyway, he did the test, it was negative. I think the stuff they use to dilate your eyes stains them for a while and makes your eyes blurry.

Anyway, i asked if he could retest my eyes, so had to re-book for that.

whilst chatting to him after he tested my eyes, he decided to do one extra very small and simple test, a bit like the litmus paper test we did at school to test for Acid and Alkali!

It turned out that i had extremely dry eyes and all that was needed was some simple saline drops/artificial tears! Its another one of those things i need to take for life several times a day, but its certainly done the trick and took away the pain.

I too occasionally get those floaters, the eye drops seemed to have helped them too, but that may just be coincidence!

I do hope you get some relief soon xx


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