Do other people find they have days with no pain at all then feel like they've been hit by a bus?

I find that sometimes I can get away with doing things for a few days then the smallest thing and I wake up in pain all through my shoulders,back arms and wrists and i'm so so tired and stay in my pjs all day. Only recently found I had this. Had a massive crash about 3 years ago.

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  • yes,I agree.I had a good day and just posted how good my day was! However,on a bad day I have no energy and it is a struggle to cope. Funny,isn't it? But I am so thankful for a good day, that's why we have to live one day at a time.

  • yes i also have good days and bad days and when there good i think god i almost feel normal then the nxt day its like a nightmare returning my specialist told me to try to do more on the bad days and less on the good days so it balances its self out ive tryed that and i guess it s a good idea however when i get a good day i always want to get so much done that i cant normally manage to do i proberly dont help myself !

  • I am the same . On a good day i have to clean until i drop because the day after i could be so ill with the pain that i can.t do a thing

  • Hi Guys, have been told to pace myself too.... but the urge to do 'everything' on a good day is so overwhelming, we are our worse enemies I'm sure! Was told too to balance good & bad days.... do about the same on each. Not easy though is it. Annette.

  • I am always watching my sister doing this. She suffers from ME which is linked to FM. She flies around doing everything so fast. I just get in the way so I have always sat back and let her get on with it. I am nothing like her - I am lucky if anything gets done any time. I do get times when I go mad but I find that makes me bad tempered and everyone suffers. So I only do that when visitors are coming. Then I don't enjoy their company. Forntuatly since thinking I may have FM my daughters do all that flapping for me. Sorry, I sound so ...can't think of the word. Anyway, yes I do understand, but cannot get to that stage as my hip reminds me instantly [arthritus] I work in a school and often want to do as I used to, then I try to and get a lot of instant pain for my efforts! Then I think, oh yes, I'm ill, I forgot!

    How dumb am I. I envy your good days and sympathise with you over your bad days and say that you could look on it that if you pace yourself on your good days, they may last longer...did you think of that?

  • I have the odd day without pain. Mostly in pain and very tired. Not sure which is worse, or whether the combination makes me feel like that. I always suffer following a bout of energy and happiness! sheesh... could do with the energy and happiness fairy right now!

  • hi I am the same on a good day i do everything because it is so good to feel normal i have a smile on my face and a spring in my step if i get everything done then i know that on a bad day i wont feel guilty putting my feet up even

    though i have prob brought it on myself by overdoing it still i can feel fine and do nothing and wake up like i have been run over so why not get things done when good i have found you get win over fibro the monster gets you whatever you do

  • Everyday I feel like that. Used to have some good days but unfortunately condition has got worse and I seem to have come to a full stop now. Even getting out of the chair to answer the door takes me ages. Neck and face pain today - will be something else tomorrow. Would love to get drunk and forget it for a while,but then would have to face the consequences when the alcohol wore off - But there again, it might be worth the respite for a few hours!!!!! and at least you,d know why you felt so bad. If only.haha.

  • Though I dont have pain free days I do have real bad days that feel like ive been run over by a bus I have been a Fibro suffere for 10 yrs My shoulders and Neck are a constant pain even the back of my head hurts most days as does my legs and thighs..Ah the joys of Fibro lol a painfree day would be nice xx

  • hi i find that since im not used to this condition yet i forget when i have a good day and then do all the stuff i used to do and then pay for it over the days after by being in pain and tiredness

  • some days I am not to bad at all, sometimes at work (I work stood on checkouts) I feel like crying in the middle of the afternoon, having started work at 9am (finishing at 5pm) the pain in my lower back is so bad. Some days I can hardly work cause my feet hurt. Some days I can go for long walks with my walking group. I never can tell until the time it hits.

  • Absolutely that's the nature of the beast. Last week I had 3 consecutive days of agony, I broke down in front of my 11 year old because I'd just had enough of it, I hated myself for doing that in front of him! Then on Wednesday this week we went shopping, I looked at some steps and for the first time in a long time felt like running up them. This is why people can't understand it, they see you looking 'normal' one day and hobbling around like a 90 year old the next, there's no rhyme or reason to it. Just don't be tempted to overdo it on the good days!

  • Every single one of your comeents makes me feel like i'm not alone and have stopped me feeling like i'm going mad. I wish everyone manages to get some good days and I will say what you have all made me feel that your not alone big hugs to everyone x x x x

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