Hi I don't come on much but read the posts and questions everyday. Well the dreaded brown envelope came thru the door today no more worries they have checked and renewed my DLA both care at higher rate until 1st jan 2016 and motorbility at higher rate indefinitely I would like to say a big big thankyou to Emma for her help with filling out the forms now I can suffer in peace love and bubbles to all x

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  • Hello scunny278

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Congratulations on this, it is absolutely wonderful news and lifts everybody's spirits when we read posts of this nature!

    Well done and I am sure Emma will be thrilled for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi scunny, I am so so pleased for you, what a relief that must be, but now you can sit back and relax knowing that just one part of your life will be a little easier.

    It is always such a traumatic time, but I am so pleased that the advice you got from Emma helped, and that you have got such a satisfactory outcome :-)

    Lots of positive happy vibes coming your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hello Scunny278,

    Thank You so much for posting this, what fantastic news ! It must be a weight off your shoulders.

    Thank You for your kind words, really nice to hear the support from FibroAction helped you with your claim. If you would like to email any further positive feedback to FibroAction, we are always happy to hear it.

    If anyone else is in the process of trying to claim benefits and would like some free information which may help, please feel free to email me just as Scunny278 did. Here's the email;

    Well Done once again and wishing all the very best

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hello Emma I cant thank you enough I don't think I would have been successful without your help I had writers cramp putting everything down once again YOU ARE MY HERO Love and bubbles scunny278 xxx

  • Hello Scunny278,

    Thank You for the kind words, happy to help :)

    We, FibroAction are glad we can supply the information we do and that this in turn helps our supporters.

    Wishing you well

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hello Scunny278,

    Well done on your award. If you don't mind me asking, what illnesses do you suffer from?

  • Hi shazzap12 I don't mind at all.I have diverticulitis,plantaufacitis,arthritis,cronic stabbing headaches

    dysthymia depression with constant low moods, and suicidal thoughts and fibromyalgia oh I have just been told I have cronic kidney disease which I have had since 2009 and was told 1 month ago , I also have just found out I have high cholestrol and gout . My goodness what a list I no I take loads of tablets.My gripe now is I am only on paracetamol for pain till I go to the pain clinic on the 24 of this month.And to cap it all I became am OAP last week lol love and bubbles xxx

  • shazzap12 I forgot to tell you my blood pressure is wonderfull lol xlove and bubbles from scunny278xxx

  • Congratulations on your award. At least now you can relax a bit.

  • well done it must be a great feeling X

  • Excellent news :-)



  • YAYYYYYYYY its always nice to hear some good news, well done. I am waiting for tribunal but now have Fightback representation supporting me which I must say has taken away a lot of worry and stress and they also will attend the hearing with me whenever it is. Can you believe this is 14 months down the road from applying for DLA? yes I guess you can. xx Hugs of the gentle kind

  • its a nightmare when they do this I went through this but came out alright but the cab recommended an appeal as I got low rate but I just couldn't cope with the stress, now 2 years on I have got a lot worse so have to apply ,is fight back an organization. You be ok chin up carry on x

  • Hi thanks for your response. I am attaching a link to Fightback. x

  • Hooray! Congrats!

  • Congratulations Scunny :)

    I am really chuffed for you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thanks to you all for your kind words, I was renewing my DLA but I was only waiting about 8 weeks so it went pretty quickly I didn't have to long to sit worrying.I just have to get the docs to give me something stronger than paracetamol for fibro at pain clinic on 24th of this month so hope they will help me love and buubles from scunny278xx

  • Good luck at the pain clinic scunny278, and I genuinely hope that you can get something stronger for the pain.

    Take care


  • Thank you Author yes I cant manage any longer on paracetamol and am going on holiday with my daughter and two of my grandchildren in april so would like to sort of be sorted before then love and bubbles scunny 278 xx

  • this great the brown envelope came to me the other day as my condition is far worse im so worried but its the way they treat us it awful ,bad experiences last ,we shouldn't be afraid we are ill nobody has a magic cure and I wish my health more than anything instead we have to visualise, having a moan, trying to stay calm as it aggravates the condition x well done you for being open on this.x

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