Hope you have all recovered from yesterday's frolics and also hope you had plenty of fun :P :P :P

The whole purpose was to end the debate of what goes on the scone first - jam or cream?

Well the answer was there all along in the site link I gave you and only one of you spotted it

Well done Foggy APPLAUSE YAY :d :d :d

If you click the following link it will describe the history of a cream tea and that in fact it truly does depend on whether you're from Cornwall or Devon :D


Sorry it's late but couldn't get on-line ;)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Youv'e been watching Mary Berry she also said "It depends which county you are in"

  • In Norfolk (or at least my house), it's jam first. Easier to spread the jam on the scone and dollop the cream... logical surely ;) xx

  • Now come on my friend, think about it, clotted cream (not whipped double :o ) on first as it's firm (or should be if it's proper clotted cream) and then the jam stick to it with no problem at all. This of course is because I'm a Devonian, were I from Cornwall, you, however, would be right :-) :-)

  • Oh I wouldn't commit the crime of using whipped cream ;) I guess I can see that. To be honest as long as both the cream and jam were on the scone I'd eat it :P

    Now I can't get the thought of clotted cream out of my head. Naughty Foggy ;)


  • Exactly how many points would that incur ...... perish the thought :-) :p

  • I measly tablespoon (that would be a level one of course) is 3 points. I think scone, cream and jam would be at least half my daily points ;) xx

  • Perhaps it's just as well I'm wheat/gluten intolerant ;) xx

  • Ah but I make gluten free ones that are as light as a feather :-)

  • :) :) :p :) :)

  • Hi pip my thoughts exactly. I made a big boo boo the first christmas that my brother in law and his wife visited us after moving to cornwall. For some reason the subject of clotted cream came up and me being me pipped up" do you know that you can get cornish clotted cream cheaper down the road than in cornwall". A strange look passed between them. Then as they were leaving they handed us a food hamper from cornwall that they had made up themselves. Yes there was a big pot of clotted cream in it. Ever year since we have had a shopping voucher :O :P sue

  • Oh no... I imagine that went down like a lead balloon (oops). I was at a meal with work people to celebrate my upcoming civil partnership and the conversation turned to wine. I said "I can't stand wine... it tastes like vinegar". Shortly after, one of my colleague gave me a present. I cringed inside thinking 'I know what that shape is'. It was a bottle of pink champagne (equivalent - can't remember name) from South Africa - a special bottle from her sister's vineyard. Boy did I backtrack with every excuse I could think of... "Well I don't think I've had really good wine", etc. I still feel bad now. That was four years ago and it's still in the cupboard... yikes ;)

  • :P :P :P :P :P

  • Hi pip :)

    You could save the wine for a special anniversary or open it next time they come to visit :D

    I always end up with beauty products that I can't use, especially moisturisers :o


    hats, scarves and gloves.................. any amount of those :P own fault for being so cold all the time :p :p :p

  • We keep saying that :) We've taken it away on hols, had it chilled at Christmas and New Years, but still haven't drunk it. I don't really drink alcohol and just haven't fancied it. I expect we will at some point. Mine will no doubt have more orange juice than wine in it ;)

  • Sorry mayrose54 but that gave a really good giggle! I have to use lactose free cream on everything!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Lol, as a resident of the Cornish riviera I naturally go the whole hog. Warmed first, then buttered, followed by strawberry jam and clotted cream in that order. And I never have milk in my tea! :p

    These Devonshire folk simply don't know how it's done properly. :D

  • I never have milk in my tea either :) or sugar/honey...........................

    .........................same with coffee :D

    Speaking of which time for switching the kettle on :D

  • Hi pip_r

    It is jam first with me, and then my special lactose free cream, it so nice in coffee!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thank you for the applause Sian, and it makes everyone right, because, both apply :D :D :d

  • It's fantastic win win all round :D

  • Yay! So does that mean I can have my cake, or should that be scone, & eat it? :-P Julie xxx

  • Can I join you in that Julie :) xx

  • You are more than welcome to join me having my scone & eating it zeb, its big enough to share. In fact its big enough for all!

  • yum yum jam first on one half and then cream first on the other :D he hee he hee :D

  • YAY! The truth is out there!

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