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Has anyone used any natural remedies/therapies for fibromyalgia/arthritis/other illnesses and has anything worked for you? This may take any form from herbs to tinctures, massage etc.

I'm not interested in hearing from those who have no interest/do not believe in natural remedies. This is a positive question!!!!

Blessed love to you all

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I have used alternative remedies to manage menopause and a good friend uses St. John's Wort to manage her depression.




Thanks Jillylin, that's good to hear. Blessed love, Sis B xx


I have used valerian tablets in the past. They worked well for a while but stopped having any effect. I dont know why sue


Thanks for the info Mayrose, it's on my 'to try' list for sleep. Bless xx



I find that a reflexology session every few months helps me relax and feel better about myself (I hasten to add, this is not a cure!)

I also use soya milk as the natural oestrogen it contains helps my menopausal symptoms.

Short walks in the fresh air also improve my mood and feel more refreshed. Xxx :)


Thanks Phlebo, I would love to try massage but I'm very tender and not sure it it will help or hinder me. I've already taken ur advice and spent the weekend in our camper on the east coast. It's amazing what seeing a sunrise over the sea can do for mind and spirit! blessed love xx


I had acupuncture yesterday,not in so much pain today,she also gave me a herb medicine to reduce inflammation in the body. Too early to tell yet if it will help.


Thanks for your reply Bvlgari. I tried accupuncture a few years ago for arthritis in my foot and althought the short-term pain relief was excellent, it only lasted a few days. I hope you have better luck. blessings xx


I cannot take over the counter alternative remedies because each batch is different and so can interfere with my warfarin. But I have tried homeopathic which sometimes work and sometimes doesn't.

I have regular massage and cranial osteopathy which helps and have had acupuncture in the past for facial pain. I had to stop going to my Yoga class but find the breathing and relaxation exercises I learned very helpful.


Thanks for your reply Pando60. I have tried accupuncture but did not find a long term benefit but have never thought of cranial osteopathy, I will look it up. Blessings to you xx


Bach's Flower rescue remedy is really useful when I feel quite stressed, whether its actually effective or its some psychological shift I couldn't say - but when it helps me feel calmer, I really don't mind either way!

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The bach's night rescue remedy is good to relax you for bed too.


Thanks Lucyhobbit, I try to avoid all stress which isn't possible these days so your reply is very helpful. Thanks and blessings xxx


I have a herbalist friend. I use lavender pillows for sleep and incense but TBH not much else and I'm not sure they qualify..


Hi Fenbadger, my partner is currently studying herbal medicine and really wants to put something together (herb or tincture) that can work on multiple issues at the same time without contraindicating each other.

I also use a lot of incense for spiritual and mental wellbeing and the lavender pillows sound very interesting and would smell nice even if you can't sleep :) Thanks and blessings to you xxx


I've heard of lavender pillows as a "country remedy". Maud Grieve wrote a book during WWI with about 1000 "herbs". I use inverted commas advisedly. It was very interesting. She did for medicine what Margeurite Patten did for food in WWII.

Is it solely herbal or holistic? I will add to that list I do tai chi, progressive muscle relaxation which is very like one particular yoga exercise, and most of the sleep clinic tricks as well as 3 drugs that are part of my treatment. Nevertheless 2am Saturday I did my laundry and cooked lunch!

However I'm not the type to get upset and negative and say "it didn't work". just "it didn't work that time"

I think there's an element of "if it works for you". What if you don't like the scent of lavender? would that be counter productive?

I'm using a muscle rub that has birch, cajuput ( it's a relative of myrtle and has analgesic qualities) eucalyptus and menthol as active ingredients.

I'm unsure of its contraindications but the other preparations like ibuleve are off limits for me


Thanks again Fenbadger and you raise relevant points. I understand that no everything works for everyone but I am willing to keep an open mind and try things for myself.

I'm also going to ask my partner if he has come across the book you mentioned. It sounds very interesting.

I've never heard of cajuput but it sounds excellent. I too cannot/do not use chemical tablets/rubs as I suffer allergic reactions.

Tai chi has always looked relaxing but unfortunately there nowhere to learn in my area.

Thanks again for your positive input. Blessed love :)


Mrs M Grieve " A Modern Herbal". 100 years old in concept but several reprints. The information is not always hugely out of date. It's notable in modern research we're looking more to plants than we used to for remedies. The main change is the weights and measures :) Hilda Leyel was involved. She was a co founder of the Society of Herbalists. It's out there, even on kindle! I also found "An Herbal Guide to Stress Relief" you might be interested. Tai chi DVD can be obtained on video from the same on line shop. With nothing to go on I bought the cheapest. In my beginners phase it's more than adequate. Apparently there's DIY Alexander Technique.

I hadn't heard of it till today but it's in that book. Action similar to camphor apparently and I think it's on Wiki. I wonder if your allergic reactions are to the carriers. Reflexology and massage should only use the essential oil mixed with a carrier such as grape seed oil - olive's ok but less good. Likewise potions. There's lactose in one of my medicines so it's good I'm not intolerant :)

I've mentioned a couple of times we are the product of background which cannot be altered. My mum's eggs were formed in the Depression of the 30s. So my gran's diet has a little influence on what I am today, so what we do to ourselves will affect our grandchildren. That applies more to women than men but diet and lifestyle still affect the quality of our contribution.

Now my opinion :- we cannot undo 3 generations of less than perfect input but we can still help. I don't mean any of that negatively, just realistically.

Time to stop rambling. Thank you for your question, it has prompted some research and thought, never a bad thing :)



Tai chi is relaxing and it's one that you must not do to excess or it's effects are lost. You do become more proficient whatever age and mobility you start at


Thank you so much again Fenbadger. this information is excellent.

I think you're totally right about a product of our genes. I also think that the immunisations we had as children has a lot to do with the explosion of ill-health in people in their prime. I did some research when my ill health started and was shocked to read what was in many of them.

I go by the motto that "if I can't eat it, I don't want it in my body". It's a shame that we are never told what these injections contain beforehand so we can make more informed choices.

Thanks agin and blessed love xx :)


Have you tried reiki? I have fibromyalgia/arthritis and find it has made a huge difference to me. I can do reiki on myself which is great but either find a therapist near you, or go on a Reiki 1 course and apply the reiki to yourself daily, as I do, and see what it could do for you. I can't take nortryptaline or anti inflammatories, so started applying reiki every night and I can't tell you how much better I feel. Reiki is a natural healing / rebalancing process utilising the naturally occurring healing energies of the universe which you are taught to channel through you to provide healing,relaxation, re balancing, etc etc.

Give it a go

Best wishes


That sounds right up my street Beeswax. I have wanted to try reiki for a long time but there are no therapists in my area and travelling isn't easy for me. I have the same conditons as you and so I'm really glad to hear that you've found something that works for you. It is still something that I will continue to investigate and thank you for your reply. Blessed love xxx


Hi Sistabless

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

I have never personally tried herbal or natural remedies, but if they work for people why not give it a go?

However, I would like to post a word of caution before trying this. Many medications can have side effects and interactions to other substances, and many medications should not be suddenly stopped without taking medical advice prior to stopping taking them.

I genuinely hope that many members can find alternative therapies and have massive success with them, but please discuss this with your GP before stopping your prescribed drugs and starting new treatments.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks for your reply ken. I am allergic to pharmaceutical medicines and therefore do not take any as I can't tolerate the side-effects.

I have asked this question as I am curious to know what has worked/hasn't worked for others but I keep in mind that we are all individuals and react differently to different substances.

My partner is currently undertaking a recognised degree in herbal medicine and is trying to find something to relive my symptoms. I have full faith that he will find something to help me. But it won't happen overnight. I will also share any information which I think may help others. He is not doing this to make money.

I also believe that something that has been provided by nature has to be better for us than a made up lab chemical which was most probably based on something from nature in the first place.

I thank you very much for your concern and wish you many blessings xx


Hi Sistabless

Thank you so much for your reply. I am allergic to Ibuprofen as I have a respiratory problem, so I understand how you feel. I really want to wish you good luck with finding something that can genuinely help.

I watched a really good documentary about the rainforests a few months ago and all the natural herbal medicines that are being lost due to deforestation.

Take care and god luck

Ken x


Hi, I found reflexology works really well for Fibro pains, but only gives me relief for a day. Trigger point massage (if u can bear the pain) is great to release the tight muscle knots, but again I found lasted only a day.

I do find regular massage very beneficial, but my long suffering husband would argue that it's not very beneficial to him (who has to oblige and massage my back & shoulders regularly).

I tried acupuncture, but found this actually caused a flare after each treatment, & when they reduced amount done, then I had no significant response.

I do use aromatherapy oil both to lift my mood and oils such as ginger to warm and ease muscles. But do be careful with pure aromatherapy oils - if you are not experienced in mixing oils (my sister is an aromatherapist) it is better to buy the pre-mixed diluted oils which are ready to use.


Hi, glad to hear reflexology helps for you. Just wondering - do you just go for an occasional treatment or did you start with an initial course and then taper off to occasional treatments? Reason I ask is that its effects tend to be cumulative so is often more effective if you start off with weekly sessions for the first few then taper off to fortnightly/monthly to maintain its benefits.


Hi, my sister is a reflexologist but lives 2 hrs away, so she used to do treatments for me when I saw her. I then found someone local to do weekly treatments for me for about a year, but found positive affects wore off after a day, so stopped treatment. I do enjoy reflexology for muscle & mental relaxation on an occasional basis now x


Oh what a shame! Thanks for the info. I haven't treated anyone with fibro (other than myself) so was curious. I wonder if it's the shifting nature of the pain?


Um who doesn't enjoy reflexology. That's not flippant :) If it helps I'm up for it


Thanks for your reply Agtf1.

Not sure how I would get on with trigger point massage due to pain but I understand the benefits of it. I regularly use a heated neck and shoulder pad which I found better than massage on those areas, would let your hubbie off the hook too lol!

I found accupuncture only worked in the short-term.

My partner has been mixing oils for many years so he does all of mind for me. Blessings xx


Hi Sistabliss, main therapies i find helpful bowen therapy for unlocking knotted muscles, and solving odd pains.massage for relwxing muscles to stop them knotting too ,uch in firstt place, hydrotherapy to keep moving. Reflexology for painful feet. Arnica for pain. Swimming when able to keep moving. Xx


Thanks for the info Shazzzy, I don't know much about bowen therapy so I will do some more investigating. My hydrotherapy sessions are my bath lol. I love soaking in hot water with oils and a glass of rose to help the destressing and relaxation process. I'm not sure if my local authority facilitates hydrotherapy but it is something I will look into. Blessed love xx


Hi Sistabless :)

Years ago when I could afford to I used to mix my own essential oil blends there were two which were versatile too.

One was lavender, y'lang - y'lang and geranium oil which even with the geranium oil smelt quite sweet and was a good relaxing oil which could be used for massage, in the bath or even to rub on my belly and back when I had terrible period pain, nice sensual oil as well :)

The other oil comprised of rosemary, tea tree and eucalyptus which was a good muscle rub as rosemary is a stimulant and helps to increase blood flow etc also a diuretic so good for cellulitis on the buttocks and thighs ;) plus tea tree has antioxidant properties and antiseptic qualities so good for the skin and healing. Alternative to vicks vapo rub too.

And to think it all came about from attending a group for women with mental health problems such as depression :)

It is fairly easy to learn and quite fun too :) Even got my mum into it for her arthritis :)

Remember I'm not a professional so any advice I give is from personal learning and experience please also speak to your GP first before trying any complementary therapies.

Is there something you are specifically lookiing for as I do have books on herbal medicine I don't mind giving them a scan for you, just give me holler sometime :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thanks so much for your reply Sian. My partner has been mixing oils for years so I know the bendfits they provide, mentally, physically and spiritually.

My partner is currently undertaking a degreein herbal medicine and is desperate to find something to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia/arthrits and all their lovely "friends!!!".

I haven't heard of geranium oil for period pain so this is something I will definately be trying this month. I have policystic ovaries so my cycles are very, very painful. Thanks agin and blessed love to you xx


Raspberry tea is good for period pain too if you like the herbal teas, not the fruit infusions, could probably brew a pot fresh too, must admit I haven't done that but am now tempted :)



Thanks again Zeb. I use fresh raspberry leaf to make tea when they are in season as they grow in my mum's garden and now I fancy some :)


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