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Anyone gone naturual and leaving the pharmaceuticals?

Greetings all,

I'm wondering if anyone has tried natural/alternative therapies for fibromyalgia? I can't take pharmaceuticals as I'm sensitive to them and I need to keep away from chemicals and wondered if anyone else was staying away from them or just going back to natural remedies.

Did anything work?

Blessed love x

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Hi Sistabless, I have found over a period of 15years that a lot of the tablets I have been given have caused terrible side effects - even this year I have re-visited a few - simply because of all this ESA thing . It looks like I am only in small amount of pain when they look at my medication record of late. Paracetamol is the only pain killer I can take ....have tried Gabapentin Cymbalta Tramadol and many others. Cannot take aspirin coz of a stomach bleed. I have had counselling for emotional side, I have attended patient self help course. I have physio (when needed). Apart from anything I stick to CoQ10 - Selenium A C E - Vitamin D......I have recently started having a Weight loss shake occasional instead of a full meal every time..not for weight reason...I feel like it somehow helps for some unknown reason in giving energy level a little boost....I have also cut right down on wheat food - bread, pasta ,cake etc....I am by no means saying this is a cure but for me I feel better than when I was taking umpteen tablets that made me feel spaced out , gave me worse head aches and even had hallucinations on some of them. I am not advocating this for everyone but it does seem to help me. As I said I only take paracetamol.....and I am coping quite well at the moment.....

Mostly it is trial and error to find the best way for yourself... I might add I am a bit of a superfood freak at the minute too. Blueberries avocados nuts and sometimes these foods are last on peoples lists and therefore lots of supermarkets have these in the reduced section------Brilliant xxxxx Hope this is useful to you , it took me a long long haul to get here....I do try to very gently do things like breathing and very very small Yoga bites and walk when and where I want in a relaxed way..Not too far and not too fast...


just out of curiosity - when you say pharmaceuticals/chemicals, do you mean synthetic chemicals?


Greetings ukwahine, I did mean synthetic chemicals. I'm all for anything nature provides.

Thanks for the advice Hobblin. I've also started on vitamins and omega 3 fish oils. I can't take paracetamol/ibuprofen as I reaqct tothem and they make my ibs worse. I've had this documented so hopefully my next Atos medical will write it in this time!

Dr's just try pushing drugs at me but I won't take them anymore. Too many side effects on top of fibro.

I'm trying Devil's Claw for pain but its not cheap. I think it may take some time to work but the research seems positive.

I'll keep you posted

Blessed love xx


I don't take painkillers as I found they don't really help with the pain and the side effects add to the torture.

I have a deep tissue massage each week, have lots of hot baths, use a wheat bag daily, I do meditation/chakras and gentle stretch yoga (when I can)

the only medication i take is Mirtazipine an antidepressant to keep my serotonin levels up.

I have been doing some research lately on diet to help so I have a list of Vitamins/Minerals that help certain things e.g nervous system, muscles, immune system, energy levels etc and what foods they are in. so eat as many different colours of fruit and veg and eat nuts, seeds,pulses, seeded bread instead of white bread, pro-biotic yogurts, eggs, cheese, fish, to get a variety of vitamins and minerals

I make homemade soups or smoothies with natural yogurt and what ever fruit I have, it's a good why to get your 5 a day,


Thanks for all the info. You've given me a lot to try.

Blessed love xxx


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