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Fed up today

Hi all overdid it yesterday . So annoying try to pace myself, but difficult when playing with my beautiful grand daughter, then Cooked pancakes for hubby and my arms are killing me now. . Had an appointment at hairdressers but didn't go. I'm so fed up. Waiting to get some physio and go to pain clinic . I sometimes feel I don't know which way to go, shall I just give up and die in a corner or continue to fight x

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Hi Huskybike

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so fed up today, it really sounds like you have been overdoing things. I was wondering if you had had any luck with your previous post whereby you wanted to know about work and benefits? I really think all of this is very stressful and it genuinely drains us and then we feel fed up.

Mind you, it is a job and half looking after and playing with children, cooking and taking care of a family, so I am really not surprised that you feel the way you do. No matter how enjoyable doing something can be it really takes it out of us.

I sincerely hope that you start to pick up soon and please take care.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Yes thank you I've applied for pip and a hc1 for my perscriptons x the pain is a bit better now thank you . It's funny when your in pain you just want someone to listen to you lots of love


I will keep my fingers crossed for you and I genuinely hope that you get your PIP and exception card. I am so happy to read that your pain is a bit better, it takes time doesn't it?

We are always here if you ever need a shoulder to lean on!

Ken x


Definitely don't curl up. We're all with you. I'm just trying to think what might help. Gentle hugs always available. Here's a virtual hot water bottle for your tum. They're good to cuddle. Want another for your feet?

Silliness aside, loads of sympathy :) Sounds like you had lots of fun yesterday. :P


Hello Huskybike,

Sorry to hear your feeling low, we understand as we have all felt like this at some point. It is particularly hard when you feel like you've over done it as you are probably very fatigued and feeling upset because of this then everything on top seems to overload us, doesn't it?

It sounds like you have these appointments ahead which is positive and hopefully you'll be able to fully discuss your treatment plan there, so you can work towards managing the symptoms of Fibro. Please remember you can download & print our factsheets with recommended treatments so you can refer to these at the appointment at the pain clinic which may help. Here's the link;

Please know we are here to chat with and we will all support you as best we can. If you feel low and have nobody to talk to, you can always ring the Samaritans as they really help as a extra bit of support as they listen to your problems & understand your feelings too. Here's their number & website so you have it easily to hand;

08457 90 90 90

It is important to recognise your feelings and it can be a part of the process of acceptance that we all have either been through or are going through it. If you find your low mood continues to be an issue, I would consider mentioning it to your GP for further help and/or therapies like counselling or CBT.

I am sending you all the strength I can and please know I understand having had Fibro for over 8 years now. Please do know we are hear to listen and advise the best we can.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Lots of gentle hugs Sue xxx

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Only saw this post now, sorry you were having a bad day :( I hope today is better for you.

I think we all feel like giving up the fight sometimes, but please fight on, take each day as it comes, enjoy your beautiful grand daughter. My grand son is three and although he saps my energy when he comes I love to see him. Now I try rest before he comes and afterwards too, but I notice I get a little more tired each time he leaves now.

That makes me sad because I am a young(ish) Nana of 49 and don't want to be the Nana who can't play, but sometimes when he visits it's a huge effort for me.

I hope you have some better days. And keep coming here, it's good to talk xx


Oh I do know how you feel! I,m really bad at pacing myself and usually end up in a heap! Playing with your granddaughter is the most wonderful thing to do, she,ll always remember the time you spend with her, even if u you do sitting down things, it's the love that matters, lots of hugs and kisses! I remember playing snap when mine was little, we had to play with all the toy animals as well, and I had to play for them too. I was mortified when the teddy won! Xxxxxxx


I hope today finds you in a better place. Funnily enough my lack of the old me to interact with my grandchildren has knocked my self esteem and its the one thing that brings me down. I AM learning to pace myself. Slowly! And have found nifty ways to provide fun with little energy. And I never pick them up even though our granddaughter is only small. Children love just to be listened to. Make a list of low energy things stock accordingly and sit back and enjoy. Get them and parents to tidy up while you find the biscuits as a reward.

No wonder your arms ached if you were tossing pancakes. Hope you enjoyed them.

Sending you a sprinkle of star dust.

Here catch.

Ned x


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