Sleepless again

Here I am again up all night in pain, 5.25 soon time to get up. Nights are so long when in pain and not sleeping. My legs are so painful they feel like concrete blocks, I keep ploding on but some times I wonder why, then I open the window in the early hours and listen to the dawn chorus and remind myself that there are very beautiful things in the world just wish my health was one of them. Hope you have all had a better night, gentle hugs and healing lighg for the day ahead!

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  • Hi sophie

    I'm up having a cuppa :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Sophie I'm wide awake too with awful pain,it's rubbish ain't it. Can't wait for the better weather to come and light evenings,it's so gloomy when it's dark and miserable. Oh to live where there's sunshine wall to wall. Have a good day. Best Wishes Jackiex

  • I dont feel well enough to go down to make a cuppa so will have to wait for daughter to wake, just playing on this new tab the family got for me, I am rubbish at it, it has a mind of its own.

  • My mind has a mind of its own at the moment, :)

    Heres hoping you will soon feel beyyer sue

  • Aw it'll take some practice and then you'll be a whizzkid at it :) LOL

    Have you managed to get some of the pain under control?

    I've just been talking to the furries they'll be off to bed soon :D

  • in a word NO! GP is still contemplating!!!

  • AW :(

    Have you rang the GP? xx

  • Ah. a Zen GP :(

  • hi sophie 22

    same here.not getting to sleep til 3 am and havign nightmares.tho last night was so tired and my eyes so sore actually was a sleep at 1am.woke feeling more tired(nightmares?)and painful pelvis and stomach,someone has to recognise soon somethign is seriously wrong.can I wait until the 5th or go back to A&E-seems the only palce to get answers

  • Hi there its sad aye not being able to sleep but sooo tired. I think you need to go to A&E for your pelvic/stomach pain. wishing you well

  • I was at A&E a couple of weeks ago(?)thought finally getting some where had scans but ddint go back to A&E after cos getting late and last bus leaves at 17.30 & cos dogs at home alone sicne 8.45am.pelvic pain -thyroid related??but stomach anything-oC,cyst.fibroid,hernia,thyroid related.altho scans normal -not sure as two different labs give different results,


    dr down from 105 to 37

    hospital 15 and 14.?

    which is correct if any ,definitely non conclusive.

  • I think you can definitely stop worrying about ovarian cancer/cyst/fibroid as several people have said on here. The scans are conclusive, any of those 3 things would be visible, and taken with your normal CA125 test, is considered to be a definitive answer. I don't think you need to worry about the different readings that the Dr has versus the hospital - they are working from their own records, not the same notes, which is why the tests are different. In an earlier post you gave those tests as being on at least 3 different days, so it's not as if your Dr has a different result to the hospital on the same blood sample. I just think when you've been given the all clear, you should take comfort from that rather than worry yourself sick in case they are wrong. Lots of your friends on here have said you appear to be a classic hypothyroid case, so I'd perhaps make that your focus rather than OC. Try not to worry xxxx

  • I am trying to get OC out of my mind -knowing all scans to be clear-if i hadnt been dismissed so much by dr and stories ive read maybe i wouldnt htink along those lines. i am focusing on thyroid now .just need drs to recognize that there is a problem with stomach and its the sole reason for weight gain so what is causing it?why do they dismiss weight loss?

  • HI sOPHIE,

    You are so right I listened to the birds yelling it is SPRING this morning such a wonderful sound even if you have to wait all crabby night for it..!

    Morning Sian Morning early Birds


  • I woke at 4am and nodded back off at 6ish!?!

    Am now awake again. freezing and have a stonking headache :(

    Can't go back to bed have a hospital appointment :o BOOHOO! weep weep schniffle schniffle :o

  • I was wide awake from about 3am ..... but I guarantee when I go to see the consultant he will say I should be getting more sleep lol .... I can't win !

  • Hi Sophie so sorry to hear u have had such a bad night & r in such pain. Can I ask what pain meds

    Ur on? I have a disc pressing on the nerves in my legs, & the only thing which helps is Pregabalin. P'raps it would help u to go to a&e if u cant get in to gp b4 the 5th. Gentle hugs julie xxx

  • seriously allergic to most things have ended up in casualty with severe chest pain in past with GPs experiments, its been going on since I was diagnosed in 2000 but was ill 10+ years previous, my GP had an UREKA moment in 2000, and both he and I have regretted it ever since, being an asthmatic complicates things. They tried a new pain killer two weeks ago and it set off the asthma, so back to the drawing board for the last two weeks, mean while I suffer although the muscle relaxants he gave me two weeks ago are helping a little, he said they would make me sleep, still waiting for that side affect! they never happen when you want them do they.


  • Blooming side effects have a mind of their own Sophie!!! Sorry to hear about your allergies - I only have a couple & also have asthma, so know what it's like - I tried a pain relief gel last week, but didn't read the small print about it aggravating asthma till it was too late! Luckily I was ok using my inhalers, but it just goes to show how careful we should be about taking/using anything! Hugs, Julie xxx

  • Bless you {{{{Sophie}}}} I know they're virtual but I hope these fluffie hugs help :) xx

  • My problem is staying asleep. I drop off quite easily after spending some time reading then I wake at silly o'clock and stay awake. Can't sleep in the day and always feel exhausted by the time bedtime comes but I've got used to it now. Horrible situation to be in and I feel for you Sophie.

  • Morning Sophie22, I was awake still at 4am dozed off but everyone up at 5am so now gonna tidy up the best I can, which I might add wont be very good lol, then I shall lay on the bed with the afternoon film on 5 and hopefully won't see much of the film lol, my legs are the worst at the moment, they hurt so much, it's a bummer of a disease is it, do take care, morning everyone else, I always forget to come on here to see who's up, hope you all have a restful day and feel a little better, gentle hugs to....Dee xx

  • Hi Beth I have the same ritual and have had for about 4 years it has become a family joke they all expect me down and about before 6.

    I find an afternoon snooze is essential especially if I take full amount of Gabapentin if I dont take lunch time I am awake afternoons too..

    I don't know the answer I am afraid just make sure your bed is extra comfy and no noise can awaken you !

    I tend to go on in bed hoping I will fall a sleep it seems hours till 6 when I get up

    Take care all


  • Morning Zeb are you ready to rock and roll now! What time are they calling for you?

  • No idea :o the girls didn't write down a time and the amblibus service didn't either so am sitting ready for them to turn up :p

  • I Hope you have a good day will think of you who are you seeing!

  • Consultant dermatologist about that daft rash on my legs that isn't going away

    Wish me luck :) xx

  • good to get a referral?have had skin rashes for years + now lupus rashes + poss thyroid and asked dr for a referral btu so far this hasn't more on sjogrens -swelling of neck,mouth|(tongue?)discolouration of and dry eyes.

    where dr said i had oral thrush from antibiotics-could it be sjogrens.neck swelling and enlargement of larynx,thyroid and other lumps could be sjogrens?finshed gel prescribed for mouth but not of my dogs has been acting very oddly tonight and giving me such "scary stares".she is really concerning me if she does sense something seriously wrong.

  • Hi anbuma thank you :)

    It turned out to be really bad eczema so thankfully nothing too nasty :)

    Unless it turns out not to be of course but then hopefully the eczema nurse will pick it up :)

    Sorry you're having skin problems too, I don't really know what to suggest hunny apart from possibly let things settle for a little while and if the problem is still persisting then try again, I've been doing that since October.

    I love animals they are a great comfort and great communicators :)

    Wishing you calming healing my friend

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Sophie me too can't get comfortable everything hurts .

    It's hard to explain to people that haven't got fibro so I don't try anymore.

    I've no wise words and even before getting up I knew what I'd be like today.

    I'm trying to be positive to enjoy each day it's getting harder.

  • I have medication for night leg cramps and for stomach cramps but sleep for only one or two hours at a stretch so get no deep sleep and survive by dozing until Noon. Tedious.

  • Hi ,Sophie22

    So sorry to hear you have been in unbearable pain throughout the night. I am still in bad "Flare-up", been in bed with Fibro pain, lung infection and Pleurisy past 3 weeks. I too was up all night, so only now just surfacing to face the day in hand.

    That is all we can do take one day @ a time and be there to support, empathise and try and help each other. My heart goes out to you with the pain, as there is nothing you can do when it gets that bad!

    I hope it eases a little throughout the day for you.

    In my thoughts and Prayers

    Sending you positive healing energies

    God Bless.

    ((((gentle hugs))))

    Betty Baby X

  • Hi sophie22

    I am so sorry to read that you are, yet again, struggling to sleep. I know exactly how this feels and I understand only too well that it is abhorrent.

    I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Sophie, awful sleepless nights especially if you have something to do next day and lack of sleep will make it very hard to take part whether a pleasant activity or an official one. I love the dawn chorus too it does bring the 'beautiful' back to what can be a very negative time. During the summer I sit in the garden if it is fine. I have begun to look forward to it - I have to world to myself and despite the pain and fatigue I feel like life is worth living. In the winter I get up make a cup of tea and reheat my grain warmer, back to bed with these accompanied by my fave music. Again trying to turn negative into positive. One day this horrible fibro will be defeated. Keep thinking that. With healing thoughts, slomotion.

  • Oh, I know the feeling Sophie! I'm in constant chronic pain and it does get me down. I don't sleep very well and I'm often awake till 3am! Like you, a lot of painkillers contraindicate with the other meds I take, and the ones that don't make me like a zombie! Maybe we should create a 'Insomniac's Page'!! XX

  • There's such a lot of pain cr*p on this thread today I think the fluffies will need help. Someone get a message to Sian if she's up to it.

    Good idea Sue but maybe it should be one of those crossovers. it goes with so many other things like IBS etc.

    I feel so much for all of you it hurts and I so wish there's something could be done immediately.

    All I can give is gentle hugs - not enough I fear :(

  • It's enough to know there are great people on here fenbadger who can identify with what we have to endure....your hugs are most welcome!! XXXX

  • Carry on looking for the small things. I am sending you a virtual magnifying glass. As it seems terrible hard to find them sometimes. I got man with a hammer to rig up a bird feeder outside the bedroom window. There is nothing more cheering than seeing a blue tit hanging upside down.


  • I moved my birdfeed to outsid emy front window and have sparrows,blue tits,doves and crows and an occasional coal tit.starlings.oly troubleis they don't ahl;f work their way thru the seed and see balls .doves and starlinsg like porage oats.i even had a field (?)mouse at one point.

  • Sophie 22

    if you don't take medication - try and try again until you find the right pills.

    I hope your nights get better. I will be happy to tell you what I take.

  • I think it took ages for me to get a diagnosis as I kept seeing different doctors at the hospital. Also waiting for a referral appointment at the hospital, then being referred for scans and having to wait, after that a wait to see the rheumatologist for the results, trying a course of physio, then back to the GP to when it didn't work well. I also had carpel tunnel diagnosed and operated on, although I didn't know I had it! My GP was very good and when she thought I had been waiting too long, she would contact the hospital and try to hurry things up! I even saw the podontrist and had special insoles for my shoes! I think, in my case, being sent to different departments, and seeing different doctors with different theories as well as waiting for tests and hospital appointments.. It all add up. A year go past and you're in the same place. Sue (Woodbon)

  • The sunshine always cheers me up and I'm always down when its wet and gloomy. Although in the summer a good rain storm after the heat makes everything look and smell fresh! Dull weather seems to make me ache all over.

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