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another sleepless night

I came away from my drs on Tuesday not feeling any more relief that it is not a cyst or tumour

and as he calls it "bloating".i told him I can not eat anything and it is concerning me now as I was throwing up all last night and have a pain in the centre of my top of my stomach which wont go way.i couldn't eat cereal his morning and felt quite weak when walking my dogs,

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Throwing up all night will make the top centre of your stomach hurt because you have wrenched the muscles and you will feel tender and sore..... The not being able to eat may well be due to stress and worrying about your health ... Which sets off a vicious circle.. ..

Obviously your Gp is convinced there is nothing seriously wrong with you and that is backed up by the private scans etc you had.... from this post you are obviously not satisfied and are upset and scared... I would suggest two options here....

A) go back to your local hospital and try and get seen there as your Gp will be in his surgery and you will get another opinion

B) go to a&e and explain everything and get an examination there... That would give you another opinion

But you really can't go on worrying yourself so much to the point where you are not eating and stressing... So you need some help.... I think you said a&e was quite a distance for you to travel but if you could get there once in the hospital you will get checked over and if they find anything they can act ......

Good luck and I hope you manage to get to one or the other soon

VG x


hi VG

having taken ranitidine and a couple of indigestion tablets and going back to bed in morning felt better and able to go into town to get a new budgie having lost one recently. I am seeing ENT consultant next only real concern is the weight loss which it seems didn't get thru to my DR.tonight my throat is tight and I have the same feeling in my collarbone as my ribs.


Sorry, but I can't remember if you've seen a gastroenterologist?

Epigastric pain (pain in the middle of the stomach below the breast bone and above the tummy button) can be caused by quite a few things, including IBS:


Hi Anbuma,

I'm sorry that you are still having this awful worry. What do you think would be the best thing that your doctor could do to help you feel better?

You know that you have gallstones, which would account for your pain and nausea - are you on the waiting list for having them removed?

I'm sure that having the gallstones fixed would make you feel very much better, so let's hope you can get them done soon!

Moffy x


hi moffy

it s the stories I have read and been told that cysts and tumours don't show on scans the latest being my neighbour whose friend had a 2lb cyst removed that wasn't picked up. had a chat with him on Tuesday and he explained things more fully but still says it is bloating.

my concern is weight loss,it may not be much but it is noticeable to me and as I said to my DR he only sees my total body weight on scales .he would have to take my word when I say I have lost weight in parts of body and my stomach is reason fro any weight gain so they balance each other out.

I also think it could be lupus


that should be a 24 lb cyst not 2lb.


Hi Anbuma I have an appointment with my Doctor today with the same symptoms as you, but I also have a feeling of a sweet or something stuck between my throat and the bottom of my rib cage. I`m worried sick about it, keep wanting to burp but nothin moves at all, had it for 6days now! Looking up on the internet what it could be frightens the life out of you! Hope you get yours sorted very soon. Ann x


hi ann

what did your doctor say?my throat feels like that-and it is swollen on left side.ENT appt is next week and surgery appt is in may.


cant wait for Monday to come round and see the consultant. want to get my stomach sorted

\still cant get it out of my head that my dr recorded 'OBESITY"in my notes when he measured my weight and height cos my BMI rate said I was obese.i am a regular size 14.the only reason my weight has increased is cos of my stomach.i told both my dr and the rheumatologist that I had lost weight on my arms legs bum .one said "you have gained 11 kgs in 7 years and need to diet despite me saying I don't eat cakes biscuits snacks etc and that any weight increase was all abdominal.i know I have said this before but it is a solid hard mass and is till say it is a cyst or other mass. hopefully I wil get an answer on Monday taht it is not just gallstones


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