Sleepless night

Well its half 3 I can't sleep again what with my hips and back kickin in to high gear and the hole in my chest from that ruddy subasios sist for those who don't know why I have a hole in my chest , iam in for one hell of a night or what's left of it so I'm reading lord of the rings again I am seeing doc on Thursday need more dressings and I'm supposed to be going to pain clinics group meeting on friday but don't think I will be going as can't do car journeys at month, it makes my chest feel like I have a hundred knives well a hundred may be a bit of an exaduration stabbing in my chest we'll see how it goes on way to docs as that's a short journey. Ttfn . Sithy

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  • Poor you :-( feeling your pain hope you get some pain relief sorted soon and then perhaps ul get a healing nights sleep. Take care ur in my thoughts xx


  • Hi Sthandra, awww poor you.......actually you sound just like me! my hips are to sore to lie on well it's the very top of my legs,I've even bought a memory foam mattress & a huge U pillow but they don't work! I think it must be the tender points we get with F/M also I got my back injured in work by one of the residents about 7 years ago now. I worked with autistic adults & they displayed severe challenging behaviours.I was putting one of my care staff to work with him & he decided to go for us & as he ran past me he reached out to scratch my eye, I jerked away & felt my back go & the rest is history!! I also has a sebaceous cyst on my private parts oh my god it hurt!! I couldn't put knickers on hahaha :)

    I can laugh now but at the time I was so ill with it. So yes you must be in a lot of pain from it!!!! I hope you have a speedy recovery hun.

    Take care. Hugs Gwen. xx

  • Hi ive also been up most the night ive nearly had my quote of tabs so fed up at mo hugs to u all

  • Hi Yvonne I have no options with my pain meds set times only or I won't have enough for the month I have a new 50mg fentanyl patch every 3 days and top up with morphine oral solution 10mg 1 5ml spoon as required I sometimes up it to 3 5ml spoonfuls if I have to I don't like to make a habit of It . Anyway hope you got some sleep I still haven't well ttfn . Sithy

  • Hi all thanks for your support its a small world I hurt my back when I was16 I was on placement from my YTS youth training scheme I wasn't supposed to actually touch the residents iwas supposed to observe only and help the cleaning and kitchen staff but one day I was ordered to help move a resident from his arm chair to his wheelchair he wasn't small anyway I didn't know what the hell I was doing and the staff member slipped and I had to bear his full weight I was only a short skinny thing god knows what I'd done to my back but next day I could hardly move anyway I ended up having to quit the course which I didn't mind over much as I thought I had enrolled on a child care course. As it turns out it was a community care course not what I wanted at all I ended up unable to work and I turned 17 that year and fell pregnant that gave my back hell and all my labour pains were in my hips not fun when my first born daughter was 7 weeks old I went to th docs with pains in my chest the doc had a listen to my chest then reached for the phone had an ambulance take me straight the hospital for chest xrays I was 18 years old scared whit less on my own no on telling me anything I had a pulmonary embolism I nearly died all I was worried about apart from the fact I couldn't breath was my baby who was with her gran a right control freak anyway imoved into my own house as fast as possible, I had my second daughter at 20 I had herendose back pain with her aswell then after I had her I had an infection in my ovaries , then I had my youngest at 21 by which time I was in and out of hospital the doc thought I was having an eptopic pregnancy no I was having a misscarridge can't spell for toffee anyway I lost 1 a boy they thought iws 14 weeks gone I then spent the rest of my pregnancy in pain of one sort or another.I forgot to mention that after giving birth to the last 2 girls I had to have heperine probably spelt that wrong.for the last 2 months of Carrying my youngest I could hardly walk what with the pain in my back and hips now my calf musc screamed pain at every step that cleared up ater I had her she was laying on a nerve but the back ache and hip pain was there but not so as you would notice then I had a swollen stomach when she was 6 weeks old then one morning I couldn't walk and the rest they say is history. Sorry to bore you but I'm still trying to find a way to fall asleep .

  • She had just turned 3 when I woke and couldn't walk I don't want to confuse anyone I know I'm not to free with the full stops and comers sorry ,,,,,,,......

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