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3am again

Well here I am again 3am and still awake and in unremitting pain, this is four straight nights on the row, although I rarely sleep more than 2hours at a time any way, just don't know what to do with myself. Dr changed my pain relief this week, might as well eat a box of smarties all the good they do. I try to stay positive but you can only do without so much sleep, I've had less than nine hours in the last four days. I have made myself stay up during the days, warm drink at night, soft music, meditation, usually good at falling asleep during that!!! Any ideas? Lots of soft hugs to all.

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Sorry you hurt Sophie :( Lack of sleep doesn't help us Fibro chicks! I tend to sleep better during the day for some reason, but also know that night time is important. Have you tried Melatonin? It's over the counter in vitamin aisle. I can take just half and at least feel like i'm going to sleep and usually do. Good luck!


Sorry I have no advice as I go through Spells of the same. Just wanted to send some sympathy soft hugs xxx


Life is so much more difficult when you lack sleep. I have no advice only may you find your sleep.

Take it easy.


Thanks guys, I have given up on the night, had a nice soak and got up, no point tossing and turning just makes things worst, I have had no sleep atoll, think it may be change of medication. soft hugs to all.


Hi Sophie22,

I can only sypathise - I have not slept as such in a long time, itis more a case of passing out for 20-30 minutes at a time and then waking up in pain again - it is exhausting and affects us in so many ways.

I have struggled with this for a few months and now my doc has given me tamazepam ( I actually asked for diazepam because I was given some for an MRI earlier this week due to claustrophobia and I got 4 hours sleep and it felt like sleep afterwards, If you know what I mean)

There are some tips I have piked up along hte way - they may help, I hope something does help you;

1. cold wet flannel - rub it up over your calves - must be cold - do not dry

(this is from my father from when he was in the military, apparently they did this - thereis something about the blood flowing back from your calves at a lower temperature that triggers the release of melanin which apparently helps with sleep)

2. Cherry juice - drink it 30 minutes before sleep ( or indeed one of the many times we wake up :-)

There is some sort of natural substance in it that promotes sleep

3. tense and relax

if you tense your body, starting at your toes, then your toes and calves, then your toes, calves and thighs and so on all the way up your body, by the time you have done your whole body tensed and then relaxed it should help with any cramps building in the body from pain

4. have something distracting but not too exiting near your bed

This way you can distract your mind from the pain a bit, without getting up, and hterefore without triggering an awake mode in you body

I have tried all of the above, before I had my accident, and they all worked to some degree.

I have tried all of the above since my accident, and only number 4 helped, and then only occasionally.

So not sure if useful, but might help you?

In the meantime, Big virtual hugs



Thank you, I too have tried many tricks to get me to sleep, I just seem to be worst than ever at the moment, you just get tired of trying, I have no energy for live, just dragging myself around most of the time. Gone from a very active life and good career to this! what a struggle. Gentle hugs.


You sound absolutely exhausted.

I have just had my first temazepam last night, and it kept me out for 8 hours, but do nt feel like I have slept, and the only difference as yet is more of a headache - but I awake thirsty - probably because I normally have a few herbal tees throughout the night when I cannot sleep :-)

there may be something the docs can do for you - it is worth an ask, a little proper sleep can go a long way.

sending you Big soft pillowy and sleep laced hugs




Have only skimmed this. Is may well make you cross.

That said there is all sorts of good night time reading on this site.

Off to work.



hi there feel really sorry for you! it is part and parcel of FM I have spent the last 15 years wandering around the house at 1 and 2am, then to make matters worse I comfort eat. I have no answers but sympathize with you.


Morning how you doing today bet you are tired I was wondering are you taking duloxatine at night? This made my nights even worse so I moved it in the mornings and I am doing better at night now.

It has taken a long time but I now manage 4/5 ours of sleep so I feel more pinky and perky in the day.

Hope that helps a bit



Hiya, I've started taking magnesium 300 mgs it does seem to make a difference in that when you do eventually drop off I have a deeper sleep. Some people swear by it. Might be worth a try. Hugs Chrissy


I have been taking magnesium 300mgs for a while now, I have been coping with fibro for about 14 years now and am tired, its such a struggle. Had no sleep last night, so got ready this morning to have a new phone line put in, just been told it has been delayed to last week. Things can only get better they say, I am waiting and its been a long wait, I have had the worst pain ever this winter with no let up, how much can one person take?


Hi Sophie have you tried guided imagery? you mention meditation so am just curious if you have. I find it helps me a lot I practice it 2 or 3 times at day when I'm High end pain and discomfort as well as sleep issues that come along with it. It's different for everyone though isn't it :o

I think sometimes we get to a point when we haven't managed to sleep for a few days that we then begin to worry about not sleeping, which then keeps us awake. It's a vicious circle :( Apart from relaxation a couple times a day the only other suggestion would be to go for a walk if you can doesn't have to be for long, to help burn off some energy.

I think the problem we have is that we feel too ill to move about and we don't burn off enough energy so we just keep topping it up and end up restless but unable to do anything GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr

Sorry for the rant Sophie :o

Sending you a bouquet of Lavender Fluffies to help infuse sleepiness :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thank you, I do relaxation I have a very nice CD, unfortunately I am in too much pain to sit, stand or lie for very long at the moment, my body is jumping around with the pain, even my acupuncturist is worried. Think I just need to metaphorically sit this one out and wait for it to run it course, some times we make ourselves worst trying to sort it out. Gentle hugs


You know what Sophie I think you're right :)

We put so much effort into making everything balanced when sometimes doing nothing and ignoring it all is better for us............ for a day or two not weeks LOL. I'm guilty of that!! sometimes I feel the need to rebel and I'll deliberately take minimum meds and stuff my face with many bad food stuffs and even have a beer :o Naughty but required sometimes I think, like a release valve! Then I resume normal routine slowly increasing meds to required level :)

Take care hunny wishing you wellness and sending relaxing healing fluffies to you :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi Sophie

Sleepless nights are horrid. Are you able to take more painkillers at 3am. I take tramadol at 9 pm so can take another dose at 3 if like yourself I am awake. I know this sounds mad but have you tried gentle stretching to ease the pain. It works for me must admit though it does feel weird doing gentle yoga at that time of the morning. If your mind is racing try to concentrate on something completely different for a while to calm down. Hope these tips help.x x


Hi I have the same problem and dew nights ago tried valerian and tho didn't get good night in first night was better but after that I found it really good.

Hope it helps



know how you feel, my max is about 4 hours , i use lavender oil on my pillows , take a relaxing bath couple of hours be for bed and keep warm. it is so frustrating when lying in bed and desperate for sleep , when i feel i knead to have sleep i will take a sleeping tablet this will knock me out for eight hour heaven, but will only do this at the weekend when i have nothing on , have a word with your gp for one that will suit you , just keep going and lots of hugs from me


Hi sophies22

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way at the present time. I can relate to this only too well and it is so frustrating! I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you everyone, its just nice to be able to talk to some one who understands, in the end we can only try different things until something helps, I've had ten years+ practice, no two things ever work the same the next time you try them. My GP just does not seem to understand I find if it does not fit on a prescription form they just don't know what to do with you. unfortunately for my GP (he is very nice) I am allergic to most drugs, I seem to have got very sensitive to drugs over the years, after an hospital visit with severe chest pain 18 months ago after one of my GPS bright ideas he is now reluctant to take chances, can't blame the guy! I feel that each town should have a place for people with chronic conditions to go to for support, massage, heat treatments, chat, cuppa and just be supported especially during crisis, which I am obviously having at the moment. Its the being left to cope on your own that is the problem. A support centre in each town/ drop in centre for chronic conditions would be great. what do you think?


Hi Sophie, I too completely sympathise with you on this, having said that I have had about 24 hours where I've been asleep and then dozing, as a result of an exhausting day with a journey to a meeting with a solicitor and all the stresses of that came with it. Do I feel rested? No, not at all and I find that in a way more frustrating than not sleeping one wink, which I make an art form of like you. I would like to try melatonin to see if that might help, I can't for the life of me do relaxation, it just makes me more tense trying to relax if that makes sense, which it probably doesn't.

Sending you lots of positive (hopefully sleep inducing) vibes :-)

Foggy x


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