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Arrrrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!! This pain is killing me!!!!

What is a girl to do to get a break. If anyone twines to me tomorrow at work, i've got a headache or i'm tired, I can't be held responsible for what might come out of my mouth. Try living my life in constant pain and constantly knackered. Last time I took enough meds to ease the pain I drove the car down the side of the garage wall and cost a fortune to get it fixed!!!!!!! Ah we'll here's to a shit night.

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Gentle hugs


I'm sorry you're feeling so rubbish at the moment. People in general don't know what chronic pain is and if they had it for more than an hour or so they probably be thinking they were close to needing hospital admission, at the very least...... Sending positive vibes your way and hope your day tomorrow isn't as bad as you think it's going to be,

Foggy x


Thinking of you and hoping you manage to get some rest tonight.

Being in chronic pain 24/7 is enough to drive anyone round the twist.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for you.


Coz x


Hope u have a better day tomorrow this constant pain is a bummer isn't it, hang in there, we are all here for you, gentle hugs to you ....Dee x


Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts. It's now 6.30 am it's taken me 30 mins just to be able to open my eyes. The thought of having to get up and go to work makes me feel sick, I could cry I'm soooooooo tired. I feel awful haven't had much sleep at all possibly 2 -3 hrs on and off. Ah we'll here goes, once I get up and fill myself with meds I should feel better. However this crap weather is making my arthritis play up as well. Listen to me I' ll be fine, I' ll paint on my smile and continue my day. Here's to a better day. Thank you all again for your support. Xx

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