Hi other every1the question I wood like to ask is about FIBRO FOG

I have many time hurt myself and av felt like my heads went bank just for a few seconds we're av lifted a hot pan off the cooker and burnt my hand badly av also done his with the toaster we're av switch it off but then put my hand inside it to move it and again burnt my hands av had this happin alot and went to get up off my sofa the other week and I fel over into my sideboard again I don't no how or why I did this but still they feeling of my head going blank ..is this fibro fog ,and should I see a ueuroligest ....I forget things a lot ..and can't remember a lot of things either ..eny1 have the same proplems xx

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  • HI, yes, I've done the same thing with lifting a hot pan, then looking at it and thinking "wow, this should probably be hurting, maybe I should put that down" then discovering I've burnt my fingertips...I actually burnt all the nerve endings in the thumb and have never got the feeling back. It took months for the skin to heal. Have you mentioned these events to your gp? He or she may refer you to a neurologist, but it would most likely take a few months to get seen, so don't muck about, go see your gp asap and tell them all about these injuries and episodes.

  • Hi their yes av told my GP and I really don't think their listin to me ...its starting to scear me thes r things I wood never dream of doing bf all this started 3+ years ago its horibble feeling not knowing of or wot ur doing at times standing up and falling in to things or walking in to doors ..hope u don't mind me asking but have.you been to a neurologist and how did u get on ,,,x

  • If you're feeling unheard by your gp I would recommend seeing another.

    I switched to another within the practice and feel much happier with my gp these days.

    I have been seen by a neurologist - first time was in 2012, there were some issues with some of my test results so I was seen again in may 2013. Further tests were ordered and mostly they have come back clear, but the few that didn't, require a follow up appointment.

    Sadly, my neurologist, who was wonderful and so understanding, has now left my local hospital and so I've been having trouble trying to get my follow up appointment (which was meant to be in January), as the new consultant claims to not have recieved my file.

    *sigh* It's an ongoing saga that takes up a lot of my energy at the moment.

  • Hi amanda2277

    I sincerely hope that you are as well as you can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with Fibro fog at the present time.

    What you have described comes across as classic Fibro fog to me and I can really relate to it. I have poured boiling water over my hands so many times whilst making a cup of tea that my wife (who has MS and can't walk properly) makes the tea and I carry it to where we are sitting.

    I really do not know what a neurologist could do about this? However, if you are really concerned about this issue and the prospect of having a very serious accident it may be worth seeing one so you could possibly have an MRI to rule out the possibility that something else is happening to you, it would at least give you some peace of mind.

    I was wondering how approachable your GP is? If you have a good GP you could talk to them and see what they could recommend for you? I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken thinks for your reply av told me GP about this she said it was lack of consentration.... I really don't think she understands wot its like for me at times I don't no wot els to do apart from going back to hur ..but I feel like am constantly repeating myself x

  • Hi amanda2277

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? Your GP really doesn't sound helpful at all.

    I was wondering if there was a different GP at your surgery that you ca talk too? I think what you need to remember is that you are a genuine patient with a real illness and disability and it is clearly your GP that needs to amend their attitude to help ensure you the best medical care.

    I sincerely hope that you can find some way around this and get the proper medical treatment that you rightfully deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Morning Amanada, what a wretched time you are having. It does sound like naughty old fibro fog but you aught to be checked. If you are finding your Dotor is not the most simpatico to you and Fibro you can change to another in the practice or another practice near by. It is your right so dont be put off by any one,

    Sometimes it is how we approach the problem so make a list of what has happened so you dont mis out any thing, Also a list of questions you need answers for and finally can you make a diary of your pain levels through a ordinary day and how you cope with it. Now armed with this go back to you doc or a new one and see how it goes if you are offered an appointment with a Neurologist or a Rheumatologist go for it. You need to cancel every thing out and then you know it is Fibro Fog.

    Do take care of yourself no more accidents if you have one and burn yourself go to A@E for a dressing they may surgest who to see next. Good luck Keep smiling we are here to help when ever you want a chat.


  • Thanks gins been to doctors she has put my on different tablets as the gabapentin didn't agree with me at all ..but I have ask hur about" fibro fog" and told hour again that av burnt myself fel over keep dropping things problems remembering things etc etc ...she has agreed to referring me to a neurologist at last I just want to make sure and put my mind at ease xx

  • Hi gins av have made appointment for today ..if I don't get enywer I think the next course of action will b other practice av had enuf ...ther doesn't seem to be any course of action of treatment plan in place for people with fibro ..am just going round in circles going over the same things ..am at the point we're am thinking wots the point going to c my GP because other not going to do enyfin anyway ...and wen I do a feel av waisted peoples time ..so fed up ...xxx

  • Yes Fibrofog is very real.Not only memeory loss but clumsiness is a real pain. Very diffcult for others to understand. I can never find things although I try to make a bookmark in my mind where it is! Judging time to get to the station or train is also very difficult.People just don, understand any of this.

  • I think fibro fog is almost worse to deal with than the pain ! I used to consider myself intelegent but since fibromyalgia I can't think straight I get dizzy lying down ! My balance sometime is terrible & I don't understand things. , I can't spell simple things I have to ask my husband all the time , spell checks good on my iPad but I'm welsh & it can't understand names / places & it usually uses American spelling !! ( welsh American ) so no wonder it looks stupid ! , short term memory is useless its as if it's making fun of me I try to think & there's nothing in there it's blank & fuzzy ! Good job I laugh my kids laugh but inside I hate it ! Yesterday I met a friend from years ago she was saying how hard I worked & how she envied ME. I couldn't remember being that person it was as if I DIDNT KNOW HER !!! But its me !!!! Hard to believe its the same person , so in answer to your question yes fibro fog does exist & is horrible !!!!!! Take care x

  • Hmmm. Poor you.

    It seems a common complaint of people with neurological things. MS sufferers have something similar, as did my friend who had masses of chemo and radio for cancer. Didn't dare give her a glass of wine, we knew where it would go. Tea just as bad. Luckily no serious burns though plenty of dinners were wrecked -she would not give up which I found admirable.

    So try to take comfort that you are not alone, and I hope you find adaptations that suit you. Gentle hugs :)

  • Yes this has happened to me. I have burnt myself but luckily not badly. Right now I feel like the two sides of my body don't work together. I have told my gp but he keeps sending me back to the rheumy who keeps sending me back to the gp. I have lose consiousness twice but still learning about how to advocate for myself as I am newly diagnosed and getting very tired and downhearted about fighting the NHS system and protocols. I am just having a bad day today. I will be better after rest as will you. Stay rested and you will not have as much difficulty. Take care of yourself and do talk to your GP about the burnings. You will get through this .

  • Hi Amanda i ws just wondering if s di fifferent approach might help. What if you asked yo be referred to a pain clinic, they can prescribe medicine or recommend you see a different specialist if required. Pain clinic referals seem to be quite common for fibro patients so your gp could be more amenable to this. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • Hi amanda I too ave dropped things burnt myself gone to put milk in oven wasnt on by the way all sorfs so yr not alone boohoo xx

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