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A question about fibro

Hi all,

I went shopping the other day and while I was out I had a pain in my leg, it felt rather strange like it was going to give way. My leg did give way the other morning when I was getting ready for college, I managed to stop myself from falling, also I went to get off the chair and I just randomly lost my balance and fell but I made sure I landed on the sofa and not the floor.

Another thing that has been getting on my nervse is I have been suffering with muscle spasms all the time even when I am going to sleep as they sometimes wake me up, I have had a few signs of RLS.

Am I right to go to the doctors about it as it is driving me mad? It is starting to annoy me now as it was only happening when I was at home and now it is when Im at college. When it happened to me at college the other day I honestly felt like standing for some of the time because it was distracting me from doing my work, as I just sit was watch what the lectures are saying, and it was very distracting me when it happens. I feel like i have to keep moving all the time.

Thanks for your time :)

Susan xx

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Dear Susan,

From your post the involuntary jerks you may be experiencing could be Myoclonic Jerks as I certainly have personally experienced as a symptom of my Fibromyalgia.

This of course as you understand is only a suggestion from personal experience and as with all medical conditions we all experience individuals can have a variety of different symptoms.

A visit to the GP is advised to mention any new symptoms experienced, as you should alert the Health Professionals as they may want to investigate it further and may not. As in medicine there are so many conditions symptoms could relate to , so its best to let the GP know.

You also mention you think you have had signs of Restless Legs Syndrome and the GP may want to prescribe something to help with this , as it is bothering you, and you could mention the twitching in your legs at the same time too.

I wish you well




I've felt my leg give way many times over the past years, each time it's when I'm getting other fibro symptoms. My physio suggested it is wear and tear on the joints so that the bones rub together when moving which is momentarily excrutiating, hence the involuntary jerk away from the pain, so if you experience pain it may be that you are having a similar experience. It has to do with the fluid around the joints reducing and so not protecting the joints and links in with fibro apparently.



Thank you Emma and Sue I will let you both know how it goes at the doctors. Xx


I often get to the stage where my whole body does an involuntary dance, legs and arms flailing everywhere like a puppet on a string, and I have absolutely no control over it. And then I collapse on the floor. When this happens I can see and hear but cannot move of my own free will or speak. It is very scary when it happens. I had MRIs of the head, neck and spine and even during that my legs were flying off the table and they have no idea why. Then I get the spasms and cramps at night but I get bad cramps anyway. just a nuisance when two things happen at once. I hope it goes well at the doctors xxxxx


Thanks Ozzygirl,

I have found recently that when I have involuntary jerks/spasms I get tired very easier, the tiredness feels like to me like I have been at college 9-5 and concentrating really hard to make sure I don't miss anything (keeping in mind that I am hearing impaired and rely on lip ready so I know what the tasks is or what we have to do) (ps I have a scribber). I feel physically drained. But what I have noticed sinse these jerks started I have started to stammers. I have no idea if there linked to gather.

Bit will let you know what happens, thanks for helping me xx


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