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Anyone had dealings with capita?

Had to attend a face to face assessment a little over 14 weeks ago, the assessment went well as far I was aware the asser was very nice a stated that I wouldn't be required to do some of the physical task they ask you to carry out because she could see I was in so much pain. However they are really dragging there heels with the whole process as they still haven't sent the report back to the dwp. And all they keep saying is that they are swamped ķwith applications and have a huge back log but are doing there best to rectify this as a matter of urgencie. As anyone else had this?

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Hello Abu

I had dealings with Capita who were "managing" my ill-health retirement process.

Sorry about this but they were extremely slow with their reports. My last assessment was with independent people who told me their report would be with Capita by a certain date, at the latest. Capita did not forward the independent report, which was in favour of me, until 3 months later. I spoke to Capita and was told they had not received the independent report. Which was strange as when the paperwork did come through their report was dated before I had spoken to them!

I wish you good luck with the process.

Is x


Hi there,

I haven't been through anything like this but I wanted to wish you luck with the outcome.

Take care



Hi Abu

I had a home assessment with Capita at beginning of December, but no one came. My hubby emailed them straight away, (the phone goes straight to voicemail to hold on, which he did for 5mins., as with TalkTalk, it's not a free call). Anyway, he got a reply straight back apologising etc. I then had the home assessment on 23 Dec. I asked when her report would be sent to DWP and she said that all reports were sent via courier, but as it was over Xmas, she wouldn't be able to get it sent until 2 Jan., and from there, normally took 30 days for DWP to get back to you. Had letter from DWP saying they had received it a couple of wks ago, so now waiting for decision. Capita don't seem organised, eg the assessors PC data base had crashed and she had to hand write everything, which took over 2hrs., apparently the security on their systems are tight and assessors can't even back up their reports, so if it does crash, they have no way of accessing the records. She said that she had to revisit 30 people because of this and go through the whole process with their reports again!

Good luck Abu x


As suffolk lass, i have had dealings with them for ill health retirement. I'm afraid I cannot post how I really feel about them as they will be dealing with DLA claims in my area, however I still hold the forms from the GMC as I was meant to file a complaint about the assessing doctor, however the whole process made me so ill and I would never be able to forget it, especially if it was the same doctor dealing with the DLA assessments as I would have no option other than to refuse to see him and risk losing benefit.

All their doctors are governed by the GMC in the same way that GPs are. They have an obligation to keep clear and accurate records. The Doctor I saw failed to do this!

The staff who you deal with basically depends which department and which office. Some good, some bad!

They are basically the same as ATOS!

My personal Claim went to an independent appeal tribunal and the closest would have been a 300 mile round trip! So of course I was unable to attend, but i do remember a similar conversation about when the reports had been sent back to Capita!

I know someone else who had seen the same doctor, however her employers removed Capita's contract and used a different Occupational Health company.

I think you would be surprised to know how many contracts the company Capita Health and Wellbeing deal with in this country!

I know we don't get much choice but be wary and keep a record of everything.

When the decision makers believed what the assessing doctor told them, i turned up for my appointment 30 miles from home, i was in a wheelchair and attended unaided!

I hadn't driven in over a year due to blurred vision, but they remember even putting a ramp down for my wheelchair.

I actually attended with my husband, he drove and i used one crutch and no wheelchair. I wanted him to see how i walked!

(Ps... I dont just have Fibro, so this wasn't just the point in question)


I have no personal comment to make about Capita, since the have been carrying out assessments on behalf of the DWP however my experience with them, goes back prior to them winning this contract..

I worked for a different company dealing with Capita on various projects, and I must say that all the instances we dealt

with them were a disaster, weeks to answer queries, incorrect dates provided e t c, very unprofessional. To the extent that no one could understand how they won the contract, Money, I expect, hence you get what you pay for. Anyway, I hope you get the results you want, in what is a very stressful time for you.