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Good news

Good news

Id like that thank all those that offered me reassurance during my time of thinking I had Charcot foot cause I now how much you guys take on and care so relieve yourselves for once lol I haven't got it my ex-ray results came back and thank god im clear of that and have arthritis my doctor says no more than he'd expect of some one my age. But my feet have still expanded from size nine to eleven so still painful away from the arthritis, Would I be right that walking on arthritis would make pain go away just stiff to start with, only mine increases so away from the arthritis I still need to take care as my muscle in my legs exhaust real fast and then the pains start. but anyway im clear of the big baddy ty all again xx

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Oh my word, I am just so so so pleased for you, I have been really worried, but haven't liked to ask, you've just made my day.......hooorah :-) :-) What a relief that must be for you. Whether or not the walking would make the pain go away, I'm not sure, I have arthritis in my shoulders, one I've have had replaced and I can tell you any of the limited movement I had in it was excruciating, but I was bone on bone by then. The other waiting to be done is ok-ish, but I don't want it to go as far as the other did. I think perhaps just gentle exercise, but would point out that if you don't use a muscle you do tend to get muscle wastage which would be a shame because that would only increase your problem with walking. Anyway, that's just my humble opinion, and I think perhaps you need to check that out with your doctor.

I am just so happy that you don't have to face what you thought you might have to, what good news to hear :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hello Royalspec01,

This is FAB news, thank goodness it is not Charcot foot after all. You must be relieved as you were worried about the fear or risk of amputation which anyone would be.

So pleased for you, Thank You for letting us know

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi Royalspec01, so pleased to hear your good news. It must be such a relief for you. Take care

(hugs) Tannels xx


Good to hear you are clear of such a horrible inflection.

Gentle hugs



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