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good news hopefully

Not sure if you guys have heard/seen about this but thought I would share after reading about it on facebook just now.

Not in a good place still with my fibro etc so cant type much so dont think im not thinking of you all.

Sending everybody the most warmest soft hugs.

Hayely xxx :-D xxx


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Thanks for sharing this facebook link Pebbles 71, Interesting reading but will my Doctor listen ?? I regard him as useful as a chocolate teapot... :(


Yes unfortunatly my doctor is like that as much use as a chocolate fire guard as well as teapot.

Dont give up xxx

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It looks like it could be the next big thing - well lets hope so


Promising news but not holding my breath it will reach UK any time soon. Thanks for sharing Pebbles x


Gosh, that's very interesting Pebbles and thank you for pointing it out to us. I hope that the medics here can take it on board and not be as dismissive as they can be on Fibro matters.

Foggy x


maybe i have read it wring, but where is the actual evidence, its just talk at this stage and my guess this originated in USA. the way sulphur was spelt was abut if a give away . sorry guys if i sound negative, it has a lot to do with having a bad week, i just dont feel in tbe mood to get my hopes up for another knock down to be told that same old thing.... but please if anyone comes across proof and this really is true id love to hear about it,

i would love to be cured and then i could concentrate on the remainder if the pains i have from early onset arthritis.. i had my first hip replaced at 41 now 10 yrs later i need the other doing. Having Fibro makes recovery so much harder, so just then discovering what we already know i guess is a start, all we need is a cure. xx (((hug)))


Hi, Everyone,

Just to clear things up about the origin of this scientific research, I am posting that part of it here. The whole thing is available at the link Pebbles posted and there is a direct link on that Facebook page.

Here we present research showing that the inflammatory compound called HMGB1 correlates with the severity of Fibromyalgia symptoms. You can read about it and the Fibromyalgia blood test on ProHealth here ow.ly/oCcTn and here ow.ly/oCdNP. Enjoy.


Serum levels of high mobility group box 1 protein and its association with quality of life and psychological and functional status in patients with fibromyalgia.

SOURCE: International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, August 16. 2013. By Pelin Oktayoglu, Mehmet Tahtasiz, Mehtap Bozkurt, Serda Em, Demet Ucar, Levent Yazmalar, Nuriye Mete, Kemal Nas and Orhan Gezer. Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, Dicle University, Diyarbakir, Turkey.

You can see by the names of the scientists that they are not American.

Please don't dismiss it because it's at the other end of a Facebook link. It's hard enough for us to get accurate information about our illness. We need to look before making up our minds to dismiss something.

I appreciate seeing this information, as I have encountered several professional health care workers who insisted that it is impossible that I could be made mostly bed bound by severe fibromyalgia. They often say what other people say, "But you look well." I guess there's even less credulity among health professionals about the existence of severe ME/CFS. My GP had absolutely no interest in even having me evaluated for that. Once I got the Fibro confirmed, she has only prescribed pain meds, and pain clinic, who in turn prescribed pregabalin when she said she couldn't. She has often told me that various symptoms are caused by psychological factors. I later have found them on lists of symptoms of Fibromyalgia and ME.

Warmest and kindest thoughts for you all


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