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I asked my doctors receptionist if I could have a list of my visits to the surgery over the last 12 months as I trying to complete my DLA form as my awards end in a couple of months.

She said she would speak to the doctors and call me back.

she said it is possible but I would have to bay £10 for this. in the end I agreed to pay the £10. within 30 mins she called me back to say it was ready. I feel conned that I have had to pay for this which obviously only needed

a push of a button and then print out/

This has made me really ANGRY as I am only on benefits !!

Has any one else had a similar experience.



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  • I haven't had to request my medical details, but I do know it is standard practice for a £10 - £15 fee to get a copy of all your details. It's mainly to cover the cost of printing it out, and the cost of the wages of the person who has had to dedicate their half hour or so to getting it done. If you have a look at your gp practice booklet/website it will be listed there as a standard fee for that service.

  • I guess I am lucky then, my GP does not charge a penny for this. She has a printer next to her PC for printing fit notes and it takes her a matter of seconds to print off my medical notes if I want them for Atos shysters to read and ignore.

  • Hello esa, how you doing ? :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hello Foggy, I am fine thanks. I hope you are keeping well yourself. :)

  • Love Hitler cat! X

  • I understand about there being a standard charge, but like esagestapo I've never had to pay, my GP has just printed off what I've needed, and handed it to me. Perhaps different practices do things their own way, maybe depending on what the local PCT policy is. Hope that makes sense !

    Foggy x

  • Maybe the difference, then, lies in asking the gp directly, rather than asking the receptionist. The receptionist has to follow protocol, whereas the gp has discretionary rights.

  • I had topay fro mine btu cant remember what I paid.what angered me was having to pay £26 fro a letter from my gp fro ESA which would ahve only taken him a few minutes as was fairly basic.

  • its disgusting I think

  • Be thankful my gp's surgery charges £45 for anything like that however if you kept a receipt then you can claim the cost back as part of your claim (I think)

    but there is no regulation over what they charge, they offer no price reduction if you are on low income/benefits, they don't care you're on benefits and (in your case) that's 3 days food money (or more depending on what they are charging), all they want is to line their pockets even more (when was the last time one of them couldn't afford to eat or heat their home?) or the head of the surgery does anyway.

    Next time make an appointment to view your records - it's free - and take a pad and pen and make notes, they can't stop you and they can't charge you, easy way to get around their over-charging :D

  • thank you very much - can I ask to see any reports to them fronm my hospital ?

  • They are part of your complete medical history so yes, what I do now whenever I have an appointment with someone other than my gp I ask them to send me a copy of any letters, test results and reports that are sent between them and my gp, then I have not just a full record of what's been found or said but also a written record to help with my fibro memory loss, I'd suggest getting a little appointments book or diary and write down all appointment info - who with, where, when, and what about and also after the appointment what was said, what you asked and what was decided, if you have a partner or carer try to take them with you if at all possible, they can remind you of the things you want to say/ask, they are a witness to what you dr may say and if they are dismissive of your problems, and they can later remind you of the things done/said, one thing I do when I go to the gp is make a list of the things that are bothering me or that I need advice about or just need to discuss with him, my gp's great and always laughs when I pull out my tiny notebook I write my lists in, he thinks it's a great idea!

    I hope this helps, have a great week!


  • the last bit made me laugh as I take a list with me however on occasion the gp will say I cant go through all that now so what is most important and this really annoys me


  • Many outpatient clinics will have a notice that says a copy can be sent to patients but they say to ask the doctor at the time. Then it is a matter for the secretary just to make a copy as she is typing the report for the gp.

    I have never been charged for hospital copies. I also ask for the radiologist report from my ct scans.

    If I have forgotten, (it happens :) :) ) then my gp receptionist is very good at giving me a free copy. The trick is to ask when it is still relevant. No good asking if it is six months old, they have to trawl through and this is where the cost comes in.

    I do agree that there should be a discounted rate for those solely reliant on benefits. It is unfair that the cost is such a big proportion of a person's benefit.

  • thank you for that I will start to ask each time I visit the hospital.


  • I believe under the Data Protection Act that any information you request that the £10 is the minimum chargeable. Being on benefits i understand doesnt seem to effect it.

    In a matter of weeks, i needed various medical history files held at different hospitals and with the GP too and it ended up costing over £150 to collect all this info together!

    I wasnt too happy, but I needed them. I also had to pay the postage and they were pretty heavy too!! Xx

  • that is terrible hope u get all yours sorted out Belinda

  • Thanks, that was last year and the year previous, it wasn't for a benefit claim but early retirement. It was because i had moved so saw different hospitals and they dont transfer papers from one to another. Some were from Great Ormond street children's hospital, sadly they didn't help with anything current, but they made interesting reading. I forgot that i had records at another hospital too, lucky i forgot or it could have cost me more :0 a relief i didnt need them! Xx

  • glad you got it sorted Fibro


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