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pain patch

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I have had all sorts of medication from my GP for pain , however they all made me feel unwell , dizzy sick tired , my GP has now started Me on morphine patches weekly and stopped my tramadol 8 per day , has anyone else had these patches if so did they help with pain.

thanks Debs

37 Replies
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Avoid any form of meds for fibro , just forces even more toxins into the already very over intoxicated body , best just to eat as healthily as poss or can afford , avoid white bread , most dairy , try and exercise as much as can when up to it and sometimes when perhaps not feeling up to it , and basically just push on through the hell of the darker mental & physical days , fibro is brutal and will be so until scientists develop some form of natural drug to combat the pain

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Bonny1234 in reply to biker888

thankyou for the reply, its not just fibro though I have 3 slipped disks 1 in my neck 2 in my lower back along with both cappal tunnel pain awaiting on op , falling to bits me.

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biker888 in reply to Bonny1234

understand your desperation , im 60 and had fibro all my life with much trauma throughout , my neck & back is scuppered from motorbike / car wrecks etc etc in my younger days , need a few ops myself , often feel im falling to bits and have zero shoulder to whimper on , many fibro sufferers get desperate time to time and have very dark thoughts ! hopefully the NHS can get you looked after sooner rather than later and you get a much reduced pain future , take care please

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Mayye in reply to biker888

it is a nightmare to deal with, I'm in so much every dingle day, my body feels completely crippled as if I'm baving a flate up every day and get no day off. It's effected my mental health a lot as well as having all the symptoms if it too including dry itching eyes. I hope i can get better as I can't live like this

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Elf3 in reply to biker888


There is a natural pain relief, best utilised in the form of tea, a few sips from a small cup works great, before bed only when severe pain rides you .. some countries it is legal and some not.

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Bonny1234 in reply to Elf3

is it magic mushrooms lol

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Elf3 in reply to Bonny1234

According to scientific research mushrooms have some amazing benefits, but should only be picked by experts as some are poisonous.. sadly I have not looked into this.. 🤔 it’s more plant based what I am referring too my gp, dentist, pain management team all know I use this to make tea..

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Hi Bonny1234 the forum is usually a bit quiet over the weekend,, and I cannot help with your question about Pain Patches as I’ve never been on them. I’m hoping your question gets answered by some of our members who have used them.

Fibro pain affects everyone differently, as does the Medication that helps relieve it, and what helps one person, it may not help another. Doctors are restricted now by NICE Guidelines on how to treat Fibromyalgia, so if your Dr has prescribed Morphine Patches to help your pain, it will be to help for your other conditions as well.

On this forum we come in all ages, some of us work,some don’t, some look after children, some elderly family, some go to school or College/University, but the one thing we all have in common is we do what we have to, to get through the day, with as little pain as possible, and that includes taking strong pain-killers.

You’ve had a rotten couple of years so I’m hoping you’ll get some relief with the Pain Patches.

Have a look at our main website there’s lots of info on there, and if you go to the top of this page, on right hand side there is a toolbar where you can do a search for Morphine Patches. Remember though you may feel completely different when you try them.

Good luck.

GP. 😊😊

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Bonny1234 in reply to Greenpeace

thanks for the reply, I will have have a look at the main website. 👍

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hi hope you get on fine with the pain patches

worth ago to see as you have tryed other meds to no available

ive been on them for years with justlittle side effects.

sometimes with small dose other pain relief can work better

everyone is different though

you shoukd know your strnth to take over time with tiredness etc

good luck with finding your pain relief

it can take years

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Bonny1234 in reply to Ajay575

thanks for replying 😁

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I was on butrans patches several years ago - unfortunately they didn't work too well for me, and left me like a zombie, but I've spoke to others who found they really helped. Like everything with fibro, it's trial and error to find what works for you personally

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I was on morphine patches (Fentanyl) for years. They helped my pain, but somewhat similar to Hazel, just made me want to sleep, so that wasn't living. I decided to wean myself off them very gradually, which you should do with your GPs help. The result, my pain levels were just the same.

Whilst opioids can help in the short term, they are not advised for chronic/persistent pain.

I agree with much that biker888n has said - exercise, beginning slowly & building up gradually,is very important; looking at your diet is important.

We're all different, &, as with many disorders, it's often a case of 'trial & error' to find what works for you.

So, has your GP referred you to a Pain clinic/Musculoskeletal clinic or physiotherapist, who may be able to help?

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Bonny1234 in reply to CM1EDSUK

thankyou for the reply, he hasn't referred me as yet but he has spoke a little about it , at the moment I have lots going on out with fibro, before the patches I was taking 2 tramadol 4 times a day along with paracetamol and naproxan, he stopped the tramadol the day he prescribed the patches, I can honestly say I can't sleep, I feel as if I have the worst flu ever and although I am not medically trained I do believe I have withdrawal symptoms and I am struggling bad. 😢

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hi Bonny1234, gosh you sound like me quite a few years ago now. I was put on when the tramadole wasn’t working I was told to carry on with my tramadole meds. After a while of using them, which they did work, I began getting blisters and sores from the patches enough that I had to stop using them.

Sending gentle hugs 🤗

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jackiesj in reply to KateAL

i too wnt thru similar when i went off medication..glad it passed.Any medication can have a withdrawal when a body is use to it..foods also.Thank you for sharing this.

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hi I'm on the transdermal patches and have been for yrs before I got fibro, they work for some but not others. What I found was that when you get a bit sweaty they become loose or fall off so have micropore available to keep them on or ask the drs for another brand

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I was given liquid morphine for fibro when I was pregnant. Sadly It had no positive effect on me. To be honest if it had worked the baby would have been born addicted and would have had to be weaned of it so it was probably better around that it didn't help.

My friend has two types of arthritis and she says it helps her, trouble is it gives her bowel problems. I know someone else who was on morphine for years and had to come off because it damaged their heart. So it might worth doing some research and/or talking about the doctor about side effects and long term implications of these patches.

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hi hun,

Are these patches the durogesic patches? If so, these are the ones I’m on and I can honestly say I can’t live without them. I have to change mine every 72 hours which doesn’t always get done due to my forgetfulness, but dear god! I know when my patch has ran out and I’m no longer receiving the slow release morphine! I don’t have any side effects to what I can think of, but they are a good pain relief, just add an alarm on your phone to change it, I keep meaning to do that but keep forgetting to. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️

All the best and hope you’re having a good day.

Kind regards

Jen. X

After being prescribed Oxycodone for over a year by the pain clinic I am now for the last 3 weeks been using buprenorphine patches which are apparently 40x stronger than morphine. I first had 10mcg and now on 15mcg and finally I have relief. It was very hard swapping over because it takes 72hrs to reach the right levels in my blood stream. The withdrawals from oxycodone were awful, I honestly thought I was dying. My patches last 7 days so for me it is all positive.

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Bonny1234 in reply to Iamthemedicalmystery

HI thankyou for the reply , I am actually glad you did because I wasn't told it takes 72 hours to get into your blood stream, I am the same I must be withdrawn from the tramadol as I feel ill too, I will call the doctor and see what he says.

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Iamthemedicalmystery in reply to Bonny1234

the pain clinic prescribed me oxycodone liquid just 5ml upto 4 times a day whilst I transitioned onto the patches. I wonder if they do tramadol liquid to help you for a bit?

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Hi Bonny I have the Butec patch and found it to work well I also have Naproxen 4x a day i have been on it a good while now and found this works best for me xx

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Bonny1234 in reply to Sian10

Hi there ,

Thankyou for the reply, can i ask did you ever take tramadol while on the patch and also if you dont mind me asking what strength are your patches.

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Iamthemedicalmystery in reply to Bonny1234

you can't take Tramadol which is an opioid with the patches but you can have paracetamol or ibuprofen. The whole idea is to not have to take anything else if you are on the correct patch strength. Butec is the same as buprenorphine patches. They Start at 5micrograms then 10,15 and 20. I'm on 15 and don't think I need the top 20 dose.

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Bonny1234 in reply to Iamthemedicalmystery

thankyou I am on butec 5mg patch , however it doesn't seem to be helping, I will call my GP.

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Sian10 in reply to Bonny1234

no I tried tramadol first and had an allergic reaction so asked for the patches they are 5 micrograms an hour Naproxen is 250 mg I do still get some pain break through depending if I push myself I also had bad leg spasms so I have Baclofen 10 mg 3 x a day x

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Hi Bonny1234, I've been on the morphine patches for years now, ever since attending the month-long Pain Management course at St. Thomas Hospital in London. At one time I was up on 20mg per hour but now am steady on 5mg per hour. I have tried once or twice to reduce and come off. My recommendation is: if you go on them, you have to reduce the dose so slowly to come down or off them. The 7.5 and 2.5 doses are no longer available in patches so I had to reduce the dosage by cutting the patches in half. Taking these mean I no longer have to take pills, etc. for pain, so in that respect, they are good. However, be careful where you place the patch because they react to heat. I put mine on my upper back/shoulder. They should not be place on your chest. Good luck and take care. GillieGG

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Bonny1234 in reply to GillieGG

thanks for the advice , I actually did have the patch on my chest I will move it to my back. Thankyou

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Hi yes I’ve been on patches for over 10 yrs they are for my arthritis pain and ddd I started with 5mg I’m now on 35mg at first they made me vomit but my doctor asked me to give it a few weeks for my body to adjust I couldn’t be without them now I’m also taking amitriptyline which help with my fibro nerve pain and sleep I hope they work for you

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.Hi. I'm on various pain meds inc. tramadol and amitriptyline for more than ten years but they seem to have lost most of their effectiveness. What are the patches called?😋

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Bonny1234 in reply to tubbywully

hiya the ones they have given me are buprenorphine transdermal patch 5mg but I believe they go up to 20 , GP said if 5mg isn't enough call them and they will increase it.

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tubbywully in reply to Bonny1234

Hi Bonny. Many thanks for your reply! I will have a chat with my GP about them.

Kind regards.


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Hello Bonny,

I really do empathise with you , living with condition is very hard . People without it (including Doctors don’t get it). I take duloxetine, and pregablin . The pregablin is wonderful for the pain. I just top up with a bit of cocodamol when the pain is bad. I asked for a patch but he said no as Nice guidelines will only issue them for severe pain or palliative pain. However they sometimes don’t realise this condition can make the pain very severe. Amytriptaline which I take at night is also wonderful for pain. Works better than cocodamol . NSAIDs are great too but they destroy your stomach in which case happened to me .

If u call them , they may give u something to tide you over until the pain patch reaches it’s full potential . Xxx

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I had Butrans patches and found them very good, much better than popping the pain killers. Unfortunately, I was allergic to the adhesive so had to stop them. I do hope they work for you.

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I hope that it works for you.

As people have said , what works for one can do nothing , you be poison for another , so giving anything a chance and seeing if it suits you us worth it.

Creating you own individual Self Care Treatment is a trinity of Diet, Exercise and Relaxation and Medical Support.

Sone people cope drug free, but if you do have other conditions it's often vital to get the right combination of pain management to suit your symptoms as one condition will often cause a flare in the other when it's not managed. Don't forget to still pace your day well , especially at the beginning when your body may feel a bit worse , and you more Fatigued as you get used to the change of drugs in the blood stream.

If you feel it makes a significant difference ( 10-20% reduction in pain ) after 4-6 weeks it's worth continuing any new drug , supplement , ointment , diet change or physio as long as it suits you. You may find it helpful to have a break from a patch occasionally when you are having a few quiet days but feeling good as it can help to prevent you becoming desensitised to the medication. That's also a good tip for drugs too , take the lowest dose you can cope on rather than just taking the pills even when you are feeling good to prevent the effect wearing off and needing larger and larger doses.

The aim with any chronic illness us to use all the options available to you to work out your " New Normal" and become pain managed rather than 100% pain free whilst managing to have a good quality of life . If you are 85% pain free most of the time and can reduce your flares by avoiding your triggers and pacing yourself you. are doing a great job

If you don't already do so take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement and the recommended amount of water each day. Whether it's drugs or patches the processing of the drug and the healing process each day uses up a lot more vitamins and water , especially when you just start something new , the duet , water and extra nutrients both reduce side effects and Fatigue and help reduce your symptoms in general.

Ive not tried the patches yet so I'm glad I've seen this post . My daughter has just been diagnosed with Fibro and EDS just like me , she's only 20 but has had it most of her life . She is in agony at the moment and finding it hard to work and the drugs so far have done nothing so I might suggest that she tries the patches

Take care and let us know how you have got on and the type of patch it is , as it could help others find a solution to their pain too.

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Hi Bonny, I was on morphine patches, they helped the pain but deadened the rest of me! They tried tramadol, I had hallucinations. Gabapentin makes me very sick. I'm on the lowest possible "pain killers" which don't really even take the edge of it but I've got arthritis too so I need something. It's not easy finding what works best for you. I find craft helps me relax when I'm able to do some craft. I've started doing pilates and that is helping me be able to be more mobile.

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