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Supporting FibroAction using Text donations

Supporting FibroAction using Text donations

Dear All,

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fibro or FM) affects at least 1-in-50 people or around 2 million people in the UK alone. Despite this, awareness of Fibromyalgia particularly in the UK remains very low. Many people with Fibro struggle to get diagnosed and lack access to effective treatments, despite there being a huge amount of research on the condition.

FibroAction is a UK charity who are raising awareness & making up-to-date, reputable and evidence-based information about Fibro more readily accessible and this is at the heart of what it we do. FibroAction is one of the organisations that have the Information Standard Certificate to ensure that the information we produce is clear, accurate, balanced, evidence-based and up-to-date.

FibroAction is 100% dependent on voluntary donations & fundraising, this means your generous contributions will help us continue to provide information & support to people living with Fibro

If you can help by donating a few £ maybe this Awareness day by text or our other methods it would be very helpful to continue our work. If you want you can also give a few pounds here and there by joining Ploink maybe this is an easy option??

Every penny helps :) to coin a phrase pun intended ! :D

Here's the text info below. Thank You all for the support over FibroAction to long term members and new ones too!

It works in this way: if you as a #supportfibroaction would like to donate £10

As below FIBR10 followed by the amount in £

Please ext the following message: FIBR10 £10

Here's the number:


Happy Easter to all and for those who do not celebrate enjoy a restful time in the spring like weather if you can !

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Sorry I cant help out at the moment but I have pinned this and hopefully if I get pip I will be able to help out.

A question that i forgot to ask you is something my gp asked me to find out. He asked if it would be ok for him to make photo copies of the info in the awareness pack. As he said sometimes there is a copywrite on them.

I hope you are feeling better hugs sue


Hello Mayrose54,

I understand I know we all have to watch our belts, me included especially with the recent benefit struggle. It is great we have your support in general and appreciate your help especially with raising awareness near you.

The pack is posters & flyers, although if your GP is keen to have the information on site to hand he can always print all factsheets off the website and I can email him with the information policy. We do not have any hard copies of the 'All about Fibro' as you can easily download and printed from the website. Sorry, I should have explained a little more.

Here's the link;

He sounds quite keen which is amazing and if he wants to contact us he can and even go on our Fibro Friendly Healthcare Professionals list. He may be able to spread the word around your surgery, if only we could get at least one GP at every surgery to do this, just think of the difference this would make !

It would be like a Domino effect !

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Thanks Emma I`ll pass it on to him.

He has always been helpful but did`nt have a clue about Fibro. Since having the report back from the Neuro and the Rhumy reasuring him that all my symptoms are down to fibo he seems to have done a little home work

I am hoping that as well as spreading the word it will help all the staff at the surgery to sit up and take notlce.

Hugs sue


Done it! You then get the option of giving extra money through gift aid if you are a UK tax payer! Took me 3 attempts to actually do it, but that's just me at the moment.

Was just wondering? I am also a US tax payer and can claim tax deductible donations for charity. Is FibroAction only UK based for giving?

Thank you

Ken x


Oh Thank You so much, erm..... we are a UK charity so I am thinking we would only be eligible for UK gift aid.

You're a star !

Emma :)


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