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Help with neck pain

Hi all, hope you are all keeping ok, wanted to for some help if possible.

I have had fibromyalgia for 13 years and main prob are my neck and bottom of spine, so wanted to ask does anyone have any help or ideas how I can make my neck better, it is constantly stiff, hurting etc, everything I do In the day, causes pain, do any of u do any particular neck exercises or anything you put on it.

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I find weat bags help or tens machine x


I have a wheat bag and it helps while on but once taken off my neck seems to seize up again, I have thought about the tens machine do they actually work.?


I have recently found that by wearing a neck brace when I use the computer it helps my neck enormously . I sleep sitting up with my head supported apart from that just take care. . xgins


I find a tens does work as well x


Hi there, I too suffer a lot with both my neck and lower spine, so you have my complete understanding and sympathy ! One thing I find helps with neck pain is to use either heat pads which you can buy or alternatively wheat sacks which you heat in the microwave. Also massage can help, because you may well find that your shoulders are so tensed up that it makes the neck pain worse.

I have had lumbar spine fractures unfortunately, but again, heat or even alternating between heat and cold compresses can help, but we are all very individual and the way our bodies react to treatment will always vary. I have also found a back brace or lumbar support can be very useful. I've been in my back brace now for over six weeks and will probably have to stick with it for a while longer as being the idiot I am, I do things which I really shouldn't which exacerbates my problems :o :o I am nothing if not my own worst enemy !! :o

I would also recommend discussing this with your doctor who may be able to, if he/she thinks it appropriate, refer you to some other practitioner like either an physiotherapist or a chiropractor.

I wish you all the very best for this and am sending positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

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Hi littlejan so sorry to hear of your pain, I have similar problems for years had lower back pain but only last year with neck. Totally surprised me & pain was unbearable. My neck pain was caused by being hunched over too long at my desk painting( I'm a sign maker). As a qualified therapist I knew that the spasms in my shoulders & neck we're going into spasm (causing pain) to support my cervical discs/vertebrae in my neck, so got my husband to massage the tissues across shoulders & GENTLY up the neck being careful not to press on the vertebrae. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask for this every hour as needed ( I had to carry on working due to orders!) along with Naproxen that my GP prescribed( needs to be taken along with a stomach protecting med).

I switched from working hunched over to an easel where I now work at eye level which helps enormously!

The best comfort I have at night is from a large soft toy elephant! Its soft & pliable and I lay it under my neck & position it's legs under my neck in just the right places to press on the spasms! It's great! Better than any neck pillow, everyone should have one, mine was from IKEA !

Hope this helps, sending hugs & prayers for your pain xx


Hi Littlejan I have the same problems I have been under a pain clinic ask your dr if you can be referred they give me pain injections in the trigger points in my neck and shoulders and also into my lower back I find they give me nearly 12 months releif I still need painkillers but mainly at night along with amitrypline to relax my muscles I also bought a memory foam topper for my bed and a neck pillow from lidil they where under a tenner and the only thing I can sleep on after spending literally hundred on memory foam pillows . I hope you get some relief soonxxx without the injections I couldn't even drive or work but now I can xxx


Oh I do sympathise, I've had problems with my neck for a while now had an x ray they said it's wear and tear as the pain has got so bad now, I use wheat bags and sleep in a collar sitting up to relieve the pain. Hope you get some relief soon.


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