got bad neck pain had a xray

had a xray on my neck been told my bones in my neck are showing signs of wear carnt move my head got to have pysio hope it helps not sure what they are going to do ive also got to see a urologist has i keep weeing all the time has any one else had this problem in so much pain with my neck dont know what to do anymore i keep crying ive had enough dont think i can go on any more :(

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  • dont think like that ,i hope you feel a little better soon,the physio might do the trick ,sending you lots of gentle hugs x

  • hi i had severe neck pain and the chronic pain clinic prescribed me duloxetine, and my neck pain has eased by 80%, you should mention these to your GP they may help, take care

  • awwwww please don't feel like that, i have constant neck and shoulder pain i had a cortesone injection just over a fortnight ago and it hasn't work this time, it is unbearable to lay on , please stay strong the physio will help you it did me for a while stay positive ,i do unerstand how you are feeling so do all the other fibro freinds you are not alone and yes i am under urologist too as my bladder doent empty fully so you aint alone on that too, it is nust amatter of finding the right meds for you to make it comfortable . big hugs and try to stay positive x and try not to over do things xx love teresa xx

  • I have the same problem with my neck and been going to physio and it has really helped i can now move it a lot better they put me in a traction and give me neck movements to do at home ,i am also taking naproxen for spasms i am getting there slowly so dont give up ,gentle hugs.

  • Hi So sorry you are feeling so bad its really hard I know, my mood is all over the place just keep crying t. I have incontinance problems to on medication for it now which has improved day time problems but still go in phases at night. I am fortunate as my neck is one place I dont have pain my left side is my main problem. Anyway try and be as positive as you can and take good care of yourself. Sue xx

  • I have weekly physio, which unfortunately i have to pay for, but he puts me on traction and manipulates my neck. I have about 70% movement and it is also helping my very frequent migranes. For me its been the best treatment going

  • I used to have traction and I found it great. But they only do one course. After that they helped me in ordering a home unit and that was helpful for a time. I do not suffer as badly with my neck/back now as I use all the excersises they taught as soon as a problem starts building. You will see improvements. Keep strong. xx

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