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Dla application

I apolied for dla renewal exactly one year ago, was turned down, asked for reassesment, was turned down. I then wnnt to cab who appealed decision on my behalf. On 30 december i took consultants letter to cab, was told to phone tribunal office for date of appeal ( cab did not think it that odd i had waited a year, neither did i in current climate.) Tribunal had never heard of me, implied something strange i did not question this earlier??!! Told me to ring dwp , who also had NO RECORD of my appeal said case was closed after reassessment and to contact cab. Any help at all....

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did u send appeal recorded delivery


Cab sent appeal in not me


I may have contacted them to ensure it had been received.get CAB to sort it as it is obviously their error or that of the tribunal office that the forms werent receiveed and hopefully be successful and get money backdated to when you originally replied.good luck.sorry I cant offer any more advice


check with them they will have a record of it being sent and they will be able to chase it up for you



Hi Shazzy

I am so sorry to hear of your problems with the DWP. I was wondering if you could still ask for another appeal? I don't know how long you get to sort it out. It just strikes me that if they have no record of your appeal then maybe you could still ask for one?

Good luck with this and take care.



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