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Pains :/

Hi All hope you all had a great Christmas!!

So I didn't sleep well last night, main reason because of this blasted storm :(

As some of you may no I now live on my own in a ground floor flat, I am on the end of my block so when the wind is blowing past my flat was vibrating. :/

Not happy it's so cold too :( last night was a painful sleep so painful I recall feeling the pain in my dreams :'(

So I'm in bed with my electric blanket on high cause I'm so cold.

I am going out at 1030 to look for a nice new tv :) so il b happy with that :)


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ánimo!! yo igual pasé una mala noche, acá en Chile hace calor, estos ultimos días he tenido muchas pesadillas de dolor, pero aunque el sueño no sea reponedor, hay que pensar positivo!



Could you translate that to English please


ok :)

mood! I just had a bad night, it's hot here in Chile, these last few days I have had many nightmares of pain, but although not replenishing sleep, think positive!



Hi Susan, like you I had a very rough night because of the storms and our electricity went of just after midnight so the house was very cold, even the kitchen where the Aga is which would normally be warm wasn't, because of the power cut. That of course impacts on my pain levels which are pretty grotty at the moment anyway ..... deep joy :o :o

I then looked out to see that a large tree has been blown down in the garden on top of some lovely plants, ..... hmmm..... not great !

I hope by now that you have a lovely new television to enjoy and you can tuck yourself up this afternoon and enjoy watching it. :-)

Foggy x


Hi Foggy,

Hope you are well :)

Yeah just got a nice new tv and stand 32" with a built in DVD player. My dad has gone to get some things for the tv and iv have hoovered a little and had some lunch.

All is left now is to organise my sitting room. My dads partner was really cheeky saying I had never hoovered my flat when I have but the cat I'm fostering is messy so he is going and I can get sorted :)

Hope your plants are okay :) xx


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